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CASTLE PORTICULLIS ---- Sliding Door with Logic, HOW???

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I'm working on a big castle and I'd like to make a working porticullis. I know you an change object position using logic, so it shouldn't be hard to make it slide up and down.

The problem is How do I trigger this action with a lever? I understand how to use a trigger zone, but how does the lever work?

Thanks in advance for your attention!

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You can use an Event Listener to do this.

In the top part, choose "Player Interaction with Entity" and for the Entity section, select that switch.  Down 2 lines where it says "Interaction" choose "Switch On"

In the bottom part, choose "Perform Action with an Entity" and set up the logic you want to happen.

If you also want the switch to close it again, add another Event Listener, and set everything the same, except set the interaction to "Switch Off" and set up the logic to close it at the bottom.

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