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Dev Diary #69

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Hey there fellow ylanders,

If you've been with us for a long time, you may remember that back in the day I was also part of the Dev Diary/Sneak Peek writing committee (throwback to June 2017, when I wrote the last one 😮 ), so I'm more than happy to be back in action!

So without further ado, let me present you today's topic... let's talk about costumes!

Costumes are basically unique skins that will let you adjust the overall appearance of your character. Once you equip them, they won't actually give you any advantages, they will just change your character visuals. So, for instance, if you put on a costume while wearing your armor, you will keep your stats, but you won't gain anything extra (but you will look very extra, that's for sure (gran sonrisa)). Beneath the costume you will still be wearing your regular equipment, and you will only be able to see the weapon you are holding, the propeller pack, and the light from the creator cube.

 Costumes are not actually linked to your character gender, and most of them come with their own unique emote.


A yeti that is not blurry? Quick, make a wish!


To begin with, in the 0.12 update you'll get your hands on 2 costumes - the adorable yeti presented above, and... the other one... well, they want to remain anonymous for now (guiño) You will be able to get them for coyns from our Store, just like pets and skins. 

Also, in one of the future updates, we want creators/admins to be able to set whether they want to enable costumes in their games - nothing more off-putting than a yeti running around in a Wild West horse chase (no offense, Mr. Yeti (lengua)).


Now let's take a look at the questions you've posted in our forum during the last week! (much appreciated, keep them coming!)

Will 16 player servers be a thing in 0.12? 

No. While we plan to raise the maximum number of players in the future, it won't happen in 0.12. This needs additional testing and discussing - while it is perfectly fine for some games to support 16 players, others - those more demanding - will not be able to support this much.

Can you confirm if the power barrier is coming to Editor maps? 
It won't be in 0.12, but yes, we've decided to give players access to the power barrier in the Editor. We're just discussing the implementation details (also we would like the barrier to be able to utilize the Friend list, which is coming at a later date).

Also can we make multi-biome Editor maps with caves? 
In 0.12 you can generate Explore-like maps, multiple ylands with various biomes and caves, so - yes (smile)

Also can we add logics to Explore maps now? 
Not really to Explore maps, but as mentioned above, you can create an Explore-like map and edit it as you like.

And can we optimize other constructions (houses for example) in the Editor and put it in Explore?

All constructions can be optimized (it is actually extremely useful ESPECIALLY for houses), and you can place them to the aforementioned Explore-like maps.

Is a model creation system planned for the Ylands Editor? 

Yes, we want players to be able to have some way of creating their own models. But this definitely won't be available before the 1.0 version.

Blueprint alignment needs to be looked at. Any chance you can make it to snap to the grid? As adding on is near impossible unless you've got the blueprint on the correct alignment, and 90% of the time ends up floating.

That is true. We would like to do something about it in 0.13.

What music do you guys listen to while at work?

Ales: Mostly game/movie soundtracks (right now my beloved Bastion)
Ane: I actually don't usually listen to music while I work, it kinda distracts me (I'm a dancer, you know!)
Marci: Well, I listen to Twitch streams (gran sonrisa)

Will we get more blueprint support in the future? (It would make sense if all compositions could be used...)

Definitely, we want for blueprints to play a much more important role in Ylands.

Will we be able to import our own sounds effects in the future?

Importing your own assets into Ylands is a tricky business. Apart from the technical aspect (which is solvable), the biggest issue is the content control - this goes for models, bitmaps and sounds. Before we ever make this possible, we need to be sure that we can effectively filter out any harmful content, as we want Ylands to be a kids-friendly environment.


Aaaaand that's all for now. Have a great weekend, ylanders, and stay classy!

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How about the scale widget in the editor? Are you considering the ability to scale different objects? 

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Excellent dev diary 😍 

I would like to suggest if we could have a voting contest on future costumes?

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