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Fallout Vault (Fallout 3/ New Vegas Style)

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Hi guys!

In all honesty I get bored quickly and move from project to project. But this time I have been experimenting well with the script editor (Specifically the rotation/movement elements). I'm pleased to show you a little 'teaser' of what im working on. Once it's complete I will release a full composition!

I present to you, a fully working Vault-Tec approved Vault!


Whilst the basics are all there, it still needs some polish and details. The animations are pretty much complete. The main Cog-Door and its counterpart gearbox locking mechanism works EXACTLY like it did in the original fallout 3/New Vegas games! I have perfected the animation! The vault entrance is more or less authentic with a bit more work done I will have create the perfect looking vault with a fully kitted out Script Editor system in place!

I will post my updates as I go.



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1 hour ago, zarwil said:

Make a video or I'll riot!

Haha! Is there a way I can do it via steam?

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Posted (edited)


I've been continuing my work this evening. I couldn't find a suitable place to stop! So many ideas pouring through on this project!


I've tided up the aesthetics of the Vault Entrance Zone. The front Cog-Door is looking a lot more studier and detailed. I also have smartened up the door opening/closing sequence. The control panels will now display a visual status indication of the opening/closing procedure (Green, Orange, Red) There is also an external console which will eventually be password protected to prevent pesky raiders gaining access!




Here is the door control console. The door is currently in the process of being dragged out of its locked state prior to being rolled open.



Here is the finished result. The door has been pulled back from it's frame by the Gearbox and has rolled away to the right. The gearbox has now withdrawn away from the entrance to make way for incoming personnel.

Notice the green indication on the console!


Upcoming features!

I'm still working on the rest of the Vault as most of the structure has not even been plotted yet. This is a massive WIP and I have spent more time than I should perfecting the entrance chamber. I think it's nearly done with the exception of a bit more lighting and decoration.


New vault residence will pass through this area for orientation and to be issued their jumpsuits before heading deeper into the Vault! Stay tuned!

Note internal vault doors have their own animated switches too!

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Another update!

I've been a little distracted as of late. However I have still been tinkering with my Vault design! Here's my progress so far!20191009213523_1.thumb.jpg.70e1f3216105934e33baf027ab90fc16.jpg

*Vault Atrium as seen from the Overseer's Office


*Ground floor view of the Overseer's Office window. (Note Vault-Tec emblem worked into the window frame)


*An early design of the Vault's Cafeteria. It's been loosely designed on the Fallout 3 version. I like the claustrophobic space with overhead pipes.



*A generic Vault corridor leading to the Reactor (WIP) I'm still working on a standardised design of room signs like this but I'm not 100% satisfied with this one!



*Of course every Vault needs an office for its Overseer! I'm tinkering with a few Overseer Desk designs and consoles to recreate the feel of the place.


*Another perspective of the Overseer Office. I have integrated a number of script functions such as 'Overseer's Override' which can basically render complete control of the vault's operating systems to a select few. It also features a locking mechanism for the Vault's main door to prevent any unauthorised visitors/leavers!

My future plans will include:

Finishing the Reactor.

Expanding resident and domestic quarters.

Increasing the capabilities of the Overseer's office to include -Working security Cameras and an interactive Vault Layout Map.


Thanks for your support guys! This has been a fun project so far!


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You make a nuclear holocaust sound like a happy circumstance 😁 Who wouldn't want to live in such a lovely Vault!? I can't wait to try it out.

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