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Apply AI Behavior to vehicles?

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I'm looking make a boat that automatically travels between two islands.

And, I've been trying to look into the easiest way to accomplish said task.
Specifically, using AI Behavior and reference point.

However, apply the behavior directly to the boat doesn't seem to do anything.

So I added an NPC, and set the behavior. He walks back and forth on the beach. With the points being in the water. He won't actually get to the them. But he tries his best.

Then, I tried to set him as a driver on the boat, via a script. But nothing happens.
Then I added a helm. Still nothing.
Then I made him the driver with the helm as the entity target. And then I got an error.

So I'm wondering if this is something that's possible at all?

Also tried a little with animation.
But it seems too rigid. If I'd like the boat to rock back and forth against the waves. And, the boat seems to disappear, when I add it to a group, and animate it. Since the boat itself has no Animate check box in properties.

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With vehicles it doesn't seem possible to move it unless it's with an animation, and making it look like realistic navigation is practically impossible.
I tried and it does not seem that the npc can control a vehicle, you could use a broken ship or a weld that allows you to add a route.
For vehicles, the best option has always been to make flying vehicles with the flight as a drone. The diagonals on the X, Z axis do not work well for the characters.
Perhaps your best option is to make a boat that glides at a height of 1 and when it reaches 0 it floats again
You should also keep in mind that by animating vehicles, your forces will affect the animation, this can be solved by creating your own vehicles with welds.
If the route is a straight line, you can test with vehicle speed maybe you can achieve something with that.

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