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Reporting Guidelines


During Ylands' Early Alpha, you will most likely run into problems, have suggestions, or see something that you'd like to see differently. And we want to hear what you have to say! This guide includes a few tips about how to give feedback to the development team.

Are you in the right place?
If you're submitting a bug report, please post it in the bug reporting section.

If you have feedback/suggestions for the game, please post that in the feedback section.

To see a list of the most current and frequent issues/questions, please check this post

A few things to try before creating a topic:
1) Check this post to see what to do in case of technical issues.

2) Use the search feature and see if anyone else has had the same issue. If there's a topic marked with a green "Resolved" text it means that it has been solved.

3) Ask yourself if this is an issue that will be able to be resolved over the forums. If in doubt, send in a support ticket.

Please note that: 

The more details, the better - screenshots and videos are always welcome!

The Forum Guidelines still apply to the bug reports/suggestions.

When you create a topic, please avoid using non-descriptive titles such as: "HELP!!!" "Problem!!!". Please use a clear title that includes your problem.

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