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Adam Snellgrove

Dev Diary #135 - PINEAPPLE GRENADE!!!

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Hey there Ylanders, 

Our first goodie pack update is nearly here and so it is time to unveil the most epic feature I think we ever had the honour of making. The...PINEAPPLE GRENADE

This really, for many of us here in the Ylands team realized a long-held dream of making Pineapples explode. Because it is a very fine piece of fruit. Sweet with a lot of vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants, but what always was missing is that satisfying explosion, when you throw one. I remember the first time I held a pineapple in a post-soviet world of Czechia and the disappointment I felt when I threw it and it didn’t explode. Well, no more childhood disappointments!!! Now you will be able to chuck a slightly enhanced pineapple in Ylands and get that fulfilling BANG! 

image (54).png

We are also adding a new piece of music into Ylands, as you can hear in the Dev Diary video, which will be available for Creators to add to their games to add a more light-hearted feel to it. We will be further expanding this ‘playlist’ of music for Creators and we are hoping to make a whole library, from which you’ll be able to pick and choose, what you want for your player’s experience.  

And that’s it for today, so until next time, enjoy pineapples responsibly and stay classy Ylanders! 

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