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DEV ANSWER Option sceen config startup freeze


I dont think anyone can help me with my topic about my game starting in a little white box en freezing on startup so i make an other one in here with the qeustion
 How do i ge tthe config screen back when you open te game.
My game freezes on start up. So i cant find an option folder, and reinstalling the game and i even reinstalled steam didnt do the job... 
the game did work just fine when it wasnt on steam on the free alpha.
Sorry for my english. But someone please help me...


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Hi, in order to delete your saved configuration, first go to Steam\userdata\<your_steam_id>\298610\local\ and delete Ylands.ini.

Next, open registry editor (WIN + R -> regedit), navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive and delete key Ylands.

That will reset your game to the default configuration.

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