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Unplayable bugs and suggestion


This game is very addicting and fun to play, the only downside are the bugs making this game almost unplayable in multiplayer.


  1. Items turning invisible when interacting/placing
  2. Relog causes the map to erase everything
  3. Random lag spike
  4. Climbing ship ladder teleports me to another ship
  5. Item in inventory turns invisible and not accessible 
  6. Boat completely stopped working in the middle of sea 


  1. Items in inventory/chest should be combined automatically
  2. Removing dead bodies!!!!!! There are dead bodies laying around my ship/base, preventing me from building
  3. Allow more than one key per door for multiplayer (playing as a group if only one player can unlock/lock door sucks)
  4. Building blocks should be easier for taking down by the player who placed it (building a base with stone block and messing up is a nightmare if I have to hit the blocks to get rid of it) 

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