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    Stubborn bubbles!

    As you can see, the bubbles of scuba helmets don't disappear anymore when looking down under a low ceiling.
  2. Yo HasLEGO

    RE spawnage

    yes it is, on a freshly generated island
  3. Yo HasLEGO

    RE spawnage

    Oh oooohh! Looks like the problem is back with RE's not spawning in.
  4. Yo HasLEGO

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    I'm humbled you used my old picture in this, though I have to give credit to Ed who built the amazing castle. As for the pets, are we talking about the little flying companions? A flying penguin would be fun I think. Or a pegasus! The time of the year makes me think of bats too ?‍♂️ In any case I'm super excited for the update, love you guys.
  5. After long thinking and delaying I finally came up with an idea for my mystery island. The player will arrive on a unique looking island, but nothing too suspicious. On the way they might encounter a big mystical whale swimming around. However, once they set foot on the island they'll quickly find out there are no ordinary animals to be seen! There will only be mystical creatures hiding behind the bushes. After further exploring the player will stumble upon what looks like a tree house. They won't be the first to find this land of mystical creatures! The tree house had belonged to a previous survivor, a musician. He had wrote songs about his adventures on the island and documented some of the creatures he came across. In the songs the player will find clues that this island is far more than it seems. Far more important, far more...ALIVE! As it turns out, they were on top of a gigantic beast this whole time! Sketches of the island beast and the whale: Inspiration sources for the island: Inspiration sources for the tree house and whale: I have done some work in ylands though...I'm not fully happy with it yet. It is still too clear that the island is a creature. I'd like it to be deeper in the water so its legs are barely visible unless you go diving to see them..
  6. Yo HasLEGO

    Mystery Island progress report

    I found them on pinterest. As wel as tree and the fish. Use it a lot when looking for inspiration ?
  7. Yo HasLEGO

    Dev Diary #190 Creators Competition - Season 2

    I'm in I think I'm going to make a dragon island. For Nikki ?
  8. Yo HasLEGO

    UNDER REVIEW Screen resolution question.

    Would you rather have a stretched out weird looking image of the game? ? I wouldn't want my character to look like this all the time ?
  9. Ah you're bringing back good memories ?
  10. Today i realized Wooden letters weren't snapping to the grid anymore and sadly this means they cannot be captured in a blueprint. Me and i'm sure many others used wooden letters for detailing a blueprint. The images below are some examples of blueprintalbe builds with wooden letters in them. Please fix them, thank you!
  11. Yo HasLEGO

    [YLD-30080] Cannot freeplace energy linker

    Perhaps they are working on implementing energy linking when we are in build mode and that messed it up ?
  12. Yo HasLEGO

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    It would be ideal if we could freeplace and -rotate and precision-place blueprints like any other block. Regarding the blueprintable items, as JC said, I imagine more items would be difficult but it would be awesome if we could blueprint every craftable item (steel rods being of the highest priority ?).
  13. When i turn off construction mode of my ship in the editor, some of the blocks revert to their original color. As far as I know these blocks include: -all stone letters, stone numbers and stone signs -wooden pier supports The ship was a composition from before 1.7 and it doesn't seem to occur with new compositions. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. On mobile I can't switch between engines and sails to power my ship. There simply isn't a button for it. This mean that i can't drive my ship that only has engines. ? edit: the engines themselves are almost inaccessible to turn on manually
  15. The sound of my charging station kept playing after unsummoning the ship it was on. At the moment of unsummoning another player was joining (sharegame) so this might have caused some lag with the bug as a result. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. Yo HasLEGO

    [YLD-32195] Audio bug Charging station

    Now that you mention it, yeah. I have some stuttering too when i arrive in a new map. My phoenix tends to caw when he spawns, so often when i change maps i hear a hundred caws. C...C...C...C...CA...CA...CA...CAW...AW...AW...AW...W...W...W...
  17. In the RE where the goat boss spawns, you normally get rewarded with a special spear. What I got instead was a normal iron spear with only the name hanged to "beastbane spear". output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  18. Yo HasLEGO

    annoying menu

    I'm sure you've heard it before, but the menu in workstations needs to change. In my humble opinion it would be way better to have the "pending" and the "recipe" menu both visible at the same time, in stead of needing to switch between them all the time. Especially now in the bèta, it's even worse. ? When you open a workstation, it automatically brings you to the recipe menu. So I need to switch to the pending menu every time. My suggestion -Ditch the 3D image on the left. If we want to see it, we can, in the main crafting menu. -Have all the info on the left: the requirements and its images, the recipe, the amount you can craft of the item and a 3D image of the craftable item. -Keep the pending menu on the right with the 12 slots and two buttons (Craft & Take all) edit: (Feed & Ignite as well) The main inventory menu is ok. The only problem there is that the "break" button is too hidden.
  19. I find this a little weird as well. The big island you can see on my map was fully rendered in when i was there. While the little C island on the right couldn't render fully when i got there.
  20. Yo HasLEGO

    [YLD-32039] Sea RE problem

    Just found another example The greek carpet in this RE is also flipped. (this is the RE with the revolver rifle)
  21. The runes in this under water random encounter are flipped (1.7 Bèta)
  22. As you can see on the compass, there should be a random encounter here. I checked with freecam and there was nothing underground nor in the sky. edit: after some more exploring i found lots more empty encounters. On one island more than half of them didn't pop up.
  23. Yo HasLEGO

    RESOLVED RE not appearing

    This is the beta. I also got an "empty" underwater encounter a moment ago