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  1. I've found a few more bugs and hopefully I haven't duplicated a post somewhere but here goes: - Infinite seeds. I cut down a rubber tree and the seeds went into my seed box. After equipping them to my dynamic slot I could plant infinite amounts of rubber trees. Looking in my seed box I still had one seed. - Dynamic slot doesn't update. When using coal in my dynamic slot to fuel engines on my ship I can keep clicking to fuel and even when it gets to 0 it will continue or the item won't disappear from the slot. - Car Chassis. I placed a car chassis down by my home and after I died (trying to get past tesla coils!!) my car chassis seemed to have disappeared? Also can I suggest that the cabinets and storage with scrollable slots be able to be scrolled using the middle mouse scroller please. Would make life so much more easier.
  2. Hi all, I've played about 15 hours of Ylands now and do have a few suggestions that may benefit the game which i'm sure people may have picked up on anyway. - Make a food meter visible. Quite self explanatory really but I don't like to wait until it prompts me at the bottom of the screen that i'm hungry or waiting for the food icon to appear. A simple food bar would be beneficial. - Front indicator on placeable items. I think it would be excellent if the front of an item was clearly marked before placing it down, maybe a small arrow indicating its direction? - Achievements. Now I know this is a part of many games already out but having achievements in the game allow people to aim for goals instead of aimlessly building and not knowing what they want to do next. I know what I am doing in the game and what my aim is but now and again it'd be nice to open up an achievement area and see what I can aim for. This would also help with unlocking items. For example, an achievement could be to locate a rubber tree and therefore when found it would unlock rubber, rubber slabs etc. - Secondary speed (running?). I think the movement of the character is a little too slow at the moment and I think that you have mastered a lot of human and realistic factors within the game but allowing a person to run (limited to stamina) would be an excellent addition). I'll update this thread if I have any more (I may need to go further into the game).
  3. Wizza

    Suggestions after 15hr play

    I think a nice run / sprint would be beneficial especially when trying to escape mutated bears! I've lost my goods a few times to them.
  4. I have just started to experience 'stuttery' gameplay after exploring roughly four islands and building my house. However if you put it into first person view it seems to improve the gameplay. Very odd.
  5. Okay so i'm building a house and I have used wooden panels (ones with the support underneath) for the ceiling / first floor but I have a gap at the end of the ceiling which a wooden panel is too big for. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I could use to close the gap and not look out the ordinary? Photo attached.
  6. Hi, I placed a metal container in the center of my large ship. When going into first person mode and walking into the metal container (side to side) the whole ship rocks violently. I've tested it against Pirate containers too and it has the same effect.
  7. I'm experiencing an extremely weird bug. If I mine any materials on the outer areas of my starter yland everything is fine. However if I move into the center of the yland and start mining the land stays untouched even though you can hear it mining. If you leave the area the notifications box appears saying what you have collected and if you walk back to the area your material is lying on the floor for you to collect. If I pick the items up it doesn't appear in notifications until you leave the area again?
  8. I've attached both in a zip file. output zip.zip
  9. This has just happened again but when a bird flew into the side of my ship. The ship went crazy rocking up and down, side to side etc....
  10. Wizza

    Furnace Lining?

    Yeah I believe its sand and clay in the Kiln
  11. Wizza

    Dev Diary #23

    I didn't play the demo but followed and watched the progress through YouTube videos and I was eagerly awaiting the release. Since it's release I have played it an awful lot (some might say I'm now disregarding my family, I call it kicking my kids out the room). Can I just say what an amazing game it is and especially as it is an early access game. There is just so much to do and although there are bugs (which is to be expected) I must praise how quickly you release updates to fix them. I'm excited to see what the future holds.
  12. I tend to take the item from the container into my inventory, stack it and put it back. It’s long winded but works for now.
  13. Wizza

    No islands

    I had this issue too but after following my compass back towards my original yland I found birds and followed them. They are there but going in one direction didn't seem to work for me, try heading home.