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  1. Im not sure if its the bamboo or not... Shouldnt have anything to do with it... And by the sounds of it others are having the same issue.. Idk if they also used bamboo too but yeah.
  2. Any progress? Been a while now and im afraid to play this game.... let alone build a new boat. Dont need my progress going backwards..
  3. I have also had a stuck avatar in boat hull due to trying to dig underneath beached boat.. If your walking into the hull sometimes you just get stuck with just your head and shoulders showing out of the deck. a logout-login fixes the issue also for me.
  4. EXPLORE.zip NVM found it. Here ya go. The issue is on the SE tip of the starting yland.
  5. annnnd theres slowly more stuff disappearing... Just lost 3 stoves on my ship...
  6. FullTwist

    KNOWN ISSUE is this gonna be fixed?

    Seems to be a known bug. Happens to me too. They said they were working on it.
  7. WTF i just went back into the editor to get screenshots and now the boats missing completely...
  8. Could this be because i made a big flat tabletop using bamboo panels on the ship to make it wider/longer? The smelteries and stuff were all placed on that instead of the ship... But in editor mode.. there is NOTHING on the ship its just a hull.. No chests no bamboo no nothing...
  9. Also, Are the wind indicators bugged? Every time I place one.. It jsut blows to the stern of the boat... no matter which way im facing, Moving or standing still.
  10. I had a bug last night. I have a "mobile base" ship that has smelteries and all that jazz on it, Went yland hopping last night, and came back to my ship missing 1/3 large masts, 2 smelteries, 1 blacksmith table, 1 kiln, and 1 foundry missing. There was also a placed lantern on the ship that is no longer there either. I tried to log off the save and log back on and it is all still missing. where did all my crafting stuff go?! the chests, and all that stuff is still there, Along with my weaving loom and tanning rack and stuff. Just those few items are missing and I will have to remake them all i guess.