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  1. Me and my 3 friends want to play on a private server that is always online. Is it possible to rent/host a passworded dedicated server that doesn't require that whoever hosts the server has to be online in order for it to work? How? Also, is it possible to recycle or delete items? They create lag after a while. Any fix for the invisibility bug where you need to relog in order to see the Things/trees you just placed or chopped Down, and buildings you just built? We need to relog quite often to fix it.
  2. Daniel Lohne

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    Since it's so frustrating to build on a moving ship (due to Waves), I decided to make a dry dock, however it still Counts as being in the water https://imgur.com/a/NQznS FAIL!
  3. Daniel Lohne

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    Seriously? lol
  4. Daniel Lohne

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    Thanks, we live there a Family of 5 now haha, but none of them contributed to the house!
  5. 1# Once you've mastered ships with several players without bugs, make an endgame content that requires a flying ship to reach (you can't fly that high with the potion of flight or propeller backpack! The ship has to be very hard to aquire (Magic sails maybe?) and a special magic ingredient that requires you to kill several bosses on all the different islands. One of the ingredients are located in a tall mountain snow biome that gets super cold with lots of Wolves Once you have the ship, you can reach the islands in the sky, which has new bosses, better loot and new biomes with magic unicorns! 2# Make the chain saw chop down trees on click and not on hold so you dont have to hold it down. It gets really tiresome, and feels a bit pointless. 3# Make it so you can loot while holding down so you dont have to click over 9000 times. 4# Add a destroy button to items that can break, and make it destroyable with the use of one mouse click. Clearing Inventory takes way too much time!
  6. Daniel Lohne

    Idea: Flying ships/Islands ? Suggestions

    Added more
  7. -Some tree stumps become invisible when you get Close, then visible when you get further away again. - The physics of items seems to stop applying after they stop moving for the first time (Like when a tree falls on top of another tree), then you remove that other tree, the first tree is flying. A lot of flying items everywhere is the result of this if you don't clean up properly when chopping trees, especially from a tree farm where trees are closer.
  8. What do you mean? We can create private dedicated servers, now? Or at least passworded servers that dont require the host to be online?
  9. Your character stays online when you log out, so unless the server shuts down you ll die of starvation. It works like Rust if you know that game, except there your food dont tick Down in Rust when you are offline.
  10. You need a stone hammer to craft an iron hammer even though it says you only need ''any hammer'' to craft it. usefull for when you want to craft more iron hammers for your friends.