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  1. I think it would be a nice if the chests could be named by the player and when the player hoover with the mouse over the chest the name will show up. That way, if a player is anything like me and forget what I put in wish chest, the name of the chest (like stone, marble, tools, food, raw food, clothes, misc ) tell what is in them. Alternative is to show a list of the items in the chest but that will take up more space and can be clumsier/slower.
  2. Hi, I do not have the option water, after the reacent update, among the edit terrain options.
  3. Hi, After the new update I can not delete or step back when I edit the game I play. I like to find new islands and build on them but now after the new update it is impossible. I tried the new history (great feature if it worked for me) but that doesent work, netier the step back arrows on top of the screen nor ctrl Z works. I also tried to reduce the FPS and other options to se if it was lagg that made this happen but since I can both build and add props without problem I dont se this is the issue. It is the removal of props, like plants for leaving space to build on, and stepping back/undo when using any of the edit options, add/remove/flatten/smooth that is the problem.
  4. That is good. When will this effect my game? Edit: I have now tried with both my existing game and with newly made games and I can still not reverse back what I have done when I try to edit them. ctrlZ does not work and neither do the step back arrows.
  5. Maqqea

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8527] Epilepsy inducing shake

    I have noticed this too.
  6. Maqqea

    Dev Diary #29

    Thanx for the update. Im looking forward to what will come. =D I wish for some more furniture. Softer beds, a coach, some kind of kitchencounter, a bigger (both width and depth) wallshelf and curtains.
  7. Maqqea

    Lord and Lady Helmet

    Me and my soulmate.
  8. Maqqea

    Sharks don't attack

    You don't always get attacked if you are on shallow waters.
  9. Maqqea

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Hit S and let the ship come to full stop before leaving the helm to look at the map and the toon/avatar wont fall through the earth (at least not as often).
  10. Maqqea

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Love, Love, LOVE the "Go To" option in the editor!
  11. Maqqea

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Thanx for a great update. =) - When looking on the map on the large ship the toon falls through the boat ending up in "limbo". - Items still ends up outside the slots in the containers.
  12. Maqqea

    Thank you Ylands team!

    I say thank you too. =D
  13. I got some strange things happen to me lately. First I got stranded on another island when my ship got caught by a seagull and ended up stuck in the sky. (known bug) (I got bird flu) When I finaly came "home" the underweter fauna had entered land and I got a new pet. A flying shark. Has anyone seen this before? I promise I have not made this in the editor. It is a bug ingame.
  14. Landsharks = Ylands meme. Got it and it's OK by me ... as long as they don't end up in any tornados. =D Yes. It's the fauna too. Look here.
  15. Maqqea

    I got bird flu.

    I sailed away and landed on uncharted territories and now I'm stranded. My ship got a visit by a seagull and got caught by the bug and is now hanging in the sky. (Get it? The known Ylands bird bug and Bird flu? =D ) The ship is at least pretty at night when the lanterns make a star constellation to show this lost traveler the way to the home away from home.
  16. Maqqea

    I got bird flu.

    handofthesly - I did that =) Energritz - Thank you, but it's already down. I cheated and got it down with the editor. stlnegril9 and kimbuck - I did not think of that. I should have left it up there to give it a try. I don't know if seagulls make a good dinner tho. =D bb cakes - Thank you. I saw Yentlyn Sfeen youtube videos (se below) about building a ship and gave it a try in my own style. I did it in the editor but I did not have the patience to color it so I left it white. Velocifer - Thats a great idea. It would be neat with flying ships. There is sails, engins and propellers already. Combine them so the engin drive a propeller for lift and the sails to give the ship movability.
  17. Since it is possible to group things in the editor it would be nice to be able to change color on the whole group instead of changing color on each separate item in the group, as it is now.
  18. When editing a game in play it would be nice with a tool that reset the terrain as it was when the game was first created. The terraformer should have that option too so it's possible to revert a mistake or adapt to a new idea.
  19. Not only flatten walls and ceiling, as Velocifer sugested. It would be good to be able to smooth them too. And wothout destroying what is above when doing that in a cave. Now the smoothing tool makes huge scars on the ground if you smooth in a cave below it.
  20. Maqqea

    [Suggestion] Blueprint Design Paper

    It's a good idea but it would be better if the lock after 2 minutes where changed to toggle lock on and off by the player.
  21. It would be good to be able to set time of day in the editor when editing a game in play. It's hard to se how to build when it's night and it would be good to be able to se where the fire/lamp/lantern light hits when it's dark without having to play the game for the daylight to change. Perhaps there already is an option for this but I have not found it.
  22. When I get attacked by predators I usually end up dead. That is because the toon starts to harvest stuff or hit plants or trees instead of the attacker. If I sneak up on the predators I kill them easily. It would perhaps be better if the animals where a little bit harder to kill and that they instead are locked as targets when they attack.
  23. Maqqea

    show map in editor

    The navigation/compass star (sorry I can not find the correct word in english) would be nice to have in the editor as an option hide/unhide.
  24. Maqqea

    Make rock ("stone chunk") more common than dirt

    You can fill in holes with dirt but not with stone. I guess that is why it is more common. If you dig in a cave then there are more stone and marble chunks.