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Dev Diary #77

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Hey there fellow ylanders,

You probably remember that a couple of weeks back we presented one of the new fancy features coming in 0.13 - the friends list. And what's the use of having friends if you can't actually communicate with them? That's why in this update we're also expanding the in-game chat.

Marci already nicely summarized why we're focusing on the social aspects of Ylands and why we're adding these features to the game. So today let's talk specifically about what the new in-game chat will bring!


Did someone say... work in progress?


The chat will actually be present not only in-game, but also in the main menu and in the Editor. There will be 3 different channels: Whisper (for private communication), Game (for the current game session) and Clan (connected with the friends list), plus All, that will work as a filter, showing messages from all channels. There will be a list of commands for you to use - /s (say, for people who are close to the player, /w (whisper, for private communication), /c (clan), /all etc., and each channel messages will have their own specific color, so that you don't mix them up. Also, bear in mind that no matter how hard you try, you won't actually be able to send messages to offline players!

And don't worry about missing any message, as there will be a visible chat icon for you to easily see your unread messages (from Whisper and Clan channels), and a notification button that will let you know you have new messages (in the main menu and Editor)!

This should cover the basics of the new chat! What do you think? (sonrisa)


Have a great weekend, ylanders, and stay classy!


Now let's take a look at the questions you had last week!

Do you guys still use Photon Unity Networking or did you switch to something custom in 0.12?

We started with Bolt (which got later acquired by Photon), now we're using code that our programmers wrote.

Can barriers be made to show who they belong to?

Yes, there is a plan to show whose barrier you've just entered.

Another game I play has an ingame mailbox. Inside there are game functions, but you can also "email" other users and also attach items. So you can give gifts, building supplies, etc. Could something like this be implemented?

This would definitely be a nice feature to have. It is not currently planned, but we will discuss that.

With AI path finding, will this mean we can finally give "teams" or "labels" to entities so they can either be hostile or friendly to other entities?

That is our goal. The ability to set up entities this way will come at a later update than 0.13, though.

I had a question regarding compositions and protective barriers. Will the random structures, such as ruined (brick wall) wall with cannons the lighthouse and others be added to default compositions in the editor? The same question also applies to player protective barriers. I see no way to currently add protective barriers via the editor nor methods to craft them, will this change? 

The random structures won't be available this way because doing so would take away the element of surprise (smile). Letting players use the protective barrier in the Editor is something we've been discussing quite often in the past weeks, and it will definitely happen.

Will it ever be possible to place (and use) a barrier on a ship (and still be able to sail)?

Not at this point. This is yet another thing that we're discussing.

Why is it impossible to properly repair default structures? Nothing ever seems to line up correctly.

We are aware of this. In 0.13 we are making some changes to how terrains are generated. Once this is done, we'll look into this - it's related.

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Great news, I hope with the /w function it will give us a auto-fill function so we dont have to type out complicated usernames.

Additionally in many games there is also a /r for reply whisper command so you can quickly reply to someone who messages you. I hope this is implemented.

Out of curiosity how is the implementation of mini bosses in ylands and such? I would like to work a little bit with you guys on that :)

Could you also consider adding something similiar to minecraft where the last bed you slept on is your respawn point? Its annoying in PVE if you accidentally die and have to travel from an empty island to back home without a ship...

Lastly, any news on controlled movement for objects over time?

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Chat while in editor? Will it be possible to have multiple players in editor? This would be amazing.

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16 hours ago, bb cakes_P1 said:

Chat while in editor? Will it be possible to have multiple players in editor? This would be amazing.

It would be awesome!

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