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P1 Building Competition! #9 - Game Jam!

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Big thanks to Bohemia Interactive for sponsoring this event with prizes!



Make a game concept, win prizes!


The Idea: 

Create a game prototype of a fast-paced/casual game that is easy to understand and fun to play, single player or multiplayer. 

Rather than a strong competition, any builds in the top 50% in quality enter to win a prize. Claim your preferred building, only one person can do one building type. 


What is a prototype:

A prototype is NOT a complete or polished game, rather prototyping is the art of testing a game idea by creating a simple, flexible and often semi-functional outline of a game that you can change easily to make the gameplay more fun. 

Many of the game's mechanics will be loose, unfinished and require player help to function "Drop the flag if someone walks in front of you ok?" 

All you are doing is testing if an idea is fun. 

1st place: 3k Coyns

2nd: 2k

3rd: 1k

3 total prizes given at random to people in the top 50% of games created. 



Deadline: Saturday, 20th. 


>> How to get started: <<

1) The moment you see this reply:

I am in!Do this if you are considering joining, its not a commitment to join for good. 
2) Come up with a game idea.

Check out: 


3) Share your idea! (Reply) (Optional)

4) Start working on the idea and posting screenshots as you progress. If you see someone with similar ideas then you can team up! 

5) Once done, upload your creation to the workshop or to Google Drive (and link it here) to enter. 


Judging criteria:

1) How fun is the game?

2) How easy is the game to understand?

3) Extra points for those who incorporate animations. 

Note: No need to go over-the-top, just have fun :D 

P1 will be having a massive party to play-test the games on the 21st. 


To join:

1 Visit https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA

2 Choose B / Ylands as your game 

3 Check the countdown timer in https://discordapp.com/channels/133031738334117888/410952364804014080/483772493396705290

4 Hit the hand emoji 




No purchase needed, submissions outside the deadline do not count. Coyns have no real-world value but are bought in game for about 3-5 USD per 1000. So the value of prizes is about $30. I cannot win the prize myself... clearly and I will choose the winner based on the "judging criteria." Discord use not needed. P1 does not represent Bohemia Interactive and/or Ylands. Direct any concerns our way. BI is just doing the prizes. You MAY enter content not already uploaded to the workshop that you made BEFORE this contest started if you want. Be aware, P1 was doing an internal game jam before this and people are allowed to submit their ideas from there to here. We just launched the other one so we thought it was still fair to have this one going along side. People just started building over there so it should be fair. 



Can I submit more than one game? 


Can I make my game together with a team: 

Yes but only one person on the team can be given the prize. 

What should I avoid? 

Avoid trying to make a big complicated or complete game. It will be too buggy and too difficult in the time given. Keep it simple. Simple games tend to be more fun. 

Can I use workshop assets? 


Can I use ideas/assets made before this competition started? 


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