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Adam Snellgrove

Contest Screenshot Contest Week 5 Runner ups

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And now for the runner ups!

We have to again congratulate @Deadeye_Rob for his winning screenshot, but others sent in great screenshots, so let's have a look at them ?

bojo2736 1.png
We have a very nice piggy pen from @bojo2736. That's one happy pig...I mean 'Mr. Pig' of course.

zarwil 3.png
@zarwilsent in some spectacular pics of his new shopping centre, but at night it really looks like the perfect setting for Dawn of the Dead ?

Deadeye_Rob 3.jpg
And the last runner up is... @Deadeye_Rob again ? We just can't get enough of this town and the bar is absolutely fantastic ?

And that's it for now folks. Normally I'd right about now announce a new contest topic, but not today. At least not here. Because this week we'll have a special contest, so look out for that later today ?

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