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This topic is for game Sky Battlegrounds feedback.

I need a lot of help!

1) English language corrections!

- I´m from Czech Republic and my english is too bad...sorry for that 😪

2) Bug and technical issues report!

- when submitting bug, please note how i can"re-made" situation (eg. when you hit NPC by sword X, you damage yourself instead of NPC… 🤣)

(- Nejlepší by bylo mi nahlásit bug v českém jazyce! 😁)

3) Improvements  

- Any idea?


Main game content added:

(Current version 0.6.4)

Fractions (current 2: Kingdom + Invaders)

Rated PvP + PvE

Void zone (homeworld of Invaders)

CastleSky battleground [deathmatch] (basic map details) + CAPTURE THE FLAG 

Duel arena [1vs1 pvp + pve] - 8 type of lvl1 NPC, 3 bosses NPC (will be a lot of more!)

Leaderboard (basic)

Abilities - current 13


Bonus chests

Special weapons (for 1000 rating or more)

Save inventory (when re-log)

Battle info (player details eg. damage done, kills, kill ratio, etc.)

Kills in row counter (eg. Multi kill, GOD LIKE, etc.)

5 meele or range abilities per character to choose (hotkeys: e, r, f, t, g)

Armor sets for each fraction (current 4 sets per fraction)


Main game content in progress:

Version 0.6+ (updating now ...)

Rebuild (script) abilities with lowering damage (like Absorb, Counter block, etc.) + rebuild ALL armor sets + rebuild ALL heal / health (sript)

Team window HUD (cost price / price bonus), when log (free)

Rework leaderlist (team HUD panel version), delete personal rating HUD counter

Change CastleSky to [team deathmatch] (need arena rework!)

Bonuses for 

Crossbow for Ilanders fraction (buyable)

Better changelog design

Version 0.7

Daily quests

Increase amout of meele or range abilities to 20 (over patchs to 1.0)

Replace "ability number" to "In zone" in Battleinfo

Fire over damage (fires on map, torch)

Version 0.8

Armor item sets in blacksmith vendor (locked, saved, hight price, Item bonuses - in new window equip manager)

Basic weapons vendor (hight prices! Rating required)

better portals (like daily quest!)

better Leaderboard

better battleground player list

Version 0.9


Version 1.0

Flying ships / machines between locations

Final map design (only visual changes, eq: houses, room details, etc.)

Version 1.0+?

More Battlegrouns?, More abilities? (specializations?), bosses? NPCs? MORE FRACTIONS???? More zones?

CHANGELOG (for added contend):

before 4.5.2020 (v0.4) - not supported

After version 0.5.12 ONLY INGAME



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Posted (edited)

Version 0.5.8 published = Arena BETA VERSION

More NPC in arena will be added soon IN VERSION 0.6+. (current 8 NPCs)

Now i only change some visual scipts and add ingame changelog.
"Intro BETA window" from previous version will be removed.


On Picture is Thor (lvl8 BOSS from arena)


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Version 0.6.4 published!

Now you can change weather in Castle battleground into the Void by capturing the flags. Game now support "Capture the flag" mode - but only in provisional version.
In the future will be improved much more!


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