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  1. Generating terrain in the editor with 'normal' or 'lots' of random sites selected seems to not generate any sites at all.
  2. Underground Audio: When you go underground it seem's like it runs off different audio levels as it becomes super loud like I maxed out the audio levels in settings even though mine is on 4 I also at one point had music on 0 and when I was underground I could hear the music playing even though it was set to 0 in settings. Stone & Wood spears held incorrectly: The stone and wood spear are held incorrectly in the player's hands, see images: Stone Wood
  3. So threw digging or using a shovel sometime's it'll cause a small hole to appear in the terrain that you could potentially fall threw, Most the time their only small enough for small items to fit and fall threw but I have created a larger one before that was big enough for me to fit threw. I'm not sure if above was the cause of it but I have the feeling it was as eventually, my game crashed after a while. The log with the terrain hole's that eventually crashed: 01_output_log.zip Wooden Box has 'Pick Up' action text for right click on it while it has the time until it cannot be pickup making you unable to open it in that time frame. While pickup is active: After the timer has ended: Death next to workstations will lead to your items being under the workstation I die next to my foundry and some of my items went under it making it hard to recover without digging around the foundry trying to maintain its height. Can see my legs, dirt and some needles stuck under/near it and I can't pick them up:
  4. No-Half-Measures

    0.5: Rainy Roads (01/09/2017)

    This was brought up on the steam discussions, Quoted from: http://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/1519260397795316649/#c1488861734094879894 Alessaint [developer] 4 Oct @ 8:56am Hi, yes, skeletons were indeed removed at some point :). It was based on feedback that showed that in some countries having those is actually problematic and because we are trying to create a family-friendly game that can be played by anyone we decided to remove those. That being said - it was a rather specific isolated thing and at this moment we are not planning to remove any other assets. #1
  5. @John wrong thread? as what your reporting is irrelevant to this thread and is more suited to Also what you have reported has already been highlighted and reported by another.
  6. No-Half-Measures

    DEV ANSWER Game performance / entity amount limitations

    Something else to keep in mind is this IS an alpha currently and typically performance isn't a top priority at this point as content normally is whilst making sure it still runs smoothly but probably not at its best. Beta is typically where performance & optimization becomes a core focus in the development cycle with adding new content being of slightly less priority, Although what I have stated can vary and may not be the case all the time as different studios/team function differently depending on what works best for them. The Unity Engine like Ales said has come a long way in terms of optimization and performance and even ways to allow developers to do that extra mile in terms of performance, for example, GPU Instancing which can go a long way if used correctly. I do not think that limiting how much the player can build as yeah sort of suggested is an option as that is basically like limiting the player creativity and I don't think the Team wants that at all, If anything they'd want to expand your ability to be creative even further, Mesh combining could be an option but idk how much quicker that would actually be since you have to combine and then render the mesh in real time which may be just as slow as loading the objects. An option could be to moving the building blocks to a voxel-like system much like the terrain but w/o the terrain stuff, uh yeah sorta hard to explain clearly and I do not wish to ramble on but you should get a general idea of what I mean, This would be much faster than combining meshes in real time.
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    Rain and thunder sound to loud in buildings

    This should have been posted in https://ylands.com/community/forum/11-suggestions-feedback/ As it is not a bug but rather a suggestion.
  8. Was on my horse when I fell through the terrain, grabbed a copy of the log as soon as I could when it happened. Steam 37772, Log: output_log - Copy.txt DxDiag: DxDiag.txt
  9. I have the same issue with the piston hammer although in my case it's the whole screen flickering black. DxDiag.txt
  10. No-Half-Measures

    Recipes & infinite maps

    Ah, I see were you going now with the recipe's, So essentially being able to modify recipe's, as well as offering an alternative way to unlocking recipe's. That could open up allot off potential in for game-mode creation for example a hardcore gamemode were things cost more to make ect. I like
  11. No-Half-Measures

    Recipes & infinite maps

    In regards to the infinite maps, I got a reply that sorta answers that question that give you a sort of idea about their goal in that regards. But yeah having Much large worlds would be awesome as the last play threw with a group of friends of mine once we had the small boats we quickly came across all the islands. Need to-do another play threw with them to test out how it is currently although I imagine we will probably wait for the rainy roads update as I imagine my Dutch friend will probably want to attempt to make some kinda Car/Boat hybrid since he's obsessed with ships although I doubt it's possible but I'm sure he will find some way XD. Not sure how this would work, The problem being that the way recipe unlocking works currently is in such a way that it is progression based, IE you need to go from A too G to get to H if you get what I mean. I guess for custom maps this could be a good idea but they would still need to know how to make A too G to make H, you could do this currently in a custom map with containers and keys with each container containing those materials requires some extra effort but get the same result but I guess a recipe page/book could be quiet a nice quick way of doing such a thing.
  12. Hello, today myself and a couple others played around 5-6hrs of multiplayer and I have a handful of bugs for you, Sadly i don't have a log file for all of them as I had to restart my game a couple of times but I'll list them of and attach the current log file. I should note I hosted the session threw the in-game hosting. Bugs: After playing for a while I ended up restarting my game and after loading the world I noticed everything my character had learned was lost the other two guys were fine. Sometimes a player will be unable to pull out items form in a container or work/craftstation whilst others are able to-do so fine. The ship's (We actually only made the large ship but id assume the same issue for the other one too) had an issue were when one of the others took control of it, it pulled me around abit when they moved it even though I wasn't on the ship or near it. There was also an issue with the ship that one of them took control of the ship and it teleported them under the world which when we dug them out they were unable to move and apon him reconnecting his body was there but his view point was at the ship and he was unable to release control of the ship. Horse's when they kicked the other player off they were unable too move but were making the running sounds and particle effects where they were, killing them was the only fix. Gun type Weapons didn't seem to make sounds for the other players only for myself the host. Falling from a height that causes the ragdoll makes the non-hosting players unable to move (killing them fixes them) and if the host ragdoll's the other players only see them stuck ragdolled in one place even though the host is moving afterwards Sometimes an inventory slot will become stuck with a specific item type only able to go in it and can't be moved or switched out with anything else, also the image of the item doesn't display in the slot its in but rather under the first row as if was in the first slot of that non-existing row. Ghost items in the world, sometimes a player will pickup a stack of items and it'll say it failed and then the item becomes a ghost item in the world unable to be interacted with. Non-hosting players can spam shoot the cannons but as few as I can tell it wasn't actually shooting just a bug on their end. Promoting a player to admin doesn't seem to work or atleast they can not use admin commands? we only tried it with the /killme command so maybe that's not considered an admin command but its said permission denied. Animals seem to have a hard time moving/navigating in the caves. Non-host players respawn where they died, only when they create a new character to they repsawn at the world spawn. That's most of the ones that I can remember, on top of that we ended up stopping playing because it seems the world became broken as after I restarted it, the game would just crash. I used the yland copy world feature which make it so I can load the world but my inventory was slow/buggy & the guys I was playing with became unable to connect stuck on loading world at 100% I've attached the current log file & the corrupt world file (hopeful you can fix the world so we can continue playing :D) EXPLORE.zip output_log.txt
  13. No-Half-Measures

    DEV ANSWER Multiplayer Bugs Collection & Broken map

    Awesome, glad to help, Here are a few more The Boat will make player in like a 50m range from it sit and ties them to the boat as if they were on it as a passenger (Like how the ship does if your on it as a passenger) If you do get on the boat as a passenger properly and are taken away from where you got on as a passenger it will cause the game gets stuck and your unable to do anything, rejoining will have you in a sitting animation were you got on as a passenger and then moving will bring out out of the animation and can cause the host to crash, but after that its fine. Maps seem to randomly reset (the 2D map to see where you have been)
  14. No-Half-Measures

    [OBSOLETE] How to: the dedicated servers

    Do you plan on supporting linux for dedicated servers?
  15. So during a Multiplayer session we came across several bug's listed below; Items picked up would not disappear properly for clients but did so for host. Tools dropped would not be visible to some clients but were for the host. Horses when summoned 'F9' would appear invisible for the client sometimes but the game was still aware of it as you could see it in the GUI when you looked at it and even mount and ride it. (Not the case for the host) Sometimes the client would be unable to access workstations/chest or pickup/craft or interact with their inventory or equip tools from the hotbar. (The host also had a similar issue with being unable to take items out chests) If using a tool when it breaks you would be stuck in that animation until you use the tool again. On a rare occasion if you left to the main menu or desktop it would get stuck saving/leaving. If a player died and dropped their items on the ground on death and reconnected those items would not be visible to them. (We used a custom scenario so were could respawn and had it set to drop items and equipment on death) Saloon door is offset in a way that you can not have two of them to make like the western saloon doors in movies and such, probably would be better to have them centred. If a player pulls out a weapon that has a crosshair it toggles the crosshair on for all players. Some weapons (seemed mostly like the ranged weapons) would cause the player to be looking at the ground to others. I attached the entire logs as there might be other issues you guys might see in the logs also, Sorry they are so big as its an entire session in 2 parts as I had the stuck leaving bug happen to me. Also here are some screenshots: - Ghost object/Item after being picked up - Ghost horse after being summoned and im riding it. - Weapons making others see you looking at ground (He's actually looking forward on his side), Also can see the crosshair visible for me even though i do not have a weapon out. output_log_Part1.txt output_log_Part2.txt
  16. The Inbox Text for conversation is near to white which is the same as that it rests in making it near on impossible to read.
  17. No-Half-Measures

    RESOLVED Uncraftable magic dust

    That's odd works perfectly fine for me... There was an update today however so maybe it was fixed so try with the new update and if that does not work for you then attach your log.
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    0.10: Extended Editor (23/03/2016)

    Yeah, In character mode in the editor.
  19. No-Half-Measures

    0.10: Extended Editor (23/03/2016)

    The updated Editor feels very ArmA 3 , I guess you guys at Bohemia Interactive found something you really like and I do have to agree with it, it is very nice. I do dislike the fact the creative player now has a range restriction on placing objects which I like using for its Building mode.
  20. No-Half-Measures

    0.08: Elementary Editor (22/02/2016)

    Think they kinda teased Containers in the screenshot on twitter https://twitter.com/YlandsGame/status/701800990534737921 The chest on the far right ;>
  21. So upon joining a Multiplayer session you get the normal character creation screen and when you Click play it pans up to the sky and then just sits there and does nothing. However we worked around this by using 'LogMeIn Hamachi'. I imagine other LAN like programs that simulate a LAN network bypassing port-forwarding ect would work too. I've attached the output_log for a failed connection to a 'Global' session. output_log.txt
  22. No-Half-Measures

    RESOLVED Unable to Connect - Multiplayer

    Just did a quick test with today's update and seems like the connecting issues are all fixed now.
  23. No-Half-Measures

    0.08: Elementary Editor (22/02/2016)

    Awesome! Can't wait to get playing around with the Scenario Editor and In multi-player with friends!
  24. Probably something you will hear requested allot is Infinite Terrain Generation, Have you though about this or if not Infinite much larger than the current Sizes available? Mixed Biomes, So having more than one biome in the world? I know currently we do have Tropical and another to which I forget that we are able to get in a single world but will we see the possibility have having possibly all the biomes in a single world? Cave Generation, Will we see the possibility of Caves being in the terrain generation? This actually could open up the ability to have Ore Veins in caves systems giving a large source of Ore's to obtain, Cave dwelling creatures and ores only obtainable at deep depths. Flat World Gen? So flat world without water for creative/map creation stuff.
  25. So loaded up my world with the new update and the first thing I notice is the ice, It's now blinding