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  1. A3_Melle

    My Last (official) Post

    Thank you for all your hard work Adam! You definitely rebuild the much needed bridge again with the community and picked up social media in a great way and i hope the team (and new CM) can follow the path you have laid out and keep it on track! It was a real pleasure to meet you and shake your hand (in a time this was still possible end 2019) in person on the 20th bohemia interactive anniversary. All the best in the future Adam! I am sure you have a great path ahead ?
  2. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #120 - Roadmap 2020

    Looks like may will be a very wet update! Really looking forward to that update! I do hope we get to swim with dolphins ??
  3. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #113

    I am definitely excited with this update as it also has the option to play on easy mode or veteran mode with exploration ? And the "farming" looks great! No more stacking up trees/cotton and so on but just planting them 1 by 1 with a nice spacing and lining(bamboo sprout still can be stacked don't know if that is accidentally or intentionally). Started up a new exploration yesterday with the veteran mode, normally within 2 hours I can start exploring with a little boat but now it took a bit longer as I only started off with 3 pieces of cotton on my Yland so needed to do a lot of farming to get enough cotton. With my little boat now ready to sail I will be looking for the new far eastern biome, the 1 biome that I really want to explore to see what grows and lives in that biome!
  4. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #112

    Zooms in on the costume and thinks about "go go power rangers" ? Really looking forward to exploring this new biome! Even if it means taking it slowly with the new dangers lurking around.
  5. A3_Melle

    Mystery related question

    Good thing with the exploration mode is that you can place markers on the map, I use them especially in the early exploration of the Ylands wenn I don't have enough fighting power or gear yet so I can find the locations in a later stage again.
  6. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #109

    Happy holidays Ylands team!
  7. A3_Melle


    I found most of my coal on the 1.0 version on tier 3 Ylands ? be careful as tier 3 Ylands are heavily guarded ?
  8. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #108

    Welcome TG and probably I'll see you tonight ?
  9. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #107

    It will definitely be a honor shaking your hand and many others from the Ylands team who I have not met personally yet ?
  10. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #107

    Well in those 4 months you have become a veteran! You really gave social media for Ylands a huge boost! All I can say is: it has been a great pleasure looking at all the progress that has been made over the passed few years, I remember back in the early days (first few months in the BI incubator) keeping track of the game and eventually @RaptorM60 got me to play it! Never regret it for 1 day! Congratulations to the entire team, still some challenges ahead as a lot of people (including me) are waiting for a console version, but with the PC and mobile 1.0 release the first milestone is set for the future!
  11. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #103

    I am really a big fan of the exploration so i really jaw dropped while seeing the video! AMAZING
  12. A3_Melle

    Contest Mobile Game Creation Drive

    Can't wait to see it on android ??
  13. A3_Melle

    Interview Ynterview #6 - Filip

    Great interview!
  14. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #90

    I knew it ? Welcome to the Ylands club Adam!
  15. It might not go to fast but the small sailboat worked perfect for me, so you still can move from Yland to Yland, I took a seed box with me to take a much a possible seeds with me I was missing, and placed a few chest on (the small) deck for "big recourses". Might not be the fastest way but you still can move around. And @Aleš Ulm I am definitely looking forward a "developer branch" for Ylands as for ARMA3 /DayZ it always have given good feedback, even though the QA team does a fantastic job at BI a lot of bugs slipped trew their net being found by the community, and sometimes it was the community delivering solutions for the problem.