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    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Оооо, спасибо, ребята, за новую версию с кучей новых фич и фиксов! Вы - молодцы!
  2. Thank you for the info! Will re-check it in the recent update.
  3. OxEED

    Dev Diary #24

    Hey! Thank you very much for this wonderful game! A lot of work was done and, I think, all ylanders appreciate it. Happy New Year!
  4. Died 2 times this way using the ship ladder.
  5. OxEED

    Before and after last patch 12/20/17

    Oooh, god, please, no-no-no...
  6. Sounds interesting! I will try this workaround. And yeah, it started just after we have created our first ship. I cannot even imagine how the ship can affect all objects in the world! But it is not all about just placing the item. Sometimes already existing objects become invisible, not placed recently. For instance, when I try to feed a camp fire, it becomes invisible. Or fallen trees and ores. I can peek the ore from the ground, but I do not see it and did not place it from my inventory, just have dug it.
  7. OxEED

    stuck at sea

    I believe, this is just a weather, which is not related the distance to ylands.
  8. OxEED

    stuck at sea

    Also, create a fishing rod for the sea voyages
  9. Yeah, this is known issue on the client side. Our .ylandsgame file size is 30 MB now. And the gameplay looks like the following: place a block, it becomes invisible, exit and connect to the game again, it takes ~0.5-1 minute for the map to load, place another block and repeat all the steps again: exit, wait for load, place...
  10. OxEED

    KNOWN ISSUE is this gonna be fixed?

    I observe the same issue. Do not know how to reproduce. Waiting for the fix.
  11. I want to add some logs and screenshots. I have seen the furnace. After I've feeded it, it became invisible. Similar issue with the camp fire. The same issue with a lot of other stuff. Multiplayer game, client side. The game is awesome, I really like it! But it is hard to play on client side please, fix :'( output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  12. Ummm, yeah... So annoying bug! After we've built a ship with friends, my friends do not see most of the objects that were placed on the ship, and, for example, fallen trees, etc. On server - everything is fine. It is very hard to play with such "visual effects", need to logout from server and login again to see objects in game. Sometimes, it gets even worse on the client. Please, see the attach (the screenshot is from friend's client). The ship has masts and a lot of other stuff. But there is only my server head on the ship