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  1. Stephenw1992

    P1 Building Contest! #1

    I AM IN!! lol so the forums were broken for a few days for me so a little late entering, better late than never! https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/493 so the bug i found was searching for items in the objects tab eg. "cog" didn't display "cogwheel", tyre and wheel didn't display the tyre crafting item. some things seem to be broken while searching under the new system Anyways... Enjoy my Mark IV inspired tank!
  2. I think ores generating deeper would be the cure to all and mean that i could play the way i usually do, by building the mines of moria lol
  3. Stephenw1992

    Hot air balloon party!

    lol it was from the same thing, basically around the same time
  4. Stephenw1992

    [Suggestion] Editor tools that would help considerably!

    This I think is more of a bug than anything. The terrain seems to bug out and, like affecting the sea bed, creates small air pockets. it seems like that is what causes the shell to form since you can undo and pretty much fix it by adding/removing at the spot that the shell generates.
  5. Stephenw1992

    [Suggestion] Editor tools that would help considerably!

    The ability to generate and save terrain. Being able to use some kind of heat map to choose where islands generate, what biome they are (being able to mix biomes), be able to use the heatmap to affect the surface (such as the elevation, whether its rock/mountainous or hillside) I would love! being able to spend time completely customising the size of the map, the shape, elevation, resources etc.
  6. Stephenw1992

    [Suggestion] Editor tools that would help considerably!

    When using a logic to "clone entity" or duplicating an object in editor, it would be nice if assigned labels were also assigned to the new entity. Eg, right now i'm using clone entity to clone a car. The car has a lever with an assigned label. The label isn't assigned on the clone which stops logics that should work with the lever from working
  7. Stephenw1992

    Hot air balloon party!

    Twice... Sorry again @Rudy.cz!
  8. Stephenw1992

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    lol a few long hours to have everything assigned while trying my hardest to hold on to some form of sanity. I think there is around 1500 objects assigned now.
  9. Stephenw1992

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    Hey guys, Here it is!! #10: Taking flight, I looked at how you can set up a (surprisingly) simple flying ship or a hot air balloon customised however you want!
  10. Stephenw1992

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience while i've been working on this one. a change with medication knocked me back a bit but the video is recorded and edited! My pc is just processing and uploading it now so keep an eye out
  11. I kind of agree since it would be nice to set an outpost up in an area like this but then you also get that feeling of risk with essentially getting stuck on the rocks. I have to admit though the coast looks stunning around these areas, almost like a reef has popped up. i think for me though, the water behaving a bit more... kinder would solve this so we could dig the area out. I also found a temperate biome with the most stunning mountains rising from the ocean. It looked so incredible but i don't have the screenshots anymore
  12. Stephenw1992

    Hot air balloon party!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed they hire me lol
  13. Stephenw1992

    Endangered Species Protection

    i was about to say you could use logic's to spawn and limit it but then read the last line... In which case i can't really think of a permanent solution that would help besides the indestructible structure which i think would be your best bet
  14. Stephenw1992

    Editor Tutorial Series (creations)

    wow... ... just... wow... I can't believe i missed that...
  15. Stephenw1992

    Editor Tutorial Series (creations)

    Nice! I had thought of using the raft but found the objects just passed through, how did you manage to get them fastened? As i was typing that i realised i could have saved a raft with objects built on it (in game) as a comp to use as a solid base *facepalms*