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  1. Bigglermon

    1.0: Ylands Yncoming (Game Released)

    Great job! Do we need to recreate our worlds for the tweaked resource spawn rate to take effect?
  2. I'm playing exploration but cannot find any Iron Ore deposits? Has this changed since playing a year or so ago?
  3. Bigglermon

    Making account / Connecting accounts

    Hi. I have same issue. I believe I had linked my account with steam but I chose Guest when trying the Beta and now I don't have access to exploration mode. Help EDIT: Read the latest Dev Diary and Beta has no Explore mode. Will wait for release ?
  4. Bigglermon

    Green House

    Made a greenhouse. Wish there was a way to have blocks snap at 45 degrees. There is no way I was going to manually all that glass! It still has some detailing work needed but for the most part, it's done. The world is becoming quite laggy so may have to start a new world for 0.7.
  5. Bigglermon

    DEV ANSWER [YLD-8084] Host Unreachable

    I'm running a DS/play on my PC and my wife and I play on the same LAN. I find the only time we get this message is when we both try to connect to the server at the same time. Not sure if this helps you guys or not.
  6. Bigglermon

    Endgame item: AirShip

    The Airship from the Unigine Heaven Benchmark would make a very nice endgame item for travelling between Ylands
  7. Bigglermon

    breaking stone rocks

    Load your map up in the editor every so often and clean them out if your short on time.
  8. This happens to me too! Multiplayer DS if it matters.
  9. Bigglermon

    Sneak Peek #44

    What is this "New World" you speak of @Aleš Ulm? Sounds very interesting. New Yland generation or just a new Yland biome type? Can you share more info with us? Timeframe or Roadmap update?
  10. Bigglermon

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    Our base under the stars...
  11. Bigglermon

    show map in editor

    Can we get a compass then? I've had to load our multiplayer world up a few times in the editor due to bugs and trying to locate our ship at sea can be quite the task. Getting very good at the compass seeing as maps don't work in multiplayer.
  12. I have noticed this too. This also occurred in previous versions of DS. Everytime client exits and re-logs clothing changes colour, except for some items like Cowboy outfit.
  13. Many of the larger slabs, panels etc are 4x4 in size. Can we have some 3x3 block sizes? And also 1x1, 2x1, and 3x3 Marble blocks, please. PS. This game is a builders delight!
  14. Bigglermon

    Travel between Ylands suggestion

    A Ylandiam molecular teleporter would be a nice endgame item to build. Make it look like the Dr Who phone box.
  15. Bigglermon

    Dev Diary #26

    Or maybe pick up multiple items based on what's in your hand currently. Sometimes I don't want to pick up other stuff around me. EDIT: Sorry, re-read your post. Agree with what you have said.