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  1. drseito

    Dev Diary #79

    Wow.. make room for giant robots!
  2. drseito

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    Thank you! Among other things, Ylands is becoming a great platform for teaching kids how to script and create games. Keep up the good work.
  3. drseito

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Thanks. Looking forward to some official tutorials soon...
  4. drseito

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Given the importance of variables, can we get a quick primer on how to use them? For example, it is not clear how the variable scope (local vs global) works in a context of visual scripting. Can we only use global storage, or do we also have local variables?
  5. drseito

    Sneak Peek #53

    What happens when you try lower resolution like 1920×1080?
  6. drseito

    Sneak Peek #53

    I really want to invest more time into this game but I am concerned about Ylands stability and long term prospects. There seem to be too many little bugs that tarnish its image and keeping some of the people I know away from the game. For example, I was showing one of my friends a recently acquired underwater gear when I ran into a group of "sea" horses. As funny as it may look, my friend immediately assumed that along with "flying" sharks, this was typical of this game. I have come across a number of other issues (like one of my friends flying up to crow's nest and sinking our ship by moving around). Needless to say, that perception of instability has to change for this game to reach a critical mass.
  7. drseito

    Sneak Peek #53

    Building in Explore or Create modes really should be as easy as manipulating things in the Editor (except for the required materials). It would be ideal if a small Editor-like interface would be available with tools (which may have to be discovered/learned) to select, (re)position, place, rotate, duplicate, destroy, etc. blocks and objects.
  8. drseito

    Capture blueprints in creative mode

    Yes, but capturing blueprints in Explore mode is very painful still. The editor option would be a much better, direct way to create blueprints, especially since most blueprint-worthy designs are made using the Editor in the first place.
  9. drseito

    Weather-proof glass

    I just build this elaborate green house mostly out of glass and steel... and it rains inside. I had similar problem with boat shelters. What are the official rules for weather-proofing our structures? Is this a bug?
  10. drseito


    Can we get skis in this game? It would be fun to have downhill or cross-country races.
  11. drseito

    Dev Diary #40

    Thank you for the update and keep up the good work. Any idea when 0.10 will come out?
  12. drseito

    Crazy cool idea?

    I never played that game but I'm guessing there is a problem there. Care to elaborate?
  13. drseito

    Sneak Peek #52

    This might be lag related and especially when playing with other people. I've noticed that once the ship is moving, it is very easy to "fall off" when running or jumping around. Another thing that I find annoying is inability to see the map while behind the helm. I have to constantly switch back and forth between map and ship controls. PLEASE, allow us to toggle map in our possession with 'm' key at any time.
  14. drseito

    Crazy cool idea?

    This game does not have an "official" ending, but once your thirst for exploring local islands, creating and building things is quenched, it would be nice to have an option to visit other realms. I'm not sure about the moon, but "portals" to other servers would make this game feel truly unlimited.
  15. drseito

    Capture blueprints in creative mode

    Actually, what I would really like to see is an ability to directly convert Editor's composition into a blueprint.
  16. drseito

    Propeller Pack Looks

    I love the propeller pack, but I find it distracting when not in use and playing in 3rd person. So, I would like to suggest adding a folding animation for the propeller, i.e., when not in use, it could just fold in half and slide into the pack.
  17. drseito

    Moving NPCs via action?

    I love this game and I really want it to succeed but not allowing NPC free movement (between 2 points) is a serious limitation in my opinion. There are countless interactions that will not be possible because of that. Will this also be the case for non-friendly NPCs?
  18. drseito

    Fix the stairs

    I built a circular stairway which only allows one way movement. There seems to be plenty of head clearance on the way up. But coming down is impossible. Replacing stairs with half-blocks seems to solve the problem. Why is there a difference? Is this a bug?
  19. drseito

    Fix the stairs

    Can't do the screenshot right now, but essentially these are 4-block wide wood stairs with 6 blocks of clearance (which appears to be a minimum) from the level above. They drop off by one as you go down. I think the problem is when you transition from one step to next, your head hits the block in front of you at level 6 before your feet can drop one block down. On the way up you don't have that problem since your head collision check is first? Just guessing. In any case, it should be consistent, i.e., if you can't go down, you should not be able to go up either. So, here is an example. Character can pass through this opening from the ground, but not from the stone platform. This is definitely not what players would expect, imho.
  20. This is not consistent, but many times when I Edit my game and save it in editor, the changes are not reflected in the game. This is VERY frustrating.
  21. This is a great guide, except that "save your game" doesn't always work for me.
  22. drseito

    Whaling in the deep sea

    Setting the whaling issue aside, I do like the idea of a big "drop-off" around the edges of the world with deteriorating weather and sea monsters (including white whales) that can tear your ship apart. This would a whole lot better than a friendly message that you are moving away from existing land masses. Adding some ability to defend ourselves or to ward them off would make for an exciting game-play. Add a few sunken ships with treasure or deep underwater ruins and you will never again hear people complain about the "limits" of the map