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Every week we'll bring you an Ynterview with a member of our Ylands team. In this week's Ynterview we talk to the AI master Michael 'Khan' Řežábek @Khanecz. Also check out our 'bonus question' video on our Facebook page 😁

Ynterview Khan.png

First off, what do you do here at the Ylands team and what’d you do before you joined?
I‘m a designer, which means I‘m responsible for designing and maintaining new features. :)  Before I joined Ylands team, I worked as a QA, testing mostly DayZ and Arma 3.


How long have you worked on Ylands? What was the 1st thing you worked on when you joined?
I‘ve been working on Ylands for about 4,5 years now. I think one of the first things I‘ve done was adding new items to the game and coming up with new healing herbs. :)

Why are you called Khan?
It‘s an old nick from my Team Fortress 2 days. It used to be „Sandokan“, as the famous pirate warrior 😁. After a while, I just shortened it to „Khan“.


What do you find most exciting on Ylands in general?
I love the editor and the fact that with enough skill and imagination, you can make some mind-boggling stuff. @Spyler.X and @Igor Q. are my favourite creators.


And what is for you the most exciting feature coming in the near future?
I really like the implementation of the new camera angles. I look forward to seeing the games our community can create with them.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I‘m working on the new AI together with @Madamko (You‘ve seen a teaser for it in one of the previous Dev Diaries :) ) and also some Blueprint improvements with @Berzeger.


What was the most difficult thing to implement to date?
That would definitely be the new in-game and Main Menu UI . There are a lot of features in Ylands and it’s a challenge to fit every button and panel on one screen while making it look pretty, consistent and straightforward for the player.


What do you do in your free time?
Unsurprisingly, I love playing all kinds of games, tabletop games, board games, videogames… mostly RPGs 😊. I also love to read, watch movies, hiking in nature and hanging out with my wife.


Who would you vote for president and why? Batman, Rick (from Rick and Morty), Dr. Who or Spock?
Definitely Dr. Who. We would be safe from Dalek and Cybermen invasions forever!

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In my experience it's tabletop games more than board games, because you're more invested in it :D But in board games, I would say Monopoly

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