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Adam Snellgrove

(New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

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Q1: What exactly are rented dedicated servers? 


A: By renting a dedicated server you will get access to a powerful PC that will act as a server for hosting your game. Each dedicated server supports only a certain type of game. While elementary servers will run all Universal games (Mobile compatible and thus smaller) with up to 10 players, High-Performance servers will run absolutely anything (in Ylands that is 😁 ) including Exploration with up to 8 players. 


Q2: How many ways are there now in Ylands to host a multiplayer game? 


A: There are three ways now how to play in multiplayer with your friends. First is regular multiplayer - you host a game on your PC and make it available to others, who connect to your machine. It doesn't cost anything, although the disadvantage is that when the host is not available, others can never play without them. Second option in Ylands are Sharegames. It works in a similar principle as regular multiplayer, although when the player who is currently hosting disconnects, the last save file gets uploaded to the cloud. Other players can download it from there, host the game on their machine and continue playing without the original host being present. This is a paid service, although there is also a free tier for everyone to try out. Third and last option are now dedicated servers, where the game isn't hosted on any players' computer, but on a rented machine elsewhere. 


Q3: Could you please explain the exact difference between Sharegames and rented dedicated servers? 


A: In Sharegames players are renting only the cloud storage space, where the save file gets uploaded when the gameplay session ends. The storage is always available to all participants of the game, so at any point, any of those players can download it, host the game, and continue playing. The disadvantage is that one of the players must always host the game on their machine. With dedicated servers you are not renting just storage space, but also computing power, because the hosting of the game runs on a rented PC elsewhere. 


Q4: Where exactly are the dedicated servers located? 


A: Servers available for renting are in data centers all around the world, and the closest to the player's location gets always selected when they are renting it. 


Q5: Where do I find the rented server section in Ylands game? 


A: It is located in the Account section of the Main menu, in a tab called My Servers. 


Q6: How do I rent a dedicated server? 


A: In My Servers tab, click the Rent a server button on the bottom of the screen. It will take you to a screen with available subscriptions in the in-game store. You can choose the one that suits you best and click the Purchase button. Purchasing a server will create a slot in your list of rented servers. Please note that not every server can support every kind of game. While Elementary servers can only play Universal games (mobile compatible and thus smaller), High-Performance servers can run any type of game, even Exploration. 


Q7: How many rented dedicated servers can I have at once? 


A: The amount is currently not limited, any player can rent any number of dedicated server slots. 



Q8: How do I place a game into my dedicated server slot? 


A: Once you rent a dedicated server, an empty server slot will be created in your rented servers list. If that slot is clicked, the Add game button appears on the bottom of the screen. The button will take you to a screen with available save files to upload to the dedicated server. 



Q9: I have uploaded a save file into my server slot but it appears to be inactive. How do I make it run? 


A: If the server slot with inactive games is clicked, a checkbox will appear controlling the status of the server and the game on it. If that checkbox is checked, the uploaded game starts to run on the dedicated server, and people might start connecting to it. Every running game can be also stopped at any time using again the checkbox, which disconnects all players that are currently playing it and makes the game unavailable. When the game is shut down, it remains in the server slot and can be started again at any point. 



Q10: My game is running in a server slot, how do I jump in? 


A: If you select a server slot with an active game in it, a Join button will appear on the bottom of the screen. If you click it, it will take you directly into the game that runs in the selected server slot. 



Q11: How do my friends find the game I'm running on my dedicated server? 


A: If the game is set as Visible, they will see it in a MP lobby, and can connect to it through there. If the game is password protected, they will also need to know the password.


Q12: If I want to put another game into my dedicated server slot, do I need to delete the current one? 


A: When the server slot with inactive games is clicked, there is an option to Remove the game. If the garbage can button is selected, you will be asked if you would like to store the current game locally to your machine before deleting it from the server slot. In case you choose to store it, a regular save file will be created from the current game, which can be at any moment uploaded again to an empty server slot to continue playing it. In case you choose not to store it, it will be permanently deleted. 



Q13: How does the Extend subscription button work? 


A: The length of the subscription for any dedicated server slot can be extended. This button offers a quick and easy way to keep the current slot running without the need to remove a game from it when it expires and uploading it to another slot. Although if the original slot was rented for example for 3 months, it can be only extended by the same time period for the same original price. If you would like to extend the subscription for a server slot and rent it for a different time period, you will need to rent another slot (before or after the original one expires). 



Q14: How do I know if my game has a password? 


A: If you added a password to your game earlier, the password field in the Game management window will contain some amount of stars, showing that the game is password protected. You can remove that protection or replace it with a new password at any time. 



Q15: Why is there a slider for the player limit when each dedicated server is rented for certain amount of players? 


A: There might be some games that are suitable for less players than what your supported player count for the selected dedicated server slot is, so you might want to temporarily lower it. 



Q16: What exactly do the Visible and Locked checkboxes do in the Game management window? 


A: If a game in a server slot is set as Visible, any player can see it in a MP lobby. The game can still be protected by password, so accessing it can be restricted no matter the visibility. If the game is set not to be Visible, players knowing the Direct join code can still connect to it. When the game is Locked, no one else can connect, although people who are already in remain in-game. 



Q17: What does the Wipe button do? 


A: Wipe will take your save file, delete all progress and player modifications that were done to the world, and generate everything the same way as it was before anyone started playing there. Be warned that this is irreversible, so wipe your game only when you are really sure you are done with this game and want to start playing again on the same yland. Also please note, that wipe can only be commenced if no player is currently playing the game and when it is shut down. 



Q18: What is the Command line and Console in Game management window for? 


A: Through the Command line you can send usual commands into the game as if you were just playing it. This gives you the option to control the game from the outside. Please note that if current players are using the console in game, you won't see their messages here when you are outside. 



Q19: What do the Kick and Kick all players buttons do exactly? 


A: Kick will remove the selected player from the game. It does not revoke their rights to join the game again, although if the game is for example locked, that player won't be able to get back until the game is unlocked again. Kick all serves the same function, only it will remove all current players from the server. 



Q20: What if I use Ban on one of the players? 


A: Banned players cannot enter your game. Banned players also remain in a list of players for you to be able to unban them if that is desired at some point. Please note that the list of banned players is connected to a certain game, not a dedicated server slot. If you remove the game from your server slot and upload it there again, the ban list will reset and will be empty. It is recommended to protect your game also with password. 



Q21: What does the Promote button do? 


A: If the owner of a dedicated server slot desires, they can give rights to other players to use commands in console while being in-game by promoting them. Promoted players can also be demoted to regular status at any point. 

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I'm pretty sure my server was paid through April 19.  I don't seem to have it anymore.  bbcakes is the name in the game


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