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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #190 Creators Competition - Season 2

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

It's finally here! It's happening! Are you excited? Season 2 of the Creators Competition is finally about to start! 

We know you've been waiting for this and we are bringing you all the info you need regarding the second installment in the Creators Competition series. 

This time, the competition will be asking you to create Mystery Ylands. Let your creativity on the loose and hit us with a Mystery Yland we've not seen before and we'll reward you for it. So let's get to all the information! 


What do you need to do? 

Create an original Mystery Yland! 

When does the competition start and end? 

We're kicking off on September 1, when all the rules and information will become available. The competition will run for about 2 months, with the submission period ending after 6 weeks on October 17. The submission period will be followed by other activities such as social media competition.

What can you win? 

$$$ prizes! We have over 7.000 USD worth of cash prizes! But apart from that, every Mystery Yland that will meet the quality standards, which will be published at the beginning of the competition, will get to become an actual Mystery Yland in Exploration! 
1st place - 3.000 USD
2nd place - 2.000 USD 
3rd place - 1.000 USD 
4th place - 700 USD 
5th place - 500 USD

Who will be judging the creations? 

A panel of developers. We will have representatives from several different parts of the dev team.

What are the judging criteria? 

We will specify the criteria in the rules which are going to be published on September 1st. But most importantly we will be looking for creativity and originality. 

YLANDS-Competition 2021_ylands-header - 1920x887.jpg

Let us know what your questions are in the comments and we will make sure to answer them when the competition kicks off next week!

Well, that's that for this week, Ylanders. We sincerely hope you are as excited about this as we are, because every day, we see your wonderful creations and we just cannot wait to see what you'll be able to create this time around. 

Stay classy and stay creative, Ylanders! 

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I’ve never really taken part in any Ylands competitions (typically because of juggling deadlines and kids!)


But, I may just about have some free time to participate! ?

Now that the competition has been announced, are we able to produce some assets for our entries now? I’d like to start work immediately!

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