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    Interview Ynterview #7 - Tomáš

    Q1: Probably bacon burger, but from the more exotic ones, I was surprised how good was burger with plum sauce Q2: I don't have answer to that, I always take fries and the restaurant either makes good ones or not I've tried like 20 places in Prague so far and really liked 4 of them. What is your favourite burger?
  2. Hi, the stonemason stand, woodworking bench and glass forming stand were indeed disabled, which means they might still be present in older savegames, but anyone who starts new game from now on won't have them available. Lot of same things in the techtree were crafted differently so we wanted to adjust that and after reaching blacksmith station, new recipes were unlocking more randomly without creating some bigger groups. Now the techtree should be much more structured into logical groups creating few eras, while there is always some kind of threshold technology that player needs to master in order to progress further. We will definitely work in the future to explain those informations to players in better way than it is done right now. You may also notice that kiln now works differently (before it was used only to craft charcoal), and we've introduced some new workstations like chemistry station, locksmith table and ylandium refinery. We hope those changes will make the crafting more understandable, at least after the period of getting used to them ;-)
  3. Tomas Palat

    Crafting principle

    Hello, thank you for your suggestion, the crafting definitely needs a lot of work. Unlocking the recipes is a big part of the game as we want players to explore and experiment. Applying your suggestion would mean, that all recipes for items are unlocked from the beginning and right now we don't wish that. To unlock new item doesn't actually need you to have all the ingredients in the inventory, it's enough if you had each of them in the inventory some time before, even at different moments.