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  1. Quimerse

    Sneak Peek #44

    Great concept! I was hoping for a currency ingame, and themed vendors such as lumberjack or smiths instead of random commodity random appearance folks. It gives more to immersion I have a few question regarding the NPCs. Are the NPC vendors infinite source of materials/stuff as long as you have the gold for it, or they have a fixed amount of stuff( such as a vendor have 5 potion, after you buy them, they don't sell it for a time/any more)? Do they have infinite gold to pay you if you want to sell things to them or do they have a predefined budget? And will they have buyback option, or they remove the item once you sold it to them? By the way, i love your work, the game is awesome, keep up the good work Feedback: Could it be possible to have different prices based on geological position of vendors? Such as buying a ton of cloths in east to sell it in north to make profit by being a merchant wandering the map, working with the price margins? I mean, if the different prices spawn next to each other, it could end up causing an exploit (if its infinite resource/money vendor system which i asked about), but if they are separated with great distance, it could make some trade lines/merchant convoys possible (and targets for pirating in a known trading line :D) *EDIT* Oh. And will vendors respawn if they are killed, or are they invincible?
  2. Quimerse

    Dev Diary #23

    Congratulation for your Steam introduction! This game became my favorite in no time, its really atmospheric, polished, and fun to play Can't wait to see your accomplishments in the future too Keep up the good work! [SUGGESTION] It would be cool, if you could add some auto-whitelisting method for singleplayer saves. To check if the game was externally modified, or added anything with creator cube, spawned objects, duped items, edited the file outside of the game, etc. If that could be possible, joining from private "original world", which is safe and "invite only" based, to multiplayer official provider hosted public "new world" could be a really nice stuff. It would easen up whitelisting players from mismatching/suspicious assets from singleplayer game, if someone decide to host a "new world" server.
  3. @Jacob Ellinger I could, but it makes ship even more costier and time consuming to build. I mean, building a ship for days with plating, just to have a 5-10 minute fight where i have 50% chance to lose it, makes it kind of overpriced. Maybe there could be some prefabs, like the ship hull front, and back for plating.
  4. It's about you can sink a ship with two cannon shots in multiplayer, from miles away. Which takes like 3 second. Naval combat is way too fast and limited to sniping with a cannon from distance, to two shot anybody. It wastes a lot of fun opportunity for boarding, sniping down cannons for disarming, etc. Approaching somebody with that intentions, would just end up sinking yourself due to dieing in two shots.
  5. Ship hulls are pretty weak, i know, they are "relatively cheap" to build, but they can have pretty high amount of built stuff and cargo on them. The cannons do really high amount of damage on single blocks, but it lacks any kind of aoe, which should be tweaked a bit. A 1x1x1 plank block wall is more durable, than a wooden beam wall, even if the beams are actually more costy to build, and they are the same materials, etc. It needs 2 cannon shots to sink a ship, which is pretty fast, if you spot a ship on the horizon, you sink it as fast, that you can't even get close to each other. The seawaves also don't affect the aiming that much that it would make it risky to shoot from far away risking the extra wasted ammo. This removes any kind of tactics in naval combat, there are no boarding, no way to kill a crew, then overtake their ship, etc. You can't even siege a port properly, since ships are easily sniped down from a cannon tower before they can do anything. It would be more fun to have a high health ship body, and involve some kind of "skillplay"... aiming for cannons in closer range, to reduce its dps, or aim onboard crew to prepare an overtake, destroy masts to hinder movement, etc. Widening the time window by raising ship hull hp, would open up opportunity to have some "tactics" in the combat, rather than two shot sniping. Also, if i remember correctly, you can't destroy a ship's mast. Hindering the enemies movement for boarding would be a fun addition.
  6. Quimerse

    Airship parts

    I think planes would be more suitable. Take the car parts, and give it a propeller and wing , world war one style. A suicide flying ship with explosive barrels in it crashlanding in everything, would be too op.
  7. Quimerse

    Entity Disposal

    Well, dropped stuff, and free placed stuff are different, and removing dropped ones sounds nice, as long as it doesn't affect placed decoration stuffs. In the "long run", i think a decay/renew system will be necessary. Claim blocks, and nature reverting to original state after a long time (caves, wildlife, terraforming, POIs). Sorry if its a bit off-topic, but reseting non-claimed areas would remove dropped objects too in that area i guess. By the way, i understand the pain, my forests are full with floating logs since i don't like the propeller in my pirate roleplay
  8. @Jacob Ellinger Link it here, so i can thumb up that too Let's grow some attention on this
  9. Quimerse

    Hang boat from ship?

    @Patrick Van de Putte I see some boarding pvp action possibilities through this (grapple ships to each other) I like that.
  10. Quimerse

    Set Respawn Point On Bed

    @vforventura Yeah. I kind of thought about respawning cave dwellers/mobs, so you could harvest some ylandium dust with combat from time to time. Respawning on hostile mobs supposed to be in the game if consistent multiplayer game servers are in mind, and POI resets, or the world empty out in no time. Also, if NPCs come, such as traders, there could be some conversion from renewable resources->gold coins, gold coins->ylandium dust. If it won't be in game, once the editor allows it and i gather some experience in editing, i will make it possible and share it on workshop. *EDIT* I agree on the idea of respawns would take some preparation to do. The prefabs are nice idea, i also played don't starve, but in a multiplayer scenario, those prefabs would be used up in no time. My Cloning Tube suggestion wouldn't break the hardcoreness, or the "you can lose everything if you play bad" approach in multiplayer, since if you upload a cloning chamber with 7 respawn worth of ylandium, and it get destroyed, and looted, you lose more, than if you don't invest that much on one ship, thus there will be still situations when giving up a ship would be a better decision, than having 10-20 respawn ticket worth of stuff on it. I'm pretty sure there will be carrier ships just for wandering respawn spots for "clans", but those ship would be loot pinatas, so building one would end up taking a huge toll on its sinking, which maintains the balance. The Ylandium would be lootable until it's not consumed, so you can have some loot from respawn bounded ships if you mess it up before the ylandium is used up (encourage boarding/ sneaking on board).
  11. Quimerse

    Set Respawn Point On Bed

    They wrote that, it would take away the difficulty on game, and I agree. I only can accept reboundable revive if it has some kind of extremely high cost on it (not cooldown). For example, a high tech Ylandium Cloning Tube, which require an amount of Ylandium to be in it, to allow revival on it. Other than that, if they make you able to claim an island (1 owner, or one guild) rebinding respawn on your own island to a bed(not on vehicle) sounds reasonable. Reason: Bed respawn would make pvp raiding easy. Imagine a base, that has booby traps in it, it's useless if players can respawn 10 times to die in every trap once, and learn all its secrets in no time. Or a naval combat, where killing off the crew to plunder their ship is impossible due to their non-stop respawning. However, if the cost is overwhelmingly high, you are still able to have some "spare" life on your ship to respawn, but you can't zerg a base down brainlessly. Imagine it something like "If you keep flooding a base with naked respawns, you burn up more resources than you can acquire even from the richest place" kind of approach. That's ok to me. But free bed spawnpoint is not. Dieing should be costy. And under no circumstances would it be good if someone can profit from it in this game.
  12. I understand that endless worlds are hard to implement due to technical difficulties, but even if you have accomplish it, there will be some problem: Player cap is limited to a world, so having an infinitely large world with few players would end up in "empty worlds". Connecting every player to a massive permanent world, or 60-80 player servers would mean Ark-like alpha dominance over everybody, which could ruin gameplay for casual players. I have an a suggestion for that: Devil's Triangle: My suggestion is to contain an area in each world, which is a Devil's Triangle like, stormy area with hazards. If you reach its end, then you can trigger a world load, unloading previous map, and load a new one. The triangle can either be a sublevel in the current level, allowing the engine to unload previous scene, or it can be a loading screen. It also doesn't need to be random generated, so it fits every world (its stormy, so entering the water would mean death of character -> seafloor can be sampled, vision is blurried due to storm, so vision range is small which helps unloading go unnoticed), it's uniqueness is the big tides, and the "try to stay on the deck during the storm and keep your ship in one piece" feeling. World Compass: Since every world has its own topology, maps of the previous level would not be updated, or redrawn (since the worlds are not connected to a massive world).It doesn't even shows its old world content. However, it has an another new function in the new world. The world compass is an asset on the ship, like the anchor, helm or mast. It's a container, having only one slot. If you put a map in it, then enter the triangle, you end up in the world which the old map was made in. If you leave it empty, it creates a new world(which you can do infinitely so endless world is a thing there). This also means however, that if you lose your map, you lose your way back to the original world with that ship, adding some hardcore feeling to the game. The next part is purely about the possibilities of this, not the suggestion itself. If you somehow can create an anticheat method to the game, to check non-survival made blocks, or external modification of the game (like adding things with admin commands), it could be used for public servers too for clear survival players only. You plan on adding npcs, there could be traders selling maps to official public servers. Such as semi-persistent player hubs, or a timed rocky cliff sea area, where naval pvp can happen for burried treasures. These official servers would not focus mainly on housing players in long term, rather on having pregenerated assets to fight for control over it, or having a peaceful area for trading, and when its decayed it resets(reloads first version of it). For example, an island with a pregenerated marketplace over a huge copper mine can mean, it can be a "center" of copper trade between players. Players can fight over the marketplace to become its governor, and make the npcs there allied with them, earning a part of the money from trades there, but also forced to maintain it well (clear junks, keep pvp at a reasonable level, etc). Since they are temporary servers, they are more of a sight to travel to from time to time, do trading etc, not a permanent home. The home of players would be the unmodified singleplayer/local hosted saves of players. When you join a server, the game can delete your ship from your save file (your ship leaves the map), and when you arrive back with your old map, the server send the updated data back. If you disconnect, or leave things there, you don't regain the ship (that's why there should be official servers or partnered providers, to avoid server side disconnect ship loses).
  13. Quimerse

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    I like how buildings are hard to be removed by hand. Use cannons, or explosives, or edit your save in editor. If you want to demolish a built house in real life, that also takes effort, even if it's yours.
  14. In several occasion, the editor doesn't let me choose labeled enemies. For example: Interact with entity- labeled entity Labeled entity count changed Actions: Preform action with entity - Labeled entity Change Entity Labels I thought it's not implemented yet, but i'm able to set it once on fresh editor scenarios, then the side bar where i could select labels doesn't appear.