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    Digging into/out of the water

    This is similar to Minecraft, where water would act like this if it didn't have a floor to "flow" onto. If you want more fluidity, ask them to add a much more complex fluid model, though don't be surprised if the game performance takes a decent hit. I think this is pretty cool, IMHO.
  2. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    So breeding is done by simply having two or more of the same type mob close to one another? If that's the case, then I'll have to start experimenting.
  3. Ethan Gordon Wilson


    Here's to hoping. ;2)
  4. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    Request: Consider revamping ore generation algorithms to allow the following: 1) Generation of ores in and around cave systems. and less occurrence of surface ores (approx 20-40% less than currently observed). Encourages more cave exploration - more risk/reward Smaller surface veins of ores - larger veins underground! Small samples of ores on ground (more than just flint - allow for occasional iron/copper/gold ores - perhaps near (above) seams generated underneath the surface to hint miners where to mine). 2) More concentrations of minerals in certain areas: flint near hills/mountains clay near water gold/copper/iron underground and around/in mountains and hills shape deposits in characteristic ways to be unique to each mineral/ore (coal in horizontal seams, gold in vertical, flint in round patches, etc.) 3) More Ylandium deposits! I've yet to find one crystal in two maps! need more mutated creatures or more dust drops from each one slain. crystals need to spawn at higher levels than currently seen (by others - not me). higher dust yields from processing crystals. 4) World Generation Options: Allow for specific concentrations of Iron/Copper/Quartz/Ylandium at world creation.
  5. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    OR nutrition... I remember a mod in Minecraft that forced you to have to eat different foods or you couldn't fill your hunger bar. "Spice of Life" I think the mod was called. It was the most realistic eating mod simulation in any game I've seen to date. With all the different foods in Ylands, there's got to be some incentive to make different foods. Also about cultivating more than just veggies and plants there needs to be more content... like raising animals for their meat and leather. (This will be in another thread or I'll add a link to an existing thread about this here).
  6. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    Oh ok. Meh.
  7. (Please hit the Up-vote arrow at top left if you agree, to get the 'dev's attention on this issue!) Unless I'm missing some item that already does this, please consider allowing the automatic "growth" of greenery "grass" to cover up recently placed dirt in areas where landscaping was performed. This should help eliminate those garish brown lumps that show up as you terraform your land around your base. Thanks!
  8. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Grow "Grass" to eliminate dirt "spots" on map - Beautification!

    The problem with the shovel is that there's a limit to how much flattening can be done with the tool - areas that are too high or low from the leveling plane - which force you to use other tools to flatten the area, which in turn exposes dirt or forces you to place dirt, leaving the dirt color. In my OP picture, notice the brown area to the lower left; that's where I had to add dirt to raise the ground level to meet the rest of my foundation area.
  9. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Grow "Grass" to eliminate dirt "spots" on map - Beautification!

    The biggest issue I have with this is in applications of landscaping. Making strip mines and clearing areas for placing a foundation isn't the issue as I'm usually not making living space in that area or am planning to cover it up anyways
  10. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    What sorcery is this?? Crafting potions affect planting? I must see this!
  11. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    First spawn should be a random yland

    Interesting. I wonder if the editor can assign spawn points to each player that logs in?
  12. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    I like the idea of random (broken) ylandium items lying around to recycle!
  13. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    KNOWN ISSUE Land Shark Oh My...

    You think that's bad, then you should watch Keralis' playthorugh on YT. He had it real bad. ;2)
  14. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    [Suggestion] Build inside the ships (make ships hollow)

    Strange, I knew I posted in here this morning, but it dropped. I'll post it again: I've learned to free-place chests and cabinets into the deck of the shop hull, leaving just the top of it visible, allowing access to storage, but not taking up any precious living space on the topside. I'll post a picture of it when I get back home later.
  15. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    First spawn should be a random yland

    So each player has their own designated spawn location? That is nice! My only concerns are these: 1) Some players will have better spawns depending on the biome they spawn into. 2) This shouldn't be a default, but an option at world creation time.
  16. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    Yes, balance is key, though where is there balance in a map where there's one player, versus a map that hosts over a dozen, and Ylandium is scarce all around? Veins seem large, if you're playing SP, but in an MP environment that vein may barely support the demand of the player population. Some maps seem to generate a lot of Ylandium (one writer mentioned having plenty of Ylandium ore to spare after making all the ylandium items) where another mentioned a whole map and only 12 or so dust in total. Cavern generation could be worked on some, I think, though I've only played in 3 different maps to-date, so haven't seen the min/max of cavern depths just yet. I observed one massive cavern system with a few Ylandium crystals, but still a lot more depth available below that cavern system for more caves could have been generated (I used the face-in-wall-McCheaty-vision to glean this). Perhaps there could be an Ore Generation section inside the world generation options at the start of a new map. Allowing the player to select the ore concentrations for each ore, or at least one slider for overall ore richness across the whole map. Thanks for sharing. ;2)
  17. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Need help with the lights

    You could use glowing mushrooms for bias lighting, tracing the walkways. You may even be able to place them underneath the piers, for lighting the water. Give it a try.
  18. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    First spawn should be a random yland

    Can you elaborate? I don't understand.
  19. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    KNOWN ISSUE Raining bug

    I've seen it rain/snow inside of deep caverns, and snow accumulate underground in passages I just dug out. I think the weather mechanic is still being roughed out, and weather effects still persist indoors and in caves to an extent. I can't prove for sure if all temperature effects from storms and weather events are mitigated by entering caves or covered dwellings, but beds are affected unless they are covered by a roof and at least 2 walls adjacent.
  20. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Looking all the ways down

    I think rendering in your character in first person would also help in knowing where you're pointing, and as a sense of scale.
  21. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    [Suggestion] Build inside the ships (make ships hollow)

    In case those reading this thread isn't aware, there is a simple technique that I discovered that will allow you to utilize that "blank" space inside the ship hull. By using free placement mode, you can have items clipped inside the hull, and as long as you can still see part of the item outside you can still access it. As you see here, I used the trick to create a sort of "Hold" in my ship by inserting several chests and cabinets into the hull and leaving the tops visible for access. (the chests on the masts were placed before I discovered the trick):
  22. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    using the map

  23. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Dried grass -> hay?

    I was in the same boat one time in the past, so I completely understand. I would suggest this to try: Fire up one of your smelters, stove, or kiln. Place a stack of grass close to it. Wait 20 seconds. Let me know how that works out. :2)
  24. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion - Crouching and maybe even prone

    Must. Crouch. Must. Lie. No, that was the truth! ;2)
  25. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Ship glitches out while building

    Likely a collision/clipping issue between the ship and another object. Might be mitigated if "mass" was added to the objects, and a physics model was applied when they collide. This may help make seagulls less likely to flip large ships as they fly through them. ;2)