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  1. Neoma

    Can we play Ylands steam edition offline!

    so, you're saying that on steam.. the game is limited? how limited is limited?
  2. that's a nice idea. Maybe I should try it once I finished mine
  3. Neoma

    Gaming YLANDS on NVidia 9800 GT

    Looking at the DxDiag, he has DirectX 11 installed.
  4. Neoma

    Exploration Mode Question

    in my game, I have yet to see a desert/arid biome and I already discovered seven islands. Four of them are temperate (including my starting island). 2 arctic and 1 tropical.
  5. Before the barrier was added. I used a war hammer. It took around 20?? (or so) hits before it turned into gravel.
  6. Neoma

    Is the blacksmith forge breakable?

    I used a war hammer and took me about 10 to 11 hits to break the blacksmith be careful tho, when I did it there was a graphic bug. It's supposed to be gone but the blacksmith was still there. My OC-ness was killing me...so I ended up using the editor.
  7. Neoma

    "Energy helmet"

    Does the helmet emit light when wearing it? I'm pretty fond of the mining helmet. I think holding the energy linker to make the energy lines visible is good enough for me.
  8. Neoma

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    fish for me. Since, I'm always on my ship
  9. Here's a video of me playing my character. My large ship suddenly gets stuck for no reason after sleeping overnight near one of the islands I was exploring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Aj4Bruw4w 0:18 - shows that there's nothing blocking the ship. 0:30 - tried to set sail but animation shows as if it run aground. The rest of the recording shows the map of the islands I've explored with the same ship. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. I don't know how to do that, but I already managed to wriggle my ship out of the invisible blockage like a tight car park.
  11. if you remove the map from the hotbar, it wont update. Also, you have to have a writing tool in your inventory.
  12. Survival Mode. I crafted the Propeller pack immediately once I got all the materials I needed.
  13. I checked if there were birds. There were no birds. I even stuck my face onto the boat in first person view to see if there are. There was none.
  14. I wouldn't be reporting this if I haven't tried everything I know. I tried releasing the anchor on and off again; I tried closing the game (which usually works when there's a bug); I tried digging the sand under the ship even if it's not hitting it. There wasn't any bird in the ship. Not that I can see anyway. I tried tipping and moving the ship via first person view... nothing. I recorded this when I'm all out of options. --- So I tried, wriggling my ship back and forth and got myself free. It's as if there was land that I was bumping onto.
  15. Neoma

    My first house

    That's really nice
  16. After the update, I placed the Protective Barrier to a new location where I was setting up my home. https://imgur.com/kqMbCMG I decided to remove my old stuff from the tower that turned into a temporary base. The I've destroyed the smelter but the blacksmith is still there but can no longer be used when I do a 'right click' on it. https://imgur.com/Ow5Y2PI I tried logging in and out a couple of times to see if it goes away, but it doesn't. Here are the out_log: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt P.S. earlier in this game, I was building my large ship when the last piece of the wooden panel wouldn't stick on the ship. There was no warning or anything, it just doesn't want to place. I logged in and out to see if that works but didn't. I just dismantled the panel instead and made a new one.
  17. I also have the same problem. Attaching the files requested to help out. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt