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  1. Seathre

    Dev Diary #31

    Good decision, thanks for your hard work!
  2. Definitely a useful feature for server administrators. If this isn't added to the game, I'm sure someone will make a mod with something like this once modding support is available.
  3. Some good suggestions here, got my vote.
  4. Seathre

    Ylands Dedicated server software Steam

    The dedicated server software is still very much in early development. If you're interested in testing it out and providing feedback, send a private message to @Ane asking for access to the Dedicated Server Beta Feedback sub-forum, then she'll get you setup. Everything you need to setup your dedicated server is in that sub-forum, and it is also the proper place to provide feedback and ask for help regarding the dedicated server software.
  5. Seathre

    [Forum] File Uploading Broken

    It appears to be resolved, as demonstrated by this post.
  6. Seathre

    Forum activity stream drop down box inaccessible

    I was able to confirm this. It seems to only be an issue in Chrome.
  7. Seathre

    Whaling in the deep sea

    While I understand your point of view, and certainly agree that, in real life, we as human beings need to treat our environment way better than, I think your reply is a bit of an overreaction. I certainly would prefer not to kill whales, and would suggest that they not be required for progression within the game. I think it would only benefit the game, however, to add more life to the sea, whether that be whales, fish, or other sea creatures. @GrandPunkRailroad's suggestion on how whales would be handled may have been a bit overboard (excuse the pun), but I do at least think the concept of adding more more life to the sea would benefit the game.
  8. Seathre

    PC mode needed

    Did you make this thread as a serious suggestion, or just from frustration over some of the responses from the thread you've linked to? I think there is certainly room for discussion on a mode or setting that makes the game more kid friendly, and by all means, let it be discussed if there is an interest in it. If, however, you just made this thread to be divisive and cause tension within the Ylands community, I suggest you revisit the Community Guidelines. While I understand your point of view on the matter, I find your method of expression to be in poor taste. Please keep discussion civil and constructive.
  9. Seathre

    Request: Server Passwords being hidden

    Not a bad suggestion at all. Highly recommend using the correct upvote feature so this suggestion gets more attention.
  10. Seathre

    Forum activity stream drop down box inaccessible

    Hopefully someone with access to the forum's admin panel and knowledge of CSS sees this and implements the fix.
  11. Seathre

    What was your first videogame?

    That good 'ol Donkey Kong 64 on the N64. Good times...
  12. Attaching files, uploading Profile Photos, and probably other methods of uploading files, seem to be broken at the moment. When uploading a Profile Photo, I do see where it mentions the file size limit being 5kb, but the upload fails when using a PNG file that is 1.27kb in size. When trying to attach files to a post, it tries to work, but ends up failing, only showing a white box in the attachments section. If anyone else has noticed this issue, please upvote and reply to this topic.
  13. Seathre

    Sneak Peek #44

    That's definitely a step in the right direction. Personally, I can't wait for mod support. Mods for administration and grief prevention were essential to me in administrating a Minecraft server, and I have a feeling the same may be true with Ylands.
  14. Seathre

    Ylands.com not reachable

    Seems like someone broke something. We'll have to wait for the appropriate individual to wake up and fix it. lol And to be precise, it's ylands.com/community, the index of the forum, that is broken.
  15. Seathre

    Server Wipes

    Are you referring to the issue you've posted about previously? I'm not familiar with how popular these servers tagged "official" are, or how they are being operated, but my best guess is that they are using the latest release of the dedicated server software, which is still under development. From my observations, public servers with a handful of players connecting each day tend to have issues with save files being corrupted, or other problems which lead to crashes. This is to be expected at this stage in the software's development, as optimization and polishing is usually the last stage before release of any software, games included. Being that Ylands is still a game in development, our job as players is to provide as much constructive feedback as possible in order to help the developers improve the quality of the game. Some good news, however, is that the Ylands Team has been rolling out more updates to the server software in the past week, so we may see some improvements in stability. If you do continue to notice issues with save corruption, or anything else for that matter, please share constructive feedback about it here on the forum. By contributing in this fashion, we'll help make Ylands the best it can possibly be.