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Found 5 results

  1. As the title says, some workstations built on ship would rotate itself upon "feed" and "ignite" actions. Attaching screenshots just in case. How to replicate: Build a ship Install a workstation that has "Feed" and "Ignite" functions, i.e., stove, blacksmith station, kiln, and a few others. Feed or ignite it (either by hand or button) and the workstation will rotate right away. Thank you for your time, have a good day.
  2. Can a filter be added to the game for Workstations/Crafting tables/Smelter/etc. for the "Crafting" menu? So when we want a specific table sometimes one may forget the name of that specific table or don't know if it he/she can build it yet, so maybe adding that could help on the quick search of it.
  3. When crafting the inventory item shown for the work station is a random item and not the work station item so when looking for the workstation to construct it is difficult to find by image/icon Build (countless colors)
  4. Love the game so far, even despite the MP bugs. (Let's face it. Those are the worst one's.) Now, on with the show. My suggestion is a Cartographer's Desk. It should serve a number of functions, separated by tabs of course. First function: Map Marking. I've seen this suggestion in another topic, and while it's a great idea. I think it should be limited to a workstation. Of course, you'd need to have an unbroken writing tool in your inventory to mark key points on a map. Or erase them. This should also allow for a much greater zoom out functionality. Second function: Map Copying. This would be a boon, especially on MP with the current map-wiping bug. Or even later, when said bug is fixed, it'll allow for co-op/teamed players to explore independent of each other and then combine maps. (My thoughts on the map wiping bug are that, at least in peer-hosted gameplay, the only map saved is the one(or ones, mayhaps) used by the host player.) Third/Fourth function: Creation of a Wall Map. This one may be a bit trickier, given the need for a current map. But never-the-less, I could see this one creating a nice, and semi-functional, wall decoration. First, you'd need four pieces of paper or leather to craft the Wall Map. Then you can take it and your regular map and copy a segment over to it, with the ability to zoom out far enough to (hopefully) capture other Ylands. Of course, the Wall Map should be placeable like paintings or carpets. The block dimensions of it, I would say, should be no greater than 6x6, but no less than 4x4. Given how easy writing tools and paper are to craft, this could also allow, with maybe a bit of pixel perfection, to create large map-murals. (Kinda like in Minecraft, where you could set maps up in the right spots to map out a large-scale area and place them on your wall with item frames.)
  5. I can no longer access chests or workstations. The chest animation works but the interface doesn't appear. I can view my personal inventory although it is buggy and doesn't show item amounts correctly. This started when I died and went to make a new character. This was my first time dying if that matters. After selecting character appearance the game started to load in the world. During loading the game froze at 56%. After about half an hour, I force closed the program. When I loaded the game later, the new character was at the spawn point and the world looked like I expected it to. This is when I noticed that no structure interfaces were working. I built a wicker basket to make sure it belonged to my new character and I couldn't open this either. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt