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Nikki Severin

1.9 OCEAN ODYSSEYS - Changelog

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What's new:

  • Sharks. Better stay in your boat!
  • Underwater biotopes full of life and surprises
  • Ships can take damage and even sink
  • Useful new ship devices
  • Friends' location is displayed on the map



YES! Sharks are back and they’re more dangerous than ever - though you still have a chance to escape them. There are multiple underwater predators, waiting to pounce on unprepared explorers.


Underwater biotopes

Craft diving gear and explore underwater life. You can visit 9 new biotope types, gather new resources, discover new random encounters, and admire and catch fish from fish shoals.


Fish shoals

There are 18 kinds of fish shoals for you to admire during the long deep dive. You can even catch fish to get food or rare resources.


Underwater environment lighting

Small change for sure, but a welcome one. It makes sense that you want to see where you’re swimming, right? 


Oxygen management

Take a deep breath for your underwater adventure. New diving gear will come in handy at this point, as it lets you dive deeper and swim faster. 


Underwater cave generation

This is just the beginning of a largescale underwater adventure. While you may only find small caves at the moment, the foundation for cave generation is now in place and will be expanded upon considerably in the future.


Ship devices 

When you want to experience a proper ocean odyssey, you definitely need as much information about your surroundings as possible. So let's build new equipment for your ship that warns you before you run out of fuel, tells you how fast your ship is sailing, enables you to find deep waters with random encounters more easily, and lets you know the status of your ship’s health.


Damageable ships and boats

Now there’s another reason for you to build cannons on your ships because it’s possible to attack players with your ship on certain ylands. But be careful what you wish for because what goes around, comes around – meaning those ships can fire back at you! Keep an eye on your ship’s health, and keep the Repair hammer and resources close because you’re going to need them. Not only in case of naval battles, but ships can take damage in a collision with obstacles and even in severe weather, better put down the anchor wen the large waves comes.



Let's play pirates! You’ll now find a new PvP setting in your server settings that lets you decide whether you want other players to be able to attack your properties from the sea or even engage in naval battles.


Playing with friends

Friends and clan members are able to see each other on the map by default. But if you’re a fan of hide and seek, just change the settings! We also tweaked the friends list, so it's now clear who can join in the game and who you can invite. An improved spawn system will summon you much closer to your friend's avatar. Now you can jump straight into playing with your friends without having to find each other on the huge maps!


Loot container

Dying in the game is unpleasant, that’s for sure. But it’s even worse if you die with a full inventory because collecting everything again is such a struggle. That’s why we’re adding a loot container in 1.9, which keeps everything from your inventory in one container.


Editor improvements

We’ve improved the Editor as well. Just a few small tweaks and add-ons, but we’re constantly working on it, so you can expect more improvements with every update. This time we focused on the user experience:

  • Selected script tiles are now much more distinguished than unselected tiles

  • Entity and Game Logic can now be selected directly from the Scripting Canvas using the new search option.
  • It is possible to customize the colors of Custom Instructions and Variables for better script organization and readability.
  • You can now customize the default data type of variables and parameters of Custom Instructions.
  • Member variables can be now made public on all objects (not only on Storage).

  • Improved search now highlights search text on instructions.

  • New, long requested, Switch logical operator.

  • New Group Template game logic for spawning groups from the script. 


Octopirate Pet
Puffer Captain Pet
Turtle Diver Pet
Hammerhead Pirate Costume

Glowing Jellyfish
Sea Devil
Sea Slug
Electric Fish
Moorish Idol
Blue Tang
Sea Bass

White Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Greenland Shark
Goblin Shark
Leopard Shark

Green Seaweed (3 new variants)
Red Seaweed (3 variants)
Brown Seaweed (3 variants)
Green Kelp
Red Kelp
Brown Kelp
Green Glowing Kelp Tree
Red Glowing Kelp Tree
Brown Glowing Kelp Tree
Coral Tree (4 variants)
Glowing Coral Tree (12 variants)
Glowing Polyporus Tree (3 variants)
Mushroom Tree (5 variants)
Glowing Mushroom Tree (3 variants)
Giant Anemone (3 variants)
Magic Coral
Oxygen Coral (3 variants)
Crystal Formation (12 variants)
Lava Vein (3 variants)
Black Smoker (3 variants)
Diamond Deposit (3 variants)
Cobalt Deposit (3 variants)

Catfish Oil
Glowing Protein
Electric Tissue
Sea Slug Slime
Devil's Teeth
Nautilus Bladder
Coral Pieces
Porous Sponge
Kelp Fiber
Tubular Porifera
Hard Snail
Giant Spore
Esoteric Component
Alien Component
Elven Component
Ancient Component
Orichalcum Component
Ylandium Component
Cobalt Ore
Cobalt Ingot
Orichalcum Ingot

Repair Hammer
Hand Drill
Fishing Net
Shark Repellant Flare
Stone Demolition Hammer

Shark Repellant Beacon
Oxygen Harvester
Navigation Table
Depth Meter
Speed Meter
Hull Meter
Fuel Meter

Baked Catfish
Electric Nuggets
Jellyfish Salad
Nautilus Calamari
Sea Devil Fillet
Sea Slug Soup

Scuba Diving:
Kelp Flippers
Zirconium Flippers
Heavy Diving Gear
Heavy Diving Gear Boots
Heavy Diving Gear Pants
Heavy Diving Gear Helmet
Coral Breathing Mask
Coral Neoprene
Coral Neoprene Pants
Coral Flippers
Air Tank Clam

Esoteric Relict Container
Ylandium Relict Container
Alien Relict Container
Elven Relict Container
Ancient Relict Container
Orichalcum Relict Container

Esoteric Relict (5 variants)
Alien Relict (3 variants)
Ancient Relict (3 variants)
Elven Relict (2 variants)
Orichalcum Relict (3 variants)
Ylandium Relict (4 variants)
Ducks Painting
Penguin Warrior Painting

Hay Raft
Tire Raft

Other Items:
Repellant Liquid Capsule
Ancient Offering
Alien Cutter
Elven Key
Orichalcum Fingerprint
Esoteric Powder
Ylandium Wrench
Lightstick (4 variants)


🔧Added / Removed / Replaced

[YLD-35514] Added: Position of player's friends and clan members can now be seen on the local map.
[YLD-35781] Added: From now on, any feedback that you send to us will also be visible for you in the Devs tab in the chat system, so that you don't forget what you sent.
[YLD-28514] Added: Underwater caves.
[YLD-34658] Added: Group template + spawn group script tile.

Added: Added a system for notifying client about the session/server rules in Explore mode.
Added: When launching the game for the first time, the language should be set to the language of the operating system (if we support the language).
Added: New Repair Ship animation.
Added: A simple indication of whether an item is usable or placeable under water.
Added: CleanupKillSystem now processes all MovingBasis followers on the collided entity before the entity itself. It also clears parent transform id for the character being saved to ensure the former id is not kept and propagated to the character's FollowMovingBasis.
Added: Many recipes for weapons and armors which were previously not craftable.

[YLD-35299] Added: Editor: Double click in explorer will focus clicked object.
[YLD-35798] Added: Editor: You can now disable chat in your game. (Disable HUD script tile).
[YLD-35301] Added: Editor: "Default" color button to Color picker.
[YLD-33887] Added: Editor: New WIKI texts.

[YLD-36258] Added: VS: You can now set custom variables and instructions of entities from other entities/game logic objects.
[YLD-36096] Added: VS: Pi constant script tile.
[YLD-35952] Added: VS: You can now set default type for local variables (it will prefill new Set script tiles).
[YLD-35766] Added: VS: Get game name/Get game description script tiles.
[YLD-33710] Added: VS: On dropped loot event.
[YLD-35865] Added: VS: Save/load now supports variables with Custom images and music.
[YLD-34684] Added: VS: You can set now default type for each instruction's argument.
[YLD-35302] Added: VS: You can now pick entity/game logic object/group from a list in a context menu.
[YLD-34877] Added: VS  custom instructions now supports custom colors.
[YLD-34877] Added: VS: You can now change color of get/set variable tiles.
[YLD-34991] Added: VS: Switch script tile was added to Logic group.
[YLD-34029] Added: VS: Tile to play particles on an entity which will move with the entity.
[YLD-33902] Added: VS: On bait detected + on baiting ended/interrupted events added to event listener.
[YLD-35630] Added: Ability to open ship overview on boats with radial menu.

[YLD-35630] Removed: Obsolete cannon command and fixed bug with reloading cannons with sandbox infinite items.
[YLD-36848] Removed: Editor: "School of fish" particles. You can use "School of fish" entities instead.

Removed: Breathing mask from Exploration.

Reworked / Tweaked

Reworked: You can now only fire cannonballs from cannons. Cannon reloading has been reworked - you don't have to open the UI to load the cannon now, instead, you have to hold a cannonball in your hand use it on the cannon.
Reworked: The recipe list received several changes to include new resources from the sea.
Reworked: Crafting advanced dresses now requires pigments.
Reworked: Split CanControlMachineNow condition in Machine and adjusted cannon control+reload actions to use it.
Reworked: Air tanks no longer need to be (and cannot be) manually replenished, they do it automatically.
Reworked: Avatar can hold and use some one-handed items under water.

[YLD-36540] Tweaked: Renamed Water breathing potion to Diver's potion.
[YLD-36430] Tweaked: Animals are easier to tame by petting now.
[YLD-34561] Tweaked: Changed bear bait recipe to 6x any meat.
[YLD-35443] Tweaked: Movement bonus parameter unification.
[YLD-34938] Tweaked: Key Action parameter unification.
[YLD-36097] Tweaked: Custom camera's FoV override range is now 1-90.
[YLD-35671] Tweaked: When joining a friend in their Exploration map, you should spawn close to him.
[YLD-35394] Tweaked: Increased timeout to 90 seconds for group travel in Exploration to prevent disconnects before the game is started.
[YLD-35805] Tweaked: Player feedback popup - increase text length from 256 to 1000 symbols.
[YLD-35782] Tweaked: You no longer need to select a category in the Send Feedback popup.
[YLD-35148] Tweaked: Unified visuals of switched levers.
[YLD-34732] Tweaked: Make logs drop basic 1x1x1 log blocks on destruction.
[YLD-34612] Tweaked: Hunger gain rate decreased slightly when sated.
[YLD-34612] Tweaked: Satiation values of food.
[YLD-33988] Tweaked: "Mouse cursor mode" is now available in more situations (like when driving car).
[YLD-36818] Tweaked: When fishing, the fish caught is automatically put into players inventory.

Tweaked: Animation changed how player holds hands mounted on Boars.

[YLD-35349] Tweaked: Exploration: Sharegame islands which are no longer accessible to player due to ban from host are automatically removed from area map.

[YLD-33876] Tweaked: Editor: Manual save (Ctrl+S / button in header) will always resave a game even though there were no changes since last save.
[YLD-35721] Tweaked: Editor: "Small chat panel" was moved to bottom center.
[YLD-35484] Tweaked: Editor: Sea level vertical mode is now set as default.
[YLD-34884] Tweaked: Editor: You can now use simple expressions in custom grid size settings.
[YLD-35294] Tweaked: Editor: Shift + double click in Explorer will open Visual Script window for the selected object.
[YLD-34438] Tweaked: Editor: We now show only names of first up to 10 columns in Data set properties. (lot of lines were slowing down the game significantly).
[YLD-33954] Tweaked: Editor: Test button will start test immediately now.

Tweaked: Editor: New Custom HUDs are now visible by default to new players.

[YLD-36060] Tweaked: VS: Added warning when you try to animate static object.
[YLD-35975] Tweaked: VS: Open script window has now aligned the top/left corner with top/left script tile.
[YLD-35488] Tweaked: VS: Show warning changed to Show notification with option to set notification type (info, warning, advice).
[YLD-35501] Tweaked: VS: Names for "Unknown error" enums so you can now distinguish between them.
[YLD-35760] Tweaked: VS: Searched text is highlighted in filtered script tiles.
[YLD-35466] Tweaked: VS: Unified case of "NONE" word in script tiles.
[YLD-34687] Tweaked: VS: Visual of script tile selection.
[YLD-35305] Tweaked: VS: Clicking on literal tile will select first input field in the context window.
[YLD-35284] Tweaked: VS: Zoom now takes into account mouse pointer position.
[YLD-35132] Tweaked: VS: Added warning when you try to set up velocity to too big vector in Controller's script.
[YLD-35134] Tweaked: VS : "Context menu" icon's position in tiles with a lot of arguments.


[YLD-36190] Fixed: When the chat system wasn't connected, the list of players in multiplayer games would only show Bohemia IDs instead of names and titles.
[YLD-35745] Fixed: Game Logic wiki link.
[YLD-34915] Fixed: Player can appear under terrain after reconnect on owned ship near steep terrain.
[YLD-35783] Fixed: When sending a user feedback, the game now waits on a loading screen until all the data are sent.
[YLD-35571] Fixed: Exploration companion custom colors not saved correctly.
[YLD-35518] Fixed: Lights on ship turn off after traveling between Exploration maps or loading a saved game.
[YLD-33976] Fixed: Stackable items with the same color do not stack in some cases.
[YLD-35373] Fixed: Opening a parent of a custom instruction of an exported Script Module leads into its visual script.
[YLD-34341] Fixed: When interaction hints were displayed for the first time, some of them were not correctly horizontally aligned.
[YLD-32881] Fixed: When registering a new account, the user is presented with the actual error instead of "validationFailure" when there is something wrong with the data provided by the player in the registration form.
[YLD-34808] Fixed: Locked entities on ship cannot be unlocked after travel.
[YLD-34865] Fixed: In-game hints should now correctly display an outline for the Chinese font as well.
[YLD-34602] Fixed: Rhododendron can be planted in pots.
[YLD-34602] Fixed: Tea tree, sakura, tall sakura, white cherry, tall white cherry and cactus can be planted in pots.
[YLD-34742] Fixed: Pumpkin clothes showing under coconuts in recipe groups.
[YLD-34602] Fixed: Tea tree can be planted in pots.
[YLD-34720] Fixed: Coop settings in ingame multiplayer settings should show always properly now.
[YLD-34602] Fixed: Some potted plants disappeared.
[YLD-34681] Fixed: Get Custom Key Action State script tile in Custom controller's script does not work.
[YLD-33439] Fixed: Parented entities are rotated after being replaced by another entity in their spawn chain (e.g. workstations placed on ships after being fed).
[YLD-34630] Fixed: "Free man" achievement hidden.
[YLD-34639] Fixed: Wrong entity is painted sometimes when there are multiple entities stacked on top of each other and you are painting in downwards direction.
[YLD-34632] Fixed: Obtaining screenshot using F11 takes screenshot correctly with UI.
[YLD-34585] Fixed: Placing a blueprint containing a vehicle should now finish properly, assembling the vehicle and removing the blueprint table.
[YLD-34614] Fixed: Leaving an exploration game while seated on an animal companion no longer breaks camera and movement upon reentering.
[YLD-34426] Fixed: Worn particles are visible over costumes.
[YLD-30632] Fixed: Held items for NPCs spawned outside the camera view should no longer appear at origin.

Fixed: Issue where ResetView in crafting screen would not correctly work from subcategory like 'misc'.
Fixed: Pending Workstation crafting jobs can sometimes get desynced between server and client upon reconnect or between game sessions which results in error or wrong notification.
Fixed: Energy objects that emit light should not have their third channel accessible for coloring.
Fixed: The lamps are now colored via Wu instead of using an ad-hoc hack; this means recoloring an active light should not result in edge cases where other colors are changed as well (since other painting systems had no idea about the light color).
Fixed: Adjusted focus implementation to use capsule sweep (togglable through define). Changed candidate evaluation to work with distance from the sweep center.
Fixed: Access to possibly null progress object.
Fixed: Multiple issues in mobile chat screen that resulted from earlier refactor - fixed Enter not sending message in Unity Editor, fixed message not being cleared on submit from the input field, fixed screen always opening on Dev channel instead of on the last one used.
Fixed: Cancellation for tutorial flow and phases, hooked up to session quit event.
Fixed: Firefly mesh - right wing weight set to correct joint.
Fixed: Masking on ToggleGroupElement_Base.
Fixed: Titles in player settings could not be set.
Fixed: Some collectibles cannot be equipped (e.g. Strong Shark).

[YLD-34617] Fixed: Exploration: Play may not get ever hungry if he was on Tutorial yland.

[YLD-36389] Fixed: Editor: Save as after first save does not work correctly.
[YLD-34055] Fixed: Editor: Flags have wrong selection box.
[YLD-35258] Fixed: Editor: Group editing buttons are not correctly updated after finishing editing of Entity weld's pivot inside Group.
[YLD-34514] Fixed: Editor: Size of particles on entities is not always correct in editor.
[YLD-35371] Fixed: Editor: Toggling constraints settings via keybind is not changing label text "disabled" to "enabled".
[YLD-35372] Fixed: Editor: Player can change locked constraints settings via keybindings.
[YLD-35277] Fixed: Editor: Visibility setting in Explorer is wrongly named.
[YLD-35319] Fixed: Editor: Moving objects in 2 axes does not work correctly when grid is active.
[YLD-33987] Fixed: Editor: "Export to this computer" does not optimize game. Result should be same as if you export the game to the workshop.
[YLD-33919] Fixed: Editor: Rotation gizmo helper lines have magenta color.
[YLD-36770] Fixed: Editor: Path GL twist tool does not work correctly.
[YLD-32375] Fixed: Editor: Entities blink on 0,0,0 position when you select them in catalog.

Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo for adding widgets to Custom HUD/Window is not correctly stored into save.

[YLD-35399] Fixed: Text scripting: It is not possible to add text script to all game logic objects.

[YLD-36541] Fixed: VS: When you unlock a padlock with a keychain then you get the key chain in a "key" argument.
[YLD-36447] Fixed: VS: ESC closes VS screen when script tile's context menu is opened.
[YLD-36142] Fixed: VS: Context menu remains open while using search bar.
[YLD-36060] Fixed: VS: When you try to animate static entity under animated group then it animates parent group instead. (it should just show a warning).
[YLD-35924] Fixed: VS: Group object reference in a variable doesn't survive save/load.
[YLD-35736] Fixed: VS: Game logic references from Script module's scripts are missing when updating Script module in another game.
[YLD-34619] Fixed: VS: Setting value of wrong type to Custom controller's variable causes exception.
[YLD-35505] Fixed: VS: Emote dropdown list is sometimes empty.
[YLD-35463] Fixed: VS: Cursor does not change On hover over script tiles which have context menu available.
[YLD-35048] Fixed: VS: Help button is not opening pop-up.
[YLD-34776] Fixed: VS: Local player script tiles can be found in controller's script in a search panel.
[YLD-34741] Fixed: VS: Time trigger elapsed time and Delayed instructions elapsed time is reset after save game load.
[YLD-34706] Fixed: VS: It is possible to switch to client script of Entity/Logic storage even though it is not supported.
[YLD-34604] Fixed: VS: Custom controller with parameter variables stops working in some situations.
[YLD-34597] Fixed: VS: Entity + Game logic object does not work correctly as argument of Send Message To Server script tile.
[YLD-34546] Fixed: VS: Spawning animated game logic object does not work.
[YLD-34312] Fixed: VS: Transform rotation does not work correctly if you rotate around 2 or 3 axes. (you may need to adjust existing scripts).
[YLD-34147] Fixed: VS: Placed composition sometimes do not update correctly references to Global storage's custom instructions.

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i can no longer shoot forks and grass from my cannons.. that was actually a cool part of the cannons. like even shooting explosive kegs 😥

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Posted (edited)


Yeah, please bring this feature back. Shooting gunpowder kegs as explosive ammo, or shooting stone chunks to down trees quickly are integral parts of the game IMO!

Edited by zarwil
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I enjoyed shooting fish out of my cannons. Made me feel like I was in a weird Monty Python movie

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yah shooting stone out of a cannon, good way to use that stone up to clear cutt

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I've never considered shooting junk out of cannons, but now with the easy multi-player world traveling, I kind of miss it. Please add catapults back.

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Posted (edited)
On 3/18/2022 at 10:37 PM, Nikki Severin said:

[YLD-34561] Tweaked: Changed bear bait recipe to 6x any meat.

This is inaccurate, in-game it is now 3x Any Meat + 5x Any Small Fish, so which one is meant to be correct? Trying to update the Wiki after a very long hiatus!

Also I've noticed that the Small Ylandium Power Cell and the regular power cell now have the same recipe needing only 1 of each ingredient which I assume isn't intentional? 

Edited by handofthesly

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