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  1. Much appreciated Miguel - thanks for your patience and my apologies again for the issues! How's that working for you mr. @Pyelot?
  2. Hello guys, I have an update regarding the certificate issue: our IT department worked some magic with how they have the certificates set up and that should have hopefully resolved the issue once and for all - please try to test it and let me know about the results! Thanks.
  3. Pyelot, Michal, thanks for reporting this - our IT admins will check for any certificate errors on our end (we have some idea of what could have gone wrong, will let you know when we manage to fix it).
  4. RaptorM60

    Inbox message same as element background

    Should be fixed for now, thanks for the report. Please do report any other suggestions/issues with the forums design, there still might be some inconsistencies
  5. RaptorM60

    RESOLVED Not every horse is Semik

    I think the "Banana Scale" deserves special apprectiation!
  6. RaptorM60

    How many players?

    Hi! We don't share our sales publicly of course, but I think it's obvious the community of Ylanders is still very small - it will likely change pretty soon though Also, our offices are no longer located in Kosire, but thanks for the warm greetings.
  7. RaptorM60

    RESOLVED Notification Text color unreadable & Likes

    Hi, thanks for the report, the colors should now be fixed For the likes: can you please make a screenshot of your entire post and share it here with me? I'll be able to see if you are indeed missing the option to like posts. EDIT: Please ignore the second part. You can only like posts that are made by other Ylanders (= not developers or forum administrators) and improve their reputation level that way (member reputation is the +4 under your profile pic). You can not, for obvious reasons, like your own post, my previous request did not make sense because of that. To test the feature, find a post by anyone who is a "Ylander". In the right bottom corner of that post, there should be an option to like the post.
  8. RaptorM60


    To your bonus question: we'll do our best to make your Bohemia Store purchase also available on your Steam account. It wouldn't make much sense if we didn't and should also be pretty easy to do, since we already do it now with other products - but still, Steam is not our platform, so nothing can be 100% guaranteed
  9. Resolved by bismon, thx
  10. Files over 1024 kb won't get uploaded.
  11. RaptorM60

    RESOLVED Launcher greeting

    Thanks for the report, we will look into it!