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Adam Snellgrove

Contest Building Contest #1 - Winners

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So here it is! The end of our first building contest!

And just WOW guys! Such great creations. It really blew us away. It was so hard to pick the winners. It really is amazing, what you're able to make in Ylands and a testament to the talent of our lovely community ❤️

But enough of my blubbering and unto the main event:

3rd place goes to @Igor Q. and his super cool hipster turntable! It is such a shame scripting isn't possible for Playlands, because the idea of changing the music this way is excellent! To you, we send 2200 Coyns.


2nd place belongs to @Spyler.X and his adorable cats! Nearly as adorable as the real thing ? To you goes 4400 Coyns.


And finally, 1st place goes to... @Fompster and her magnificent peacock! It is a thing of beauty and we'll be honoured to have it in Playlands. To you goes the grand prize of 6600 Coyns.


But all the rest of you were absolutely great too! @Christalle and her ladybug riding pet, @Miguel Preguisa and his Adam and Eve tempting snake and @MyPa553ng3r with his impressive statues and we thank you so much for these beautiful creations, they really are proof of the dedication of this community to keep making cool things on this fun platform, that is Ylands ?

And now for the winners, we are going to make a special place in Playlands, where we'll put these items on show as a kind of museum of great creations. You will have a plaque telling all, who these talented creators are. It will take some time to build and implement, but it will definitely be there before full release and probably even sooner.

What we need from the winners now is to send us your compositions (through private messages to me, if you'd like) made in editor, then found as .ycomp file located in PF(x86)/Steam/userdata/YYY/XXX/remote/Compositions folder or via the editor. Please send us these ASAP, so we can start working on implementing them into Playlands ?

And again thank you all again for the spectacular creations and stay tuned for more contests in the future.

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Congratulations Fompster, Igor, and Spyler.  Good call Adam, it was a tough one, I would have chosen all the composite builds. 



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11 hours ago, RedEagle_P1. said:

This is still pinned @Adam Snellgrove might want to un pin :P 

Nope, I want newcomers to see, what beautiful stuff these three made ? I'll replace it with the next building contest (whenever that may be ?)


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