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  1. Christalle

    Castle Hunt

    Have fun with family 😃
  2. Christalle

    Cancel movement of trees ¿is possible?

    I wish I could do this also with plants and bush ^^
  3. Christalle

    AMAZING new game Castle Hunt.

    Others views
  4. Christalle

    How did you find out about the Ylands editor?

    You integrated me in a project and I had no choice than to throw me hahaha (Thanks btw!)
  5. Christalle

    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    After playing on a friend's server, I joined the P1 server and found cool people to build and have fun, coming from any horizon. A month ago, I didn't know the editor, and I'm now part of a team of talented builder who teach me a lot of things (thanks especially to @Spyler.X for his live lessons, as well as @RedEagle_P1. and to others!) I have been able to integrate despite my low level of english, and I'm constantly learning. It's a rewarding experience, I advise anyone who is creative to join us! That's what I couldn't do without their help
  6. Christalle

    Show off your best creation!

    My best creation isn't the most beautiful creation, but my best memory (with my friend)
  7. Christalle

    rustic house, but chic!

    Don't pay attention to the penguin on the roof
  8. Et moi je n'ai pas eu la chance d'aller au Quebec haha
  9. @Igor Q. non, je suis de France!
  10. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!
  11. Christalle

    Sun castle

    Is it american or european?
  12. Christalle

    Sun castle

    @zarwil oh, I've never heard of it, and I don't know if my friend knows
  13. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    In the wrong place, bad time!
  14. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    And so funny haha