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  1. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!
  2. Sun castle

    Is it american or european?
  3. Sun castle

    @zarwil oh, I've never heard of it, and I don't know if my friend knows
  4. Daily Screenshot Thread

    In the wrong place, bad time!
  5. Daily Screenshot Thread

    And so funny haha
  6. Sun castle

    @T2S? ^^
  7. Daily Screenshot Thread

    Let's not forget our epic memorable, sorry for leaving you @MyPa553ng3r_P1
  8. Daily Screenshot Thread

    What happened to my friend Boni?
  9. Hi Ylanders, it's been a long time since I shared anything! My house, with a corner for newcomers. What it takes to cook, sleep, and find some useful accessories And here, just a little temple with plants, that people hastened to loot haha See you soon for a new sharing!
  10. Daily Screenshot Thread

    Have fun like children
  11. P1 the story build Spyler

    It's SUPERBE. I like every detail, especially the niche and the cat tree. I would like screenshots in game, like the autumnal atmosphere that I really enjoyed
  12. We need better boat hulls .. a suggestion

    1- It's possible to be ejected in the air ant to die from the fall. 2- Also possible to fall through the boat, into the water, then to die frozen. 3- You can, like me, be propelled to the other end of map, or even beyond..! 4- Difficult to walk on, even with the anchor down. 5- It's sails while going staight, without being able to turn.
  13. Grid alignment problem with blueprint

    Well... I'll come back to what I said! I just placed an old blueprint, dating before the update. And there, no problem with alignment! Everything is changeable, inked in the grid, without the need to demolish everything to rebuild! Is this the update? Or is there a particular reason?
  14. I knew something similar recently, on server 29...I don't dare to take ship anymore. Leaving the bar, I was projected OUTSIDE the limits of the archipelago, at a vertiginous speed... My card could testify, she had recorded my course! I died of course, and I spent hours trying to find my ship... Then the next time, I sailed with anguish, wishing to explore, and I saw an island that I didn't know, a desert. I dock, I leave the bar... And there, surpise! Here I'm back on my yland of departure! Since these episodes, I decided to no longer sail, and to remain wisely at home (My translation must hurt your eyes!)
  15. Daily Screenshot Thread

    Great! I have to visit you!