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  1. Christalle

    Dev Diary #85

    @Ane it was a pleasure to have you as a manager. You have always been listening, I could to ask you anything and I'm sure it's the same for all other members. Oh, and you were also very nice I wish you the best for the future!
  2. Christalle

    Don't be afraid

    Oh wait, they are not animated yet...
  3. Christalle

    A new pet?

    Hi Houp For the moment, I have animated only the main members (9), they are welded parts, grouped, wich each have their own label of animation.
  4. Christalle

    Some nice images of the Mars exploration

    Where is your combination of space?
  5. Christalle

    Don't be afraid

    Staging @Spyler.X 's spiders in the among of his beautiful minerals
  6. Christalle

    A new pet?

    Animation attempt on a gigantic robot... Too much maybe, given the lags provoked, I think to modify the logic 😅
  7. You have the easy criticism, can you make us the same speech on all the positive things and the corrected bugs please?
  8. Christalle

    Welding suggestions

    Thanks for the answer!
  9. Christalle

    Welding suggestions

    Many entities can't be welded, it would be fantastic to be able to weld things such as plants/trees, signs, tools, weapons, armor... It would also be interesting to have the choice to generate only a single collision for a specific weld (such as single block) even if that would prevent editing.
  10. Christalle

    A special cube

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it Shadow it's a good idea. I'm sure this cube will have an excellent place in a future game. In the meantime, it's just there to look pretty
  11. Christalle

    Sounds suggestions

    What a pity
  12. Christalle

    Dev Diary #79

    Thanks Dev
  13. Christalle

    French translation in the editor

    Hey Devs It seems that in the french translation, it's not indicated improvement in %, or optimisation of the collisions concerning welds. It works if I change the language: And here, a little detail, you can remove the "de" Thank you
  14. Christalle

    Dev Diary #77

    It would be awesome!