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Aleš Ulm

0.15.1: Ylands Yncoming (Ylands 1.0 Release Candidate) (28/11/2019)

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On 12/1/2019 at 8:43 PM, bojo2736 said:

I started an Exploration SP.  Just myself.  I harvested the only cotton right away.  I will be planting it. But seriously, if this was MP, no one else would have access to cotton. If a troll took it all then destroyed or logged out.  No more for anyone else.  You need to work on resource management.  Exploration will die if you don't fix this.

make a raft and go to another yland, what's the problem? wasn't it always not respawnable?

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sooo guys, @devs atentione - feedback incoming! !☢️

1. Gameplay

in Exploration mode you have no real target. ok its a sandbox but actually you drive only from one to another island 6 times, build and fighting against animals thats it. encounters are rare. i can read in the changelogs something about the possibility for skripting AI but i cant find much of them directly in the exploration gamemode <- tested in 31 savegames with different generation codes

2. Content

the next problem is the ressource gathering and the designs of each construction table. they have to rework - definitly. it would be cool if we could get a real techtree or "sciencetree" where we can see what we need for crafting things. a "age-system" is the next step. actually we play in the "pirate-age" while spawning airplane crash-sites on the map and driving with cars to them in a dangerous free world. totally crazy, i hope you understand what i meaning.

3. Content Differences

next one is the value and the size of each yland. before last update you got 12 ylands. now 6. why are the map size not sizeable? and why is each island too tiny for real exploration? castles? i miss them too. same with npc factions who are fighting each other. NPC ships and a better ship/cannon control for the own. scenarios? how many content creators are in the community? 5? 6? and they have to build large scenarios because the game itself hasn´t key features wich will be important as included features in the exploration mode? rly?  hopefully i dont missunderstanding the game! a single creator plattform only for scenarios
with a 12 or 14€/USD seperate Exp(-erimental)loration-Mode - guys, that cant rly be this game?!  Arma2 and Arma3 is better then ylands actually because they have the keyfeatures inside. (havn´t play the new DayZ DLC yet :P

the next thing is the blueprint creation-tab for easier BP creating in the editor :) a mirror-mode and more building parts for the ships (not structures! S H I P S!)  - where are this things?

with 1.0 the potential gameplay is changing normally. thats what i can see actually is a potential question about the lifetime in the future of ylands! 


pls, dont scrap this game! if you need more team members for better work, stole them from the Arma-Team! :P  ;) i love ylands but actually it makes not rly sense for playing. 




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