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  1. devs please make it a top prio to get cars on boats hahahaha
  2. So i have my horse here... I tamed it. later on i died 6 times because a wolf wont let me alone. I tried to get on my horse but i dont get the ride option anymore. but it still reacts to my wisstle.
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    Horse tamed, i died, cant mount.

    okay i died 7 times now, and the wolfs are getting on my nerves...
  4. GeekSqueek

    using the map

    That would be awesome.
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    My first finished ship :)

    This is amazing!
  7. I thought this was kind of funny
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    Taking local rain really seriouse

    hahaha jup! I'm in a rainforest area building a house from bamboo and sometimes this little rainstorms appear out of nowhere.
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    Fatal Login Error

    same problem.. my game finally worked and now i have this error... please fix this! I fixed it allready, sorry. Just close steam with your task messenger and start steam in admin mode and also put the game on always starting in admin mode.
  10. Hello to the person reading this, first of all, i'm sorry if my english isnt that great. On to the subject. When i start the game on steam it freezes on startup, i see a small white box and it wont respond, after that it closes because it got stuck. Maybe it has to do with the resolution? but i tried to fix that with startup options adding. I reinstalled the game like 10 times. Didnt work. I hope someone knows the answer and can help me. The game did work just fine on the non steam version, the client that doesnt get updated anymore.
  11. I dont think anyone can help me with my topic about my game starting in a little white box en freezing on startup so i make an other one in here with the qeustion How do i ge tthe config screen back when you open te game. My game freezes on start up. So i cant find an option folder, and reinstalling the game and i even reinstalled steam didnt do the job... the game did work just fine when it wasnt on steam on the free alpha. Sorry for my english. But someone please help me... output_log.txt
  12. Maybe you could find some answers here. I fixed my problem, sounds a bit the same like yours.
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    RESOLVED [YLD-7976] Game stuck on startup

    So i made a better tutorial. because someone on steam told me that he had the same problem. So what you want to do is: Delete the local contant with steam. Just delete the game. Than go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common and delete the Ylands map if its still there. Than you go to %appdata% Just place it were C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common <-- is standing and press enter. search for the Ylands maps and stuff delete those. The next thing you do is start regedit. you just typ in the search balk of your windows "regedit" en press enter. Export your regedit for safty, make a backup. And than you also search the ylands regs with Ctrl + F and typ ylands and delete every register from ylands and save. Now you can install ylands again and it should work, well it did for me!
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    RESOLVED [YLD-7976] Game stuck on startup

    Yo guys, i deleted the yland files in regedit IT WORKS NOW! so here is how i fixed my problem: I deleted local contant on steam. I deleted the maps of ylands in the steam directory of appdate i deleted everything of ylands in %appdata% Than i started regedit, and pressed ctrl + F en searched for Ylands and deleted all the registers (MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU DO THIS) <-- just to be sure.
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    RESOLVED [YLD-7976] Game stuck on startup

    is it okay to delete this in regedit? Maybe it would work if i delete this stuff.
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    DEV ANSWER Option sceen config startup freeze

    Can someone tell me how i get the config screen back when you first time start the game?
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    RESOLVED [YLD-7976] Game stuck on startup

    Sorry for the spam. Here is dxdiag, stupid me didnt know what it was. DxDiag.txt
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    RESOLVED [YLD-7976] Game stuck on startup

    output_log.txt i can only find the output_log.txt