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Found 5 results

  1. Toweringrex

    structure repair option.

    Hi will there be a repair option for houses? i now have a light spot on my wall because i accidently hit it. or is there already an option like this?
  2. When I try to use the blue print it says that someone else is using it so I cannot build anything. Please fix the bug
  3. Paula Voytek has made a very lovely home that I adore here for subscription. The bathroom is awesome. I was trying so hard to figure out how to make a bath like that! But problem. I noticed when opening doors I needed to open two instead of one. Then I tried to color a chair and it would not paint half the time. When I went to move a statue over a bit I realized what had happened when there was a statue under the statue. Paula's house some how got saved in duplicate. No judgement. When working with Blender Render Program I have a "search for duplicates" options. It happens. But this brings up questions. How do I contact Paula Voytek to explain the mistake? Can Paula replace, reupload and remove the house on this site with a corrected non-duplicate? I mean is that something that can even be done? On the site's end and on Paula's end? Also would like to note the "report" option does not seem to have a real use. I mean what would we ever report? This game doesn't have anything report worthy in it. If I made a dungeon with whips and chains and drew penises on the cave walls with assembled geodes I doubt anyone would care. Of course I came from TESO where that kind of scenario is encouraged by the devs of Elder Scrolls so maybe I'm desensitized. The only time ESO got up-in-a-bunch was when a racial slur was insinuated by a guild in a rp'ing youtube vid. Reporting a duplicate seems to drastic. So how do I inform the house is borked?
  4. Hey, I just bought the game yesterday, and I used the creative mode option for my world! I already am obsessed with the game, and I really love the entire aspect!! I am an interior designer at heart, and am going to go to college for interior design and things around interior design, and when I build my house, I just realized that it is really bland! There weren't that many modern amenities, or things that looked like it would fit in with my house! Although this problem was sort of a big one, I still enjoy the game so much, and really am glad that I bought it. Another thing about the game that I would LOVE to see implemented is PreFabs! Like blueprints in which you can create, and then place it wherever you desire, and then gather the resources to create it! It's like a layout plan, and a really helpful tool for those who can't build houses that look good, and stuff like that. Thanks for giving me your time. -Matt