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  1. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    Of course not.
  2. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    Clearly this weekend, the files are clearly VERY different. I can upload the old style explore maps to my DS. I CANNOT upload anything. Like, at all. To the BI coyn server. Thanks for the mansplain. As always, super appreciated.
  3. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    Thus my comment about them having different files.... 🤓
  4. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    I don't know the correct term perhaps. But I cannot use the editor explore files, and haven't been able to since 0.12 on my DS. I think we should credited with the 3 days we couldnt use the coyn servers.
  5. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    If that is true, it is further evidence that the server software is different on BI than what Nitrado has. Still not sure if that makes it a BI issue or a Nitrado issue. The current games hosting on Nitrado are working. I can't seem to upload anything in working order on BI. I can upload it. But it comes back with the error message.
  6. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    Groovy. Might have been nice to know before I wasted an hour of my life. Still, here are my files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. bb cakes_P1

    Incompatible Game Version

    I got the error too. I'm not even sure how to upload log files if I couldn't get in?
  8. I put in a ticket with nitrado asking them to look at the notes here.
  9. bb cakes_P1

    Dev Diary #82

    Will we be able to use current maps when 0.13 comes?
  10. bb cakes_P1

    Dev Diary #82

  11. Same here. Do I need to download the dedicated server software from Steam and run it on my computer? Nitrado has been doing that stuff for us, I assume when we upload the file? I am not a programmer. This shouldn't be this hard. Normal, regular people will be playing this game. The deep programming nerds, not so much. Devs please spend some time on this side of the game. As it is, I still can't use the updates that we got in 0.12 on anything but my rented BI server. Is it your intent that all games will be hosted by you? Because that's what it feels like.
  12. I linked @RedEagle_P1. tutorial in my post. The game has updated so things may look a little different, but the basic concept is the same.
  13. Are you saying that we need to export the game, then upload the corrosponding .yst .ygt and .ylandsgame? If that is all it is, the explanation should have rolled out when the new files were first introduced in 0.12. I have been asking this question all over the forum since 0.12 came out.
  14. It depends on if it's your server or not. If it is your server, you pull the old map into editor, make a composition, tgen place that in the new map. If it is not your server, you can blueprint your build, and place it in that way. Comps, scenarios, blueprints and the workshop are how people share content on Ylands. This video shows off comps! arrow_forwardarrow_forward P1 Discord: http://p1gaming.net/discordy...
  15. bb cakes_P1

    Dev Diary #81

    I don't think so. Also, we don't have traps? Unless it means that spiky thing.