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  1. bb cakes_P1

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Invasion of the Disco Borg. Obviously.
  2. bb cakes_P1

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Resistance is futile. @MyPa553ng3r_P1
  3. bb cakes_P1

    Dev Diary #64

    We know @Aleš Ulm, who are the other two?
  4. I bought the skirt from NPC vendor. It's not showing up. I tried taking it off and putting it back on again. No bueno. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. bb cakes_P1

    P1 PVE Survival Party

    Tonight, we sail!
  6. bb cakes_P1

    thanks and screenshots

    And he is venturing into editor....
  7. bb cakes_P1

    Dev Diary #64

    So exciting!
  8. bb cakes_P1

    RESOLVED [YLD-10513] Blue Print is Stuck

    It has been a plague on the P1 servers all weekend. Well, longer than that, but seems to have increased.
  9. bb cakes_P1

    DEV ANSWER Logic corruption on large maps

    Logics have not been comping for at least a month for me. The assets keep, but the logics do not remain attached.
  10. bb cakes_P1

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    On the holodeck.
  11. bb cakes_P1

    P1 PVE Survival Party

    P1 survival party tonight, 630 pm pacific standard time (GMT-8) Last week, we managed to get a nearly full workshop completed, and I think one of our peeps got a ship made. Tonight? I'm thinking we need to hunt some bear and panthers.
  12. bb cakes_P1


    And our current map (spoiler alert!)
  13. bb cakes_P1


    One of the P1 regulars, Quarmat, makes some amazing maps. He plays our our Overflow EU server. This was our last map. I don't know if he posts here