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  1. Daily Screenshot Thread

    I might need to build a fence around the corn.
  2. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Are there plans for modding to be allowed? Specifically for assets?
  3. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    When are horses going to be "fun?" Are farming activities and animals planned? Chickens, cows and such. Can you ad some editor functionality to explore, specifically under power barrier, we NEED to be able to make things unpickable and unbreakable. Any plans to make the power barriers cooperative? Can we lock them and give keys to friends for example?
  4. My ship threw me several islands away. I was coming to a stop, I was trying to get into my inventory to secure my ship, and when I popped into inventory, the game threw me several islands away. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Whats in a name?

    Oh, yeah. I do need to remove Sh!tMa@ker.
  6. Daily Screenshot Thread

    This player had a really bad time.
  7. Dev Diary #56

    Ships... in a sailing game... can't wait for 0.12
  8. Dev Diary #56

    I am a bit of a completest....
  9. Dev Diary #56

    Also, can we buy the 10Cent version?
  10. Dev Diary #56

    So, are we going to get the clothing choices I see?
  11. If you are looking for friends to play with, search for P1 in the MP Lobby. We have a few servers going.
  12. What are you playing this weekend?

    Definately some Ylands. But probably Sims 4. Newest update and expansion added some great new assets.
  13. Dev Diary #53

    output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Dev Diary #53

    Critters in trees, sharks on land, ships locking up, inventory problems. Can't wait til .12
  15. Typical new arrival behavior

    Technically not excluded from the server, I don't ban on this behavior. It takes a more active trolling. Christmas break is coming soon, make sure you lock up your valuables and unmentionables!