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    Rain indoors

    It's likely been mentioned before somewhere, but could we get the rain to stop going through the screen, while indoors, snow etc too? It is very hard to stay immersed in a game, that has any form of weather systems, that one cannot escape with a roof. Many people are likely to have this experience with it, feels broken. May be a step worth taking to polish the game.
  2. Decided to come back to Ylands and see what's new! As the title reads, I've rented a dedicated server running exploration mode, I've also edited the save game and spawned in 8 ylandium floating fortresses from a composition I made last time I was here (Big Bertha). First come first served, just search Nex in the server list, password is nexfer. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I'd rather have 7 other players from the forum community, than any random looking in the list. Thanks all! And good job Devs the game is feeling great!
  3. John - NEXFER

    Sneak Peek #50

    I did notice, it changes not - why would they at all? Paranoia. Further hypocrisy - first you do what you say I'm doing (did you really need to), now you claim I couldn't read one line? I addressed the point in your post, you have not addressed any of mine. Who's having reading issues here? If my post is "short" - what does that make all of yours? "the explore mode bit" - I presume you mean, that you think they will take it away from the editor, so that they can make it store only. Well, why exactly do you believe that to be the case?
  4. John - NEXFER

    Sneak Peek #50

    Nope. My short reply, has several points brought up from several parts of the OP. Your 1 line reply is a silly question - why would they get rid of a system within the editor, so functionally important as compositions? Did you really need to ask that question / make your post? Nope. Did you really need to make an entire post, about the format of my post? Nope. Did I really need to reply to you? Nope. Do I need to reply to you in the future if you reply with more of that kind of thing? Nope. Thanks Aleš, yeah no rush have a good weekend!
  5. John - NEXFER

    Sneak Peek #50

    I could see this having a potential to expand the coyns store, with entire load-able compositions! I fancy a brand new house, save me some time! And so begins the debate on whether or not an awesome house, or a battleship - is "cosmetic" haha! I guess it's the principal of a chair, scaled up - however, perhaps it would be relevant how much resources these require to build them. A cosmetic change would surely not provide an advantage to one player, over another, however, a non-cosmetic change - such as being able to build a house quicker / less resources (shelter, safety, storage), or a boat with some cannons for example (pvp) - could perhaps be a slight game-changer? Another thought, some careful review should be the case, prior to any compositions ending up in the coyns store (if that's the plan), as it would be a case where some people would create hidden goodies within their compositions, such as a chest packed full of Ylandium, buried treasure or any other creative way they could muster.
  6. John - NEXFER

    Whats wrong with some people? They have no brain?

    While terrain resources such as ores may be substantially more difficult to "re-spawn" (you dig a cave and it gets filled in, build a house and a new mountain appears inside it for example) - I see no reason as to not follow suit with the mainstream on this - with the majority of resources being node based - where basically they would re-spawn where they were destroyed / picked up / spawned originally - or more complicatedly scripted to spawn at random locations. Some other titles I've played basically have a set X amount of nodes per type, that can be spawned on any given biome, or per island for example. A timer then runs to check periodically if this number has decreased passed the "too low resources" threshold. If it has, it re-spawns the nodes till it reaches its "optimal resources" threshold, then stops spawning them. Fairly straight forward to implement I would wager.
  7. John - NEXFER

    Whats wrong with some people? They have no brain?

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience, this is never a nice position to be in, for your self or your players. Sadly, there is a large culture of players worldwide, whom will not take any notice of verbal / written rules, and often, will not even respect physical limitations (finding ways to abuse or break a protection for example). As far as I'm aware, Ylands does not currently have any substantial methods to address this (in an automated way let's say), thus - the only potential to counter this that I could currently perceive to work, would be to lock the server with a password (changed semi-frequently), and a server recruitment thread on the website, where you can clearly write out your rules and expectations for players, some examples of your awesome community and why they should want to join your restricted access server (being exclusive brings with it far less risk for your players to be griefed, thus that in itself is a perk for your server). To this regard, I would say that you don't post the passwords on the thread itself, rather have people wishing to join your server, apply in a direct message to you, and get the passwords sent out to them the same way - this is akin to a vetting process for a block of houses, likewise communal living applies and the interests of the whole are taken in to account for new additions to the community. Moreover, often these people will simply venture over to unlocked servers, the easiest pickings etc, and would not bother engaging with a vetting process, simply to troll. Not really worth the effort when they can find an easier target. While this is clearly not ideal by any means - it should work okay for you, for now. To the admins / developers - could we perhaps add a section on the forums, specifically designed for this purpose? For server advertising / recruitment / vetting etc? I'm sure that will help a little for server owners at this stage, until something more concrete can be established to this regard.
  8. John - NEXFER

    YouTube Live Streams

    Do you watch live streams? I've been working on a hobby project over the passed few weeks - a streaming website written in PHP / HTML / CSS / JS / MySQL and utilising the YouTube Data API v3 for the content. Check it out if you're interested, or nosy about what's going on right now somewhere in the world - or anything else that people stream these days haha! (kittens, bears, the planet, you name it!) The website is https://StreamTube.LIVE - check it out! Some preview images of finding a Ylands live stream and some of the features! -
  9. John - NEXFER

    Big Bertha

    Just released on the workshop ready for Steam release! https://ylands.net/asset/93 The Big Bertha! She's a houseboat, and she's massive! Complete with 40 (overkill) engines, setup on a self charging system, with 3 floors and an observation deck, you could build your entire town on this beauty! There's also some very handy booty in the chests!
  10. John - NEXFER

    Content Theft

    Some thoughts on copyright - Copyright laws are jurisdictional and only loosely enforced on large international issues via treaties; for example, what applies to the use of content by American citizens, does not necessarily apply to the use of content by Chinese citizens. If one nation chooses not to agree to the terms of another nation, or simply ignores them - all that can be done is to ask nicely / sanctions / politically negotiate (which largely won't happen). This is why 'Hollywood' has decided to be its own international enforcement body for copyright 'infringements' of their own intellectual property (not yours) worldwide, as no international body exists that would otherwise be responsible for it, or care enough about it (WIPO) - certainly not a national government, on an international stage, as they simply do not have any jurisdiction to claim (though the USA still tries). The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This would be akin to coming in to your house, and informing you what you can and can't do with your own belongings, many nations simply ignore them. Next, even if you seek to hold 'copyright' - simply holding and claiming it, does not enforce it. If you do not have the means to enforce your claim internationally, you can not protect it internationally (Hollywood). This is likely what the owner of your problem website has gambled on - that you nor any other Steam guide creator, can in fact enforce any claims against him - he's likely correct. Even if you issue a take-down notice for video content such as a YouTube video - if the stolen content uploader chooses to ignore you, YouTube will do nothing and the content will come back online for them - the responsibility to act on the infringement and enforce it is left up to you by YouTube, as they are not a judge, and cannot do anything other than recommended taking your action to court in the appropriate jurisdiction. Bring them a court order and they will abide by the laws in the jurisdictions that they operate, nothing more - the same thing here could be applied to Steam. Philosophically - I don't think any human has any right to claim such a thing as 'copyright' - such things hold humanity back generations, for the sake of a few people whom generally wish to profit from one action, on a recurring basis - instead of working for what you earn, the tactic is clearly - do a job once and let it pay me forever - clearly an unrealistic system that extorts rather than benefits humanity. Furthermore - to claim that you can copyright something written in English - a language that has been taught to you, with every single part of it being given to you freely, then claiming because you have rearranged words around, that you have sole right to it - is to ignore the fact that if every other human took this same action against you - you would not even have been able to write anything - as the language you used was copyrighted, you would need permission to write each and every word... I don't extend my ideology of property ownership - to the creation of ideas - that would be an attempt to claim that I have not benefited from every other human's ideas over the generations, that I am the sole creator to bring this idea in to existence, and to ignore reality - that I am a product of countless generations of humans, whom have all contributed their ideas to humanity; I do not own any of it, nobody does. Copyright holds humanity back, for the benefit of a few, or a single person, I could give plenty of examples of this, and I've yet to think of, or see, a single example of this being an actual benefit to humanity. Regardless of the philosophy, if you live in a country where these laws are enforced - someone might sue you for using 'their' words or ideas (words and ideas they claim are theirs alone is in fact a fallacy). Additionally - It has been a well established tactic for new websites (especially forums, blogs and article hubs), to effectively plagiarise the majority of their initial starting content. I have watched it happen time and time again, and it actually works pretty well for them. As a brand new website lacking content is visually unappealing to a new users, they simply avoid this by plagiarising their initial content, and tricking new users into believing that they are the content creators for it. Soon enough the Search Indexing Robots / Web Crawlers redirect traffic to the plagiarised versions instead of the originals, and the website grows quite quickly. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this content is being ripped to his website by script, something like highest rated guides / newest additions get downloaded to his database, and then displayed automatically etc. The alternative of course if creating your own content, and that usually takes people. Can't grow people without people catch 22 situation can be quite frustrating, leading these developers to get desperate and resort to underhanded or shady tactics I guess.
  11. John - NEXFER

    Big Bertha

    I don't think I've surpassed the limits, rather, built right up to the limit! You can place some blocks in a row each direction and get to each boundary, then simply build within it
  12. John - NEXFER

    Lag Lag and More Lag!

    Curious for some extra information if that's okay please? Regarding single player: Is your save game old or new? Is your most commonly used area, cluttered, lots of debris or spawns / placed items? Is your FPS dropping during certain instances or in certain locations only (in a cave, on a horse, on a boat, in your house or build area etc)? Is your ship your home with a lot of placed objects on it? If a brand new save game file, provides you a higher FPS average, some of the above may be the causes, as the game has optimisation to be done, it starts off pretty smooth generally, but there does seem to be some issues with loading / unloading memory - seemingly effecting the performance - akin to a memory leak. I think this will likely be ironed out in the optimisation phases. Regarding multiplayer for those interested: I'm sure as the development progresses forward, any noticeable network spikes or lag issues will be addressed and resolved. They have already made fairly large leaps and bounds to this regard, I'm sure it's up there on their priorities list!
  13. John - NEXFER

    KNOWN ISSUE Animals vs ships!

    Hi all, somewhat trivial bug, but perhaps a fix for the future - If you are sailing your ship/boat/raft, and you bump in to an animal such as a shark/seagull/vulture/horse etc - the animal acts as a greater or larger or denser object than your ship, and the animal is able to push or even throw your ship aside as if it weighed nothing at all. I think if a ship hits an animal, that animal should go flying, or perhaps die? However, I would quite like to be able to take a horse on to a ship - and sail the ship without the horse flipping it! The horse remains static as the ship begins to move, when the horse bumps in to the mast or another part of the ship that creates a blockage for its path etc, this creates an anchor effect. Also it would be nice for the horse to not die in the process if animals are made to die on impact! Thanks
  14. John - NEXFER

    What was your first videogame?

    The year was 1991 - I was 5 years old playing Qbasic Gorillas! But... my first real true video-game love was the Quest for Glory saga on my IBM 386 back in 1992
  15. John - NEXFER

    RESOLVED My ship wont turn

    That doesn't look very 'normal' haha! Usually it extends to about the height of the large sail and just a little over the extremes of the ship. Your saves can be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\298610\remote\SaveGames My only idea would be to rip it out of the game world, and place it in to an empty space with nothing else, to see if perhaps the computer has been attached to it somewhere other than inside the ship (perhaps it fell down under the ground or glitched to a far away place, but still attached, and thus can't use ship). Just a thought but I could try if you like.
  16. John - NEXFER

    Taking local rain really seriouse

    Did a super small storm spawn next to you or what?
  17. John - NEXFER

    RESOLVED My ship wont turn

    If you pass me a copy of your save game, I will attempt to fix you. I figure if I rip a composition of your ship out of the explore mode, paste it into a no-world editor, I should be able to see if there is a computer attached to it somewhere. If possible, fix the issue and plop it back in to your explore mode next to the starting island or something.
  18. John - NEXFER

    RESOLVED [YLD-8025] Horse + Bed

    So, it seems that a tamed and named horse, is a dangerous predator, that you cannot sleep around! Trivial bug really - if you have your horse too close to your house / bed, it will give an error message saying that it's not safe to sleep. Upon moving your horse a small distance away from your house, sleeping works fine. Bring your horse back, dangerous again!
  19. John - NEXFER

    What are your PC Specs? \o/

    My Beast Rig (Mid ranged gaming is all I can afford right now lol) Case: Vantage Red Gaming Case (3 LED fans) Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit MoBo: Gigabyte Z270-Gaming K3 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.8GHz (Kaby Lake) RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 @ 3800MHz GPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING X PSU: Fractal Design 500w 80 Plus Certified 34a HDD: 1tb Western Digital WD10EZEX 64mb Cache 7200rpm Mouse: Corsair M65 PRO RGB Keyboard: Corsair Raptor K30 Display: 46 inch Generic BUSH LED TV Chair: X-Rocker Elite Pro Gaming Chair (Several motors vibrate in the chair on booms etc + sub in the back / speakers in the sides) Alt Headset: Turtle Beach Earforce X12 About £1000 for the setup
  20. John - NEXFER

    Newbie asking..

    Good list Regarding - "Keep in mind that (so far) your original spawn is your permanent spawn (this may change eventually). So if you die while travelling you start over at your original spot... plan accordingly" - I could be wrong but I think they have just today patched this, you should now spawn on the island you died on I believe. "As far as I have seen stuff dropped on the ground does not ever despawn so if you cannot make storage yet make a "stuff" pile at your original spawn" - Again I could be wrong here, but I have a feeling that animals will eat most items (if not all). In fact, I've used junk items to lure animals to certain positions (or groups of animals in caves). I'm just not sure if they will try and eat your tools etc! Perhaps not? "As many posters have already written... when sailing other islands are fairly close... max 5 mins ingame. If you sail for 30 + mins... change directions" - The best and most logical way in my opinion, is to simply follow the seagulls from island to island, and take your map / pencil and chart out your world, but this is not quite as fun as exploring in one direction at a time etc! So, it's a personal choice between fun and efficiency haha! All-in-all, great tips for new peoples
  21. John - NEXFER

    RESOLVED Horse Stuck in Tree

    Hi all, Here's a simple enough way to fix your self, until such point as this issue has been patched. @41:50 during a live stream, I got stuck and demonstrated a work-around in the editor. For the developers - @34:50 you can see the process of getting stuck.
  22. John - NEXFER

    How to get pass force field?

    Just a tip for anyone that gets in there legitimately, if you take in some stacks of hay or another item that animals will eat, most of the mutated bears seem to be starving down there - Drop a few down and wait for them to swarm... and then... Sneak passed them... Or Drop a grenade or two on them and kaboom!
  23. John - NEXFER

    DEV ANSWER [YLD-8084] Host Unreachable

    Seems all related, mind if we merge the threads for the devs?
  24. John - NEXFER

    Continue a saved multiplayer world

    Possibly related, mind if we merge the threads for the devs?
  25. If needed, that world might be salvageable, however it would require deleting the affected horse in the editor, or killing it in-game. All in all, a good assessment of the current issues, thanks! *Edit - you said the horse died well... not sure then! This sometimes happens with a living horse, and removing it makes things work again... but... no horse!