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Found 11 results

  1. I think it would be a nice if the chests could be named by the player and when the player hoover with the mouse over the chest the name will show up. That way, if a player is anything like me and forget what I put in wish chest, the name of the chest (like stone, marble, tools, food, raw food, clothes, misc ) tell what is in them. Alternative is to show a list of the items in the chest but that will take up more space and can be clumsier/slower.
  2. sometimes when dragging an object between a chest and the player inventory, the objects get stuck in the transfer and both the object and the block become unusable unless I reload the game. This issue happens across all placed chests in the same location that the failed transfer occurs. The objects can sometimes be seen floating on a random spot of the screen. I have tried to replicate this issue, but it seems to happen randomly and frequently. Has anyone else experienced this issue? all provided screenshots are of different chests and a single instance of the issue during a single gameplay.
  3. Hi everyone! I need help! Potential spoilers ahead - this is all happening on [OFFICIAL] Explore PA 15. Story first: Been going around for days, trying to find a submarine sphere to fit the key I found in a cave structure. It took me days because my map was resetting every time I left the server... Finally located the downed submarine by pure accident in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It had no locked sphere in it or around it. There was a bamboo chest on top with some sailor stuff. I found coins and a goblet inside. I excavated all around that wreck and there was nothing else to be found. I thought "oh well, there's always the floating structure on the starter yland, maybe the submarine sphere is there". I go back to my yland to prepare. I get back to starter yland and climb to the top of the floating structure. I then build a small cannon to shoot the Tesla Coils down. I shoot 1 cannonball, and realize the cannon is bugged and I cannot reload it. I destroy the cannon and get the material back - but the cannon is still physically there. I make a cannon, shoot the Tesla, destroy the cannon and repeat the process 10 times. The Tesla does not go down, despite registering hits from a dead-close cannon 10 times. I am out of cannonballs so I put on my rubber suit and step into the Tesla. I am miraculously unharmed. There is nothing on the roof with the Tesla Coils and I take the ladder down. I am in an empty room with two Ylandium generators. There is absolutely nothing there. Now the questions (I am more than willing to log in with one or more of you guys and gals, and figure this out): 1) Is there more than 1 submarine wreck on the server? Could it happen? Since the one I found had no sphere. 2) Are cannons bugged for everyone or just me? Could you log unto PA 15 and let me know if it's just the server? Are Tesla Coils supposed to go down to cannonballs? If so, how many shots? 3) Since crafting Guardian Armor, animals can't seem to hit me at all, I can't drown underwater and generally can't take damage. Is a rubber suit (shirt, pants, flippers, breathing mask) known to be invulnerable to Tesla Coils? Is it just me being invulnerable on the server by some kind of bug? 4) I read a lot of reports of finding locked chests inside the floating structure. Has anyone ever encountered a floating structure that had no treasure in it? This was really frustrating, felt like days of work are for absolutely nothing. I don't know if it's bugged or I just fell on the wrong side of the Random Hammer. Can anyone help figuring this out? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Trying to open Chests but i have another craft/inventory menu instead. The way i found to go around is click on "Clik here to search" then delete(backspace), clicking on inventory then closing the window, then after i can open chest.
  5. I think this may have happened to me in an earlier version of the game too but it happened again just recently. I was flattening the floor in my underground base with an Iron Shovel and my stone chest next to my blacksmith station disappeared. I checked up on the surface and it had somehow clipped through the earth and ended up on the surface with all of it's contents intact. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  6. BigBoss87

    Chest password

    Hi guys! I would like to know how to find a password for a chest.l I found a site with a chest blocked by written password. Would this password be in a book somewhere on the map? Thank you
  7. Tristaris

    Adding items to chests

    I just purchased the game for myself and my girlfriend and what I've played so far I'm... actually very impressed at the game and how soothing it is to me. I absolutely love it. However, I've stumbled across an issue or two that I'd be interested in finding out if there's a way to fix it. When I host a game we are mostly playing together and usually build together and such. I like that we can both use the chests and stuff that we can place. However, when the chest is full, and you attempt to add things that are already in the chest to increase the stack size, when you right click the item to add it, it will not deposit unless there's a free slot inside it. Is there a way to make it do so? Thanks for any helpful responses!
  8. I know, that storing chests in inventory would be a game breaking mechanic (stacking inventory infinitely), but i think there should be a method to pick up chests, and boxes too. This kind of pickup should be limited to 1 at a time, and prevent players to interact with anything, open inventory or switch to any kind of items while carrying. It also could slow you down, and prevent jumping. To prevent stealing locked chest from each other, you could nail it to the floor (hammer interaction with chest consuming nails), but it also prevents you to move the chest, while it has anything under it. It would deepen the immersion in the game. Imagine a trade between players, loading and unloading boxes to the ship, instead of looting boxes and crates to load it into another chest. From technical side, you already have objects containing objects, and become carriable (seed packet, sea shell container, herb bag), the only extra programming & development it would need, to lock the chest in your hand, and prevent any interactions, and item uses, and modify movement (like what's happening, while you ride a horse). The only interaction what's possible while carrying a crate, is free placing the chest. Also, the chest interactions are a heartwarming addition to pirates too. Stealing chests, moving it to your own deck, and opening it with the crew watching, instead of hammering it in a haste on enemy ship / base / underwater wreckage.
  9. Im playing on a Server I host myself together with 2 friends and I cant open any chests anymore. I cant dig the ground, animals dont move etc. This is already second time, that I have this bug. Restarting the Server doesnt help, only starting a complete new game helps. I think the bug occured after one of my friends died but iam not sure. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. DePemy

    Chests and their slots

    Hi! I have a tiny suggestion for the chests. I love crafting them to hold my unnecessary stuff. But I think it would make things a lot easier and better to -for instance when you hover over them, that you can see how many slots it contains. I know it's not much, but I just started playing. Keep up the good work! DePemy
  11. Hi there, I've been having a problem when opening chests/containers and then left-clicking on an item in my inventory which brings up the item info window (where you can chose to break, equip and drop the item). However, closing this item window then leads straight to just the main inventory window rather than back to the chest/container inventory window. Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong? It's really annoying when trying to move lots of items back and forth. Also, is there a way of moving half a stack of items or individuals items from a stack into/out of a chest/container as well as dropping a whole stack of items from your inventory? Cheers