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Found 446 results

  1. The title says it all .. I have been ruthlessly slain by an invisible predator.! I was initially slain ... (trying to work out the combat system..) and came back, gathered my loot and then slew the offending leopard. The an new leopard "spawned" alongside me and before i could react, was made into a leopard meal. I cam back and could see my loot, and the leopard, but then something attacked me ..it was invisible.. I made it back to my house at my base and it was still attacking me. I then perished on the doorstep .."Ruthlessly slain by a leopard.." but all the time it was invisible.. i tried to respawn but screen froze ..i had to end task . logs attached.. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. From Eudae on Steam (I have the same problem) : "Crafting multiple items while inventory is full stalled my game. Steps to reproduce: 1)Run around the island for 2 minutes spamming RMB until your inventory is full 2)Attempt to craft 200 grass ropes using the craft multiple menu (CTRL + RMB) 3)Crash On a very high spec computer". And for me, my computer blocked when I craft even 10 things in the crafting menu.
  3. I don't know if it is a server issue or a ylands issue. I was on a new (created yesterday) map on the P1 dedicated EU server. I have having jaggy issues. Two steps pauuuuuse. Two steps pauuuuuuse. Picking up items both by right clicking and using the vicinity tool. Click, wait, item picks up. Lather, rinse, repeat. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. I hesitate to report this bug, because is just so handy to have it sometimes, but it does make the game way too easy when it's exploited. The bug involves items carried in a container in a player's inventory (any pickable container will do this; I've tested them all) and transferring them to another container. 1. Get 2 units of a resource or stackable item. 2. Get a container that it can be placed in, and carried in your inventory. For infinite Flax, Cotton, or Magic Blossom, for example, use the Herb Bag. (I'll call this one the "Bag" to keep the explanation clear.) 3. Set up a separate container in the area around you, not in your inventory. Any container that can hold the item will do. I'll call this one the "Chest" to keep them separate. 4. Place 1 of the item directly in the chest, and 1 in the bag in your inventory. 5. Open the chest. In your inventory, open the bag. 6. Right-click on the item in the bag, as if you want to move it into the chest. The stack count in the chest will increase, but the item in the bag will not decrease or go away. You can repeat until the stack in the chest is full. If the stack you are carrying is more than 1, then the stack in the chest will increase by the amount you have. If you have 10, then it will go up by 10 with each click. If there are multiple partial stacks in the chest (CTRL+drag to separate a stack) then it will continue until all of them are full. If the player finds one of the old pickable versions of clay pots (there are some that can be found in random sites around an Explore map) then the player can create infinite amounts of anything that is stackable, once they have 2 of that item.
  5. Hi, The small bamboo stair block (1x1x1) has an unbalanced craft, you need 1 bamboo stick to get 2 stair blocks: And when you dismantle it you get 1 bamboo stick per bamboo stair block: As you can see you can produce infinite bamboo exploding this bug. Also, I suggest adding an in game option to report bugs. Thank you for develop this game and make an effort to continue with it. I hope dungeons will come soon. Me
  6. I used CTRL+double click to select multiple of the same type of object. The selection included entities that were not currently loaded. When I pressed F to focus, I was thrown completely out of the map (I got the "leaving Ylands" message) and a few moments later the game crashed. I this specific case, it was a submarine wreck, so there would only be a few across the map, but far enough apart that they would not all be loaded together. When looking at ways to fix this, could you consider an option to cycle through the selected items if the count is low enough? (Kind of a "focus on next") Also maybe an option to restrict selection to loaded objects only. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. I have a player onthe P1 server who constantly loses control of his power barrier. He thinks it is because he forgets to log out and when he eventually dies it causes this to happen. Yes, he should log out. But the bigger picture is, he shouldn't lose control of his barrier jst because he died.
  8. One of our players ended up on my island as a respawn .. his ship went in circles and he could not stop it. he got drowned when he was tossed off it . I took my ship with him on board and we located the ship it had stopped. he told me his other ship he built was not steering as well. I then tried to turn back to my island base... my ship would not turn either direction. I tried reverse...it worked slowly, but would not turn. O managed to sail to the island straight ahead ...and as i released the helm after stopping was tossed overboard... i was faster than the waiting shark, fortunately... I tried a relog .... and no go . still the ship would move only straight ... forward or revers and i couldn't turn In desperation i parked it and made a temp camp, hoping there is a restart that will fix it ..or if i do not die in the meantime, a fix .. Logs attached . output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Not sure if this is a bug but I figured I should mention it. Scenario 1: Step 1) Equip NPC with an item such as a teacup. Step 2) Using the editor, force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air Results: The player has unequiped the teacup in their hand after finishing the emote. Scenario 2: Step 1: Force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air. Step 2: Equip the NPC with an item such as a teacup. Results: The NPC does not "equip" the teacup in their hands. Conclusion: Forcing an NPC to do an emote makes them unable to equip items in their hands.
  10. It is the first time this happens to me, there was a small mistake in the creation of the map, the vegetation that is missing, I eliminated it, but one island was created on top of another. This is in the editor's generator. ERROR_GENERACION_PROCEDURAL.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. hey When you go far back into the history it stops your mouse from working, you cant look around or click ANYTHING i had to restart ylands. i think this happens when you go into history from an old save because i saved my game as a new scenario just before i ecountered this bug
  12. While playing alone on a sharegame (owned by me), my computer lost power and shut down. When trying to open the save, the loading gets stuck and part of the inventory shows up. The same happens for other players and even after removing the game from the sharegames list (and creating a local save).
  13. I bought the skirt from NPC vendor. It's not showing up. I tried taking it off and putting it back on again. No bueno. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Okay share game, when log on my friend share game about a minute or so my character stop moving and having to restart game get him move than stop. okay on the rent server , the game also has the problem my character stop moving in couple minutes join the game . output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. Hey, I don't know if this has already been said but when you press control and double click the undo button then you loose the ability to click on the screen, however, you are still able to use the keys and move around. Only way to fix it is to force the game to shut down
  16. Tried to feed items into my blueprint machine...went to gather resources ... stone, logs etc but nothing was appearing in inventory! I can access whats is already in inventory ... but? but? but? Logs attached ... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. Editor is crashing when I try to create new "world" and game is not responding. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  18. Hi, ..., but if you come close, magic plants are already harvested or just growing. Bye... ComR
  19. I can craft and place beds without a problem. The issue is that once I place them, I cannot lay down. I don't want to have to start a new game because of this. All of this coincidentally started after I died on my ship, during the night.
  20. Started sharedgame without the owner , my character started anew by itself instead of starting in the previous progress.. this bug has been ongoing ever since in multiplayer since last year..please fix this its annoying af. Now i cant do anything because im on the starter island instead of the other island my friend is in. Edit : My map progress is resetted , its an entirely new character , as if my previous character didnt exist. My crafting tree resetted. Why do i get punished by the game for this kind of bugs left unfixed?output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txt Surely you know how frustrating it is to restart after progressing so much. Whats the point of having sharedgame if the temporary host is going to restart character?
  21. Hey While i am in the editor Entities inside of groups randomly delete themselves im not sure what is causing this its usually just one entity out of a group THIEVES_VS_SECURITY_V7.5.zip
  22. I was trying to dig some iron ore ..and to my surprise dirt went everywhere but there was no action from the spade i held ... i then changed back to hand and flew to another site ..as soon as i landed there was a 'tut-tut-tut...( repeating) sound and dirt flew like i was digging.. i changed to another tool and i got the same sound ... even with the keyring and got a " failed" alert... opening map also got the same result.... i couldn't dig, feed, open doors .........or scratch myself and that sound kept repeating with the failed message 2 rejoins and a complete exit from ylands a return did not fix it.. A server restart fixed it Logs attached for you to read whilst sitting in front of a cosy fire in your slippers with a strong drink .. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  23. Hey When I click on a colour block in a script to edit the colour and then i press cancel my screen freezes, i cant select deselect blocks ect i can only interact with the editor UI, what i usually do is just click edit script and then everything goes back to normal
  24. Crystal-a630652b607b365a

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-14086] About missing ship

    To. Mailuki I upload my remote file. Missing ship is in Fairyworld save. I hope bug is fixed. Thanks remote.zip
  25. Hi, I've got a problem with Ylands - the game crashes everytime i try to start it - as you can see on the screenshot. It happens when Unity is trying to load up, or something.. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt