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    Came Back

    Came back after 8 months. UI is a complete wreck, playing with an Xbox One controller is impossible, optimization non existent. Go ahead and call me a troll, or that I am "Toxic" exc.... How about 600+ hours back in January and now I come back to enjoy some of the new features and it really is RUINED for me. You guys had every major Youtube player showcasing and you dropped the ball. I am sure many of us recommended doing some "IMMEDIATE" fixes to hold and increase numbers. You guys do realize how many PC players use an Xbox One controller right? My experience with gaming companies is that when they make mistakes with updates (UI Sucks) they tend to not admit take responsibility. Betting you guys are going to do the same, so my short love affair with Ylands is over. Good luck, but I'm betting clearance isle 4-6 months after 1.0
  2. arkaeldren

    Too much Ylands brand Rum and this happened

    Oh my god you rolled me out meh chair Kim.... seriously that made my daily check in.
  3. arkaeldren

    Mulitplayer buddies

    Pacific NW here as well. Play times can vary with a good group/w mic. I am "Old" so have no clue what Discord is .
  4. arkaeldren


    Yeah its been requested and tons of threads requesting more of these "tool" belt type items. But yes, soon they will implement such items. Have a great day bud.
  5. arkaeldren

    [Suggestion] Hatch small boat to a big ship

    No offense bud, but a simple search would show the multitude of threads discussing this idea, as well as maybe being able to find them on the main pages almost pinned. Yes, most of us would LOVE this feature. Have a great day.
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    Be careful, the more you explore the longer your lag pauses will be.
  7. arkaeldren

    Whaling in the deep sea

    Unlike some I refuse to be walking on egg shells, or afraid I might hurt some ones delicate sensibility's in a Virtual World. This world has far far to much of that already. "This" is a video game about being stranded and making a life for ones self. Go ahead and not kill anything if you don't want, but as some one once told me here, they are PIXELS. Had to do a huge culling of seagulls on every island.... No kidding HUNDREDS. Now to make this clear, I am a complete animal "Lover" and could tell you stories of how many times I have shed tears over silly things, like a baby rabbit I rescued from the mouth of a cat no bigger than a couple walnuts, the rabbit not the cat . It died in my hands 4 days later, after waking me from sleep. I cried for about 10 minutes. I was a 17 year old logger in Oregon at the time. I watch Vids of Orcas and Dolphins and I spray profanity at the large groups of intellectually challenged people. I still tear up all the time, I lost my 12 year old buddy which was a Wolf/Malamute hybrid a couple years back and I hate.... Hate how bad that hurts. I apologize for the Diary of Dren, but this is a VIDEO GAME.
  8. arkaeldren

    Sneak Peek #44

    Thx for the mention about the lag, I wont bring it up again Ales. Its a lot harder to understand "your" situation from my seat, great work and I am really praying for your team and this project. "Praying" wasn't the right term, but you get me.
  9. arkaeldren

    Sneak Peek #44

    Nah damnit, yes I LOVE all of what you guys are releasing. How about the Dinghy, or being able to turn your headlamp on and off??? Come on guys, I've seen a lot of good requests that are reasonably minor to implement with time and effort. How about the hang time on lag pauses that get incrementally worse with the amount of exploration you do. PLEASE, I'm trying to not stop playing, so are a ton of other players and the lag is one of the major reasons. Now that I said that, I love this community and the developers, even though I am a bit off in the head, and no one has said anything yet. Edit: Couple things i forgot, the sound range of the Chem bench and the generators and or Charge station are almost infinite. They need to have an adjustment to the distance you can hear them. Thumbs up guys, cant stand hearing my chem bench while in my bedroom from 80m away.
  10. I have been thinking of the starting 11 Ylands as a type of Level I situation, then over time you could beat the best the starting Ylands have to offer, collect all the best loot and outfit a Blue Water vessel. Maybe at some point beating a final boss that would drop a map giving you general directions towards the "New set of Ylands" level II basically. Unlike the normal storms between Ylands, a trip into Blue Water, to transit to the Level II set of Ylands, would be much more horrific with "Large" seas and storms that could even damage Masts and sails which would/could result in needing repairs. Possibly with small stop off single Ylands, with the necessary materials and safe harbor to refit your Damaged ship. Depending on how well you built your "Blue Water vessel" it could possibly sink leaving you with just your Dinghy to reach one of the small refitting Ylands. Sounds a bit punishing but I like the idea, and Ales and Ane wanted the feel of a serious survival aspect. Well if the possibility of sinking and loosing most of your stuff doesn't scare the crap out of you, the sharks in Open Blue Water sure would. This would be an Epic way to transition to the higher tiers within the mid to end game. Or some modification of what I have posted. I'm either delusional over this because I thought of it, or its a great idea, I cant tell the difference(Or I just need some sleep ) What do you guys think???? yeah, not about needing sleep either.
  11. arkaeldren

    Tides..and tidal influences?

    This^^^ Because the idea of tidal shifts as well as any type of tidal change would be INCREDIBLE. Voting this to become a reality at some point.
  12. arkaeldren


    Man came to face his accusers, not to say that means hes truthful, but I for one appreciate this kind of behavior. Like he has stated, maybe just a quick chat before jumping to conclusions would and should be first course of action.
  13. arkaeldren

    Dev Diary #25

    I think its a bit of an exaggeration calling it 6-7 seconds, but it is a persistent and serious issue. On an ending note, thank you for being patient with your responses. I could not be so diplomatic with any gaming community.
  14. arkaeldren

    Dev Diary #25

    To me this just helps validate all the great issues with Alpha, especially with a new IP. Putting out fires as well as creating as much content per patch that is possible. Stating the obvious sure, but its an extremely critical balance, to find assets to include in every update, where the ROI equates to maintaining player interest/satisfaction. Reminds me of Micro$oft purchasing MC for a calm 2.5bil, then Mojang as well as whomever else was thrown at the project to do basically nothing. Sitting back watching the modding community create TONS of content, with practically Zero staff, then watching vids from the lead of Minecraft brag about releasing another "SKIN PACK". Why it reminds me? Because they paid an Incredible, VAST amount of money thinking they could just ride out its current state. Minecraft might still be one of largest cash cows in gaming, but its loosing ground fast, and that is due to a complete halt of innovating and creating new content. With a new IP its all about trying to figure out the most cost effective/wanted changes, additions with every update. Thing is that's just as true with a Monster like Minecraft as it is with Ylands.
  15. arkaeldren

    Dev Diary #25

    Like I said, I am just reiterating on what has made some new IP launches successful and some fail. I am absolutely not telling you anything your team doesn't already know. No matter what a person thinks of himself, or what the people around him tell him he is, being so wise as to not feel the need to listen to lets say, a 60 year old homeless man, might mean he believes he's "wise enough". My bad, philosophy always sounds so trite. Ales I am looking forward to everything your team plans to release over the next coming months, I am addicted and completely feel the gaming industry has lost sight of the meaning of entertainment. So much "Realistic Graphics" video quality with ultra smooth frame rates. Wanna know why Zelda BOTW did so well, or why Fable is still considered one of the best games to come out of that decade. You don't have to look to far, Ylands has this.
  16. arkaeldren


    Thx Bud, many many friends are waiting out the EA for now because the content is a bit shallow. But I'm flat out addicted. GIVE ME MY DAMN DINGHY that I can tie behind my Exploration Vessel..... please
  17. arkaeldren

    Dev Diary #25

    Not trying to be picky here, bugs should always be a number one priority, but so is keeping updates fresh with "REQUESTED" additions and changes. 1) Dinghy being tied to main ship 2) Being able to simply zoom out to see your entire map. 3) Storage solutions such as toolbelt exc. 4) Additional crafting/cooking of any kind. 5) Decorative/Construction/Weapon or any and all types of items. These are models, with skins, that do not take much time to roll these assets straight into updates. 6) A couple new ship types, again these can be done with very little impact on team resources, but provide huge gains towards keeping current players interested. (Were already loosing some higher level Youtubers just from lack of content let alone end game) Now I know this is a slow process and the ideas the team plans to implement are vast and full of content, but during this time we need visible, tangible content that directly relates to what we have been doing since Dec EA of Ylands. MP might be a huge long term supporter for Ylands, in fact I'm sure at some point, the ratio to solo players will be extremely significant. But right now we have a TON of solo players needing updates with the community's requests to be included. NPC's are a decent team resource but will end up being a quick burst of game play with very short longevity in comparison to just "More Sh!t to do, build, craft and explore. Please don't take anything I say as derogatory or condescending, I really want to see this new IP succeed. Thx guys, sure hope your team has gotten some fresh blood and numbers, and that you have the capability to produce quality/quantity at the rate its going to take to keep this on the Gaming Radar.
  18. I completely agree with you on all points. I thought earlier in the gaming times, that it was centered around one specific age group, then I realized it was almost every age group, "Almost". Sad thing, as long as we have people out their that allow themselves to get Medieval enjoyment by hurting other people, these games are going to attract them. These people are just Di@k heads and clowns. Ruined DayZ for me and that was truly one of the best experiences I have had gaming for many years. At least it means Ylands is attracting a larger audience, but needs to be handled asap for its future.
  19. So like it says we need sort by Alphabetic Name exc. All the tabs from crafting as well as a couple others would be very nice. Tired of organizing all my accessory storage boxes, herb bag, seed container exc you get the picture. Also please add an Ore Box, and the well needed tool belt. Thx guys keep up the work, game is getting wife aggro so your doing a good job. would love to be able to move this or delete please.
  20. Keybind for the love of all that's unholy. This is a serious issue to a lot of people so devs, give er a fix please. Fix being a keybind on off choice.
  21. arkaeldren

    Daytime Length

    Just a quick question for you Ane, is there a way to adjust the length of day in the ini file or some where steam users have access to? I would like about a 20-30% increase in daytime and about a 10-15% decrease in night time. Thx great work, really looking forward to an unlimited procedural generated world and seriously looking forward to "Optimization".
  22. arkaeldren

    Daytime Length

    Well I'm bummed, found something in Remote/ylands.tx line 48 general.yCreating.gameTimeScale=23.95 Thx Ane, going to miss the days the devs get back in a day or so during a fricken holiday. But you guys wont miss those days, it will mean Ylands has taken flight and is way to busy.
  23. arkaeldren

    Dev Diary #24

    I'm always a bit skeptical with new EA games. I have watched to many great ideas get slummed down to politics, to many yes men and most of all just pure greed. Christmas isn't the time to make requests, or push for changes, its a time to be thankful for who you love, and who loves you. Def not how great the gifts were, or how many you got under a tree. Its January 1st Ylanders, I didn't get a single gift "under my tree", I got to cuddle with the wife, hug all my children and eat a great dinner with 10 of my closest family members. My Christmas was Merry, and the gifts were picked well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ylands Team........ Dren
  24. arkaeldren

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    Macro bud, simply repeating the mouse hold down with correct timing 50 times in a row. My right mouse button thanks me.
  25. arkaeldren

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    Taters, all the way. Macro to plant 50 at a time with a crafting potion after 4-500 and I'm good for a long while. Not to mention they do hold saturation almost as well as cooked "Beef". I'm not going to run the numbers but when someone does its going to be taters for the win with the best ROI.