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Found 41 results

  1. I've found a few more bugs and hopefully I haven't duplicated a post somewhere but here goes: - Infinite seeds. I cut down a rubber tree and the seeds went into my seed box. After equipping them to my dynamic slot I could plant infinite amounts of rubber trees. Looking in my seed box I still had one seed. - Dynamic slot doesn't update. When using coal in my dynamic slot to fuel engines on my ship I can keep clicking to fuel and even when it gets to 0 it will continue or the item won't disappear from the slot. - Car Chassis. I placed a car chassis down by my home and after I died (trying to get past tesla coils!!) my car chassis seemed to have disappeared? Also can I suggest that the cabinets and storage with scrollable slots be able to be scrolled using the middle mouse scroller please. Would make life so much more easier.
  2. Hi, I have found a few new bugs: 1) Big stuck in the wall problem. You cannot move through horizontal space 5 bricks high, but It is possible to jump into it or use ladders to do it. So, you can move there, but you cannot move out or jump out of the trap! You cannot duck, so, the only way is to demolish bricks above your head and/or bricks below you - only then you are able to jump out. I realized that bug in one of the abandon hunting house (that one with horns in frons and two ladders). There is space exactly 5 bricks high and I already, was stucked there for 4-5 times. I was lucky and had a good axe with me, however you CANNOT AIM at bricks directly above you or directly below you, so you have to destroy everything close to you and wish for luck! Please, try to add an exception allowing you to move out from any brick (stone/tree?), just for any case. Maybe option to crawl/bend your knees (maybe also to move quiet?) whould be useful? 2) Some trees after being sawed off are still unreachable. These are there, but you cannot hit them, even if you stand just beside it on "in it". Digging out lost part of the tree changes nothing. This happens mostly when one tryy have two roots: palms and birches. It seems that all depends on rotation of the fallen tree? 3) Some plants, esp. dried ones are still invisible to player - it's there, but I cannot reach it even standing on it. 4) After chopping trees on mass, very often parts are hungin in in the air - because tree being there before was removed. I can jump or build temporal ramp to get it, but there is bigger problem: 5) There are still situations when during digging out any resources parts of soil/triangular shapes are hinging in the air. Sometimes you can reach these with picks sometimes with spades, but mostly you cannot do anything, because you cannot aim pick, spade or shovel so high. I tried axes, swords or hands too - nothing helps. Very annoying. BTW. see next point, please. 6) Most of the tools have ranges of "aiming", however these are awkwards sometimes: You cannot aim with your spear! Spears are and should be long and could reach angry animals above you or below you (that happens very often because I'm always trying to climb a tree, my sheds od any higround. Spear is useless as other weapons in these cases - the only way is projectile weapons. Please, correct it. Additionally larger area of targetting would help with reaching and destroying objects "levitating" in the air as sticks, wood pieces, soil and so on... You cannot aim with weapons, axes, picks or spades directly obove your head and below your head. This is maybe realistic, but if you are stuck in bricks or trying to reach levitating objects - you're screwed. I'm always trying to reach bricks and objects I'm trapped in in first person view. 7) I'm not sure if it was ment to work this way (this is certainly realistic), but one day I fell of the cliff on my small boat. I died, but the boat flipped upside down. I couldn't control it, of course (which is realistic too), however it was biiiig loss for me at the time. It there any way, including cheats, to flip my boat right way again? 8) What happened to drying racks?? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it would be very useful to dry fish, meat and fruits, additionally it would be good way to make hay of grass. If you removed drying racks from the game, please - make it back. It would be very nice to make it possible to have better food without fire. And... some more diversity. How could I make hay!? I have tons of grass and I'd like to make roofs for my sheds... :(( All the best, Bartosz Radziszewski
  3. Playing as a client on my friend's server, I built a car last night and today it's gone, no trace.
  4. This game is very addicting and fun to play, the only downside are the bugs making this game almost unplayable in multiplayer. Bugs: Items turning invisible when interacting/placing Relog causes the map to erase everything Random lag spike Climbing ship ladder teleports me to another ship Item in inventory turns invisible and not accessible Boat completely stopped working in the middle of sea Suggestions: Items in inventory/chest should be combined automatically Removing dead bodies!!!!!! There are dead bodies laying around my ship/base, preventing me from building Allow more than one key per door for multiplayer (playing as a group if only one player can unlock/lock door sucks) Building blocks should be easier for taking down by the player who placed it (building a base with stone block and messing up is a nightmare if I have to hit the blocks to get rid of it)
  5. So I started playing multiplayer with my brother and I noticed that the crafting recipies di not unlock when they should, as they did on singleplayer when I played by myself. Enyone know why, or how to fix the issue?
  6. Me and my friend discovered some bugs while playing Multiplayer (I try to recreate these bugs with screenshots and videos later): The wooden raft begins to float in the air when the water level gets lower due to digging and building. Sometimes when picking up items, plants etc. you're character gets stuck in the picking up animation or completely freezes. Map resetting when disconnected (known bug) The water has a very weird behavior when the sand beneath it is modified. Sometimes it completely disappears. It also sometimes generates holes in the water. Every time i walk past a sail on a ship i get teleported to the side and fall from the ship. The ship is a little glitchy in general, when im not in control of the ship. (This doesn't happen to the host) Another bug from the ship is that when i climb up the ladder, it keeps the swimming animation until i jump. (This is only visible for myself, not for other players) Sometimes items that are picked up or crafted are not visible until you scroll the inventory. These are all bugs we found for now, im gonna update this post if we find more.
  7. Ashton Tryhuba

    lighting now working

    when I launch the game in the background ever thing is dark when I am in the game you cannot see anything in the night in the morning it is a tiny bit lighter but I cannot make out anything in the game there is also green flashing at my face sometimes
  8. So I have been playing Ylands since about 2 days ago and I love the game very much! I have not had many problems or bugs at all until today. I was crafting something (I dont remember what) and the game wasnt registering that i had hit the craft button multiple times and then when i would try to equip things in my inventory it wouldnt work. 2 minutes later the items i was trying to craft showed up in my inventory and the items i tried to equip were all of a sudden equipped. I then thought it was fix but as i tried to mine, the ground wouldnt budge and no dirt or iron ore for example would appear. I would have to wait like 5 minutes for anything to happen. It makes the game impossible to play and I am really sad about it because i was really enjoying this game. Oddly enough, when I go to my kiln while this stuff is happening and i pull up the kilns crafting page, it will temporarily fix it for about 20-30 seconds and ill be able to mine for that long but then it will go right back to not registering my hits on the ground. Please help!
  9. Hello, I've noticed that when you drag an item to the hotbar replacing another one, the replaced item sometimes get bugged in the inventory, making it impossible to select it again until reloggin. You're going to see it clearly in the image attached. Thanks for the hard work!
  10. I downloaded the free trial of the game and installed it, when I click log in it goes through and gives me this error. Also I would like to note that I have no files in the 'Game' folder so I could not get the output log. DxDiag.txt
  11. Hi all, So I love the updates, they are great fun, but sadly I must post the bugs as usual and bring down the mood If anyone else has something that I've missed, feel free to contribute to this thread. - Ship compositions All ship / boat compositions that I had saved, and all those from the workshop (I've tried deleting them and re-downloading etc), are bugged beyond belief, they appear to be over layering hundreds of ships on top of each other. This causes them to create immense system lag while hovering over them in the editor, and if you attempt to spawn one, the system overloads and freezes up completely (requiring a reboot). You can see the attached picture for an example, or simply try download any ship compositions from the workshop and spawn the composition in the editor to see it first hand. - Ships / Boats in multiplayer (dedicated server) As soon as you step foot on a ship in multiplayer, the screen starts doing a weird shaking thing that does not stop until you relog, and even still then persists if you go back to your ship, I spawned these ships using the cube, so it is possible this is related. I first noticed this while using an anchor on a ship, however, since then it has happened just by landing on a ship. Further, it seems that there is an issue with the interaction between the new waves system and the ship floating, as the ships with these issues, are not moving with the waves. After this bug happens, moving around and trying to walk or swim all bugs out. I can record a video of it if needed, it happened while I was streaming so it can be observed there as well. Most recently, I fell under the map when this bug occurred, and became unable to log back in until I rebooted the server, as it was becoming stuck on "raising oceans 33%". Also, whenever using an anchor, it says "failed", though this bug seems trivial in comparison. Also worth noting, is that as soon as you spawn a ship with the cube, it tends to fall down, land in the water and start floating - this however is not the case since the update, the ship spawns static and does not start floating, this seems highly related to the issue. I've just tested rafts - getting on a raft is just fine, operating a raft works fine (though the waves are a bit odd!), as soon as you get off the raft, the screen shaking starts. This issue persists through a relog, it requires a new character to fix it (/killme). - Energy switches in multiplayer (dedicated server) This is still bugged, though I heard talk of updating the energy system, so perhaps this isn't going to be a bug in the future anyway, but as it stands, if a guest tries to operate an energy switch, on the guest's screen, nothing happens, on the host's screen however, you can see the actions happening from the switching. - Logged out deaths in multiplayer (dedicated server) Are players still able to starve / freeze while offline? If so, they can die inside a locked house while logged off, then have no way to get back inside (as their key is inside). Simple solutions could be to have players disappear while offline (taken out of the game world), or simply stop the effects of hunger etc applying to them while offline. On a positive note, the dedicated server seems pretty stable, good job devs!
  12. I've played Ylands in Multiplayer on a dedicated server for 2 weeks now and this is what I've found so far (that I can remember). Server spec: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR4 Ram SSD Drive 100/100 mbit connection Client #1 Spec: Intel Core i7 (5th gen) 16 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 960 100/10 mbit connection Client #2: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR 4 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1050 100/10 mbit connection Client #3: Intel Core i7 (4th gen) 24 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1060 100/100 mbit connection Bugs: 1. Version in launcher says 0.4.3423 but news says the latest version should be 0.4.35021 rolled back to 0.4.34289 ? 2. Breaking a tool causes the server to crash (sometimes) 3. Built two large ships, climbing the ladder on the 2nd ship made me enter the first ship. (sometimes, a server restart solves this issue) 4. Placing items on a ship, last item disappears. Eg. If placing 4 cubes on a ship, the last cube would just disappear. (client restart solves this issue) 5. Sometimes the server launcher get stuck at starting. (soleved by exiting all instances of Ylands.exe in the task manager 6. A client restart is sometimes needed when dying on a ship to make all player items visible. Edit: 7. Launching the server monitor via Windows Remote Desktop and then exiting Remote Desktop and reconnecting to the server via Remote Desktop causes the server monitor to be displayed in maximized state.
  13. silentghoust

    Artifacts in rendering.

    I noticed lots of artifacts(rendering glitches) when duplicating pieces or moving them around too much. As seen in this video. I manage to fix them by simply deleting the glitching blocks, and duplicating none-glitched blocks. Couple footnotes. The artifacts persist when hitting play in the editor. Haven't tested loading the map up in single player. Aside from it seeming having something to do with duplication, I can't seem to narrow the direct cause down.
  14. BUG: I recently been working with triggers, and found some bugs, moving objects after a number of times the relative position coordinates get messed, you can easily see in a recently composition i made (elevator) after a number of uses the lever starts being moved with a higher value of Y making it float on the air in the elevator. (used time triggers with move entity instantly relative positions, for levers, floor and player, some for going up, some for going down) Suggestion#1: Noticed that the event trigger: Ask Player, is not case sensitive, i know that it's to save the trouble of not having to input upper case versions of the answer. But i feel like it removes some custom answers, for example, if a player answers in upper cases, having as a reply: there was no need for yelling, just as an example. It would be wonderful if in the trigger there was a check option to enable or disable case sensitive. BUG screenshots, it seems to happen when i go both directions up and down, if i keep moving up it doesn't happen at least 99% of the times Time trigger to move both levers up 0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Time trigger to move both levers down -0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Hope you take this info into consideration when tweaking the trigger system
  15. Finnaly had some time today to play this great game again Came across a few minor glitches that i decided to report to make this great game even better If this have been reported before then i am sorry for that, but i dont have time to read all the topics posted allready as i am sure you will understand First glitch happened when i put food inn 1 of my 2 ovens on my boat, lit them both up and flew to a island close by to pick up more stuff. When i got back 1 of my ovens had totaly glitched out as you can see from the images cant be interacted with No idea why this happened, but now im stuck with a "torch oven" that never stop burning Forever burning Another thing i noticed while saling is that my ylandium torches seem to light up the entire seafloor, i have no idea if this is intended or not but here is a screenshot to show you what i mean. The animal glitches i am sure you are working on but just to be sure il report what i found anyway Killed a sleeping puma mid day and i heard the sword hit him and he fell over but i was unable to gut him and the ZZZzzzZZz signs never disappered. Mutated Leopard sleeping mid day (never found a cave on this island eigther) Seemed weird. When i am gutting animals or doing other things that require me to hold down the mouse key, the progressbar seem to glitch out sometimes but the animation still keeps on going. Map glitch blue squareish thing you see at the bottom of the island: These next 3 images is kinda the same thing but i just wanted to point it out because it seems kinda weird. I was flying too this polar island from my boat and decided to fly high to get a good birdseye view of it. Then i got the freezing sign which is fair enough since i flew towards it tought that was the reason: When i went down (same exact spot) i did not freeze: When i stood on the highest point in this island i did not freeze eigther?!? Another random thing i noticed is that a polar bear takes 3 hits to kill with my mastercrafted ylandium sword which is fair enough, but is it really inteded? Since i 1 hit everything else, brown bear, pumas, rabbits any animals i find in caves etc. Everything basicly, expect for the ostrich for some weird reason takes 2 hits to kill Maybe a ostrich is more thick skinned that a brown bear and demon leopards? Seems unbalanced to me atleast, but i dont really care as long as the parrot gets more HP! Sorry for the lengthy post but i just wanted to let you guys\girls know about these "finds", keep up the good work!
  16. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!