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Found 11 results

  1. ERGZ Ylands Server (ERGZ) ERGZ Ylands Server is a Public Dedicated Server (DS). ERGZ Ylands Server begun testing operations on Jan 17th. ERGZ Ylands Server is apart of the "Active Admins" Network, aka Admins that Actively maintain their servers almost daily to keep it running optimally and efficiently to the best of their abilities. Since Ylands is Early Access, the DS Software will have issues, please remember what to expect on a public server during these times. The ERGZ Ylands Server world is a 0.7 Exploration world, with other 10 Ylands and over 15 NPC's roaming about the world, Protection Barriers to protect your work or home. Features: Low Latency Tuned Network (For Australia/NZ/Oceania) Server hosted in Sydney Data Center, 100Mbit U/D Active Server Owner/Admin: Since i work from home, I'm practically always on the server (unless here) Daily Backups: Every Daily Maintenance or "Cleaning" occurs the World is Backed up Daily Maintenance: Maintenance is usually held at 10pm (AEDT) to 11pm daily 8 Slot Server Rules: All rules can be found on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK Server Wipes: Only 1 Server wipe has been made, this was due to 0.7 adding new content which would not appear on the old 0.6.3 world. In all hindsight, if there is new features or map improvements that require a new map (Dev's call), all in all a wipe would be imminent at the release time. If a wipe is mandatory, In-Game announcement's will be made, shortly prior to the wipe. This page and other places will updated to reflect a wipe. Roll Backs: Due to Windows VPS pricing, the server is now on a hosted service, so backups will be a daily backup at the time of maintenance. So roll backs will be due to this factor. Known Issues: Please read up on the risks of playing on a public server, read the through the Bugs section and Feedback areas, General Discussion. This will be a good indicator of issues and risks at the current time. If you are going to play on a public server i might suggest these: Protective Barrier: Build a Floor and 4 walls and roof, people cant get in. Lock your doors! (you may need a locksmith first) House: Double Build, Build 2 floors, 8 walls, and roof. People cant see inside and steal items from storage Paranoid about machines? Lock them up! padlocks are great for this! again you need a locksmith. Paranoid about others? Move away! ERGZ Ylands has over 10+ Ylands to make home on. Contact: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK ( Only contact me with issues related to the server, all other requests will be ignored, for general questions pm me here ) Here: via PM Steam: Energritz Twitter: Energritz Discord: Energritz#8571 Server Template used from @Whane The Whip with permission.
  2. Me and my 3 friends want to play on a private server that is always online. Is it possible to rent/host a passworded dedicated server that doesn't require that whoever hosts the server has to be online in order for it to work? How? Also, is it possible to recycle or delete items? They create lag after a while. Any fix for the invisibility bug where you need to relog in order to see the Things/trees you just placed or chopped Down, and buildings you just built? We need to relog quite often to fix it.
  3. so i got the files and setup to make my own dedicated server and for what i can see i did everything like it should, whenever i start the server using line:start "" "D:\yds\Ylands\YlandsDs.exe" -logfile "%CD%\log.txt" -nographics -batchmode i get this error in the monitor screen: Failed to establish connection with the server instance So i know it creates the log files and thats where i could see what things go wrong so i upload those with this topic. does any of you had this before? and can you see what i did wrong? log.txt log_clean.txt
  4. chrono208

    Server Wipes

    So, Does anyone know if the admins/devs finally resolved the 10 hour or so cumulative time limit before a server gets wiped? I really want to play but i wont play again until this specific issue is dealt with. Honestly, i don't see how anyone is tolerating these constant server wipes, i'm sure you guys have lost a mass of players though because of this issue. But then again we did already pay for the game and you guys have our money already so i guess you guys probably wouldn't care about this then. Unless you are good guy devs and are seeking a resolution and hence here i am asking for elaboration. If any non-devs can relate to what i'm saying please bump this thread so devs will see our frustration. Here's hoping you guys implement a fix. -Chrono
  5. Please include the following information in your server name so that when users are browsing the MP list in Ylands, they can find a server more relevant to what they are looking for: 1. Include the location of your server. Filter by region is not good enough. For example, the distance between NYC and L.A. is 2800 miles so there is a difference in performance based on proximity. I can't rely on the region filter alone for the best possible connection. It's easy enough for example to include NYC or L.A. within your server name, or perhaps something like "West Coast" or "US West" for example. 2. Indicate that your server is dedicated. I think the abbreviation "dedi" is fairly known. Also, please stop and start your server at least once every 24 hours. I have found some servers that were running great at first and then slowly start to degrade with lots of freezing, item bugs, and skipped frames (esp at sea while on a ship or boat). You may also consider taking the server offline and removing the dead bodies of players that have not returned, especially at spawn as this seems to greatly delay logging in which also lags the server for all players. Also consider replenishing core mats (clay, iron, cotton/flax) on the starter island, a lack of these items will often send people away. I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your server, but given the current state of the dedicated game, the odds are already stacked against you. If you do these few things then you will probably have a more successful public server.
  6. i am working on a map that is like team deathmatch its done but i am still making it bigger and everything but i need a dedicated server so it grow!
  7. keep having the problem where i join a dedicated server then after a bit of playing it shuts down to never return. So here i am making a Thread of adverts for dedicated servers. If you host a dedicated server and it stays up running please post an advert here so others may find it and join the Ylands adventures
  8. Hey, I was wondering where we are able to download the dedicated server from? Thanks in advance.
  9. If you are looking for an active gaming community where respect, teamwork and a friendly atmosphere rule the day, check out =P1=. We have 2-3 servers up and a bustling community of 150 Ylandians, all of which joined in about a week! We value: Respect Friendship Maturity We dislike: Salty Unfriendly Vulgarity We have a passion to help new people, integrate them into the game and get them connected. You are welcome to join our community here: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA
  10. John - NEXFER

    Ylanders DS

    Hi all, So due to the fact that there is currently no real way to administer a server (other than kicking / banning etc), and no real way to log who has done what, or when, etc... There is thus no real way to hinder a troll, or otherwise disgruntled person, who seeks to cause havoc and annoy decent players having fun on Ylands. This may all change (hopefully) as we loom closer to the official Steam release, but for now however, passwords on servers are our best option for defence against this maliciousness. So, I host a server / website which will now be online 24/7 (thanks to the excellent work of the Ylands devs for making this possible!). This server will be running an unedited explore mode, and we will only wipe the map if it becomes somehow necessary (unplayable without a wipe). A password has been added to the server, if you would like to play on it, please connect with the pass phrase "ylanders2017". Please note, by using this password to log in to our dedicated server (ylanders.com), you agree to the following rules: (1) "Griefing" / "trolling" that can be proved or witnessed, will result in a ban from the server, and your credentials passed on to other server owners / the community to prevent these actions from happening elsewhere. (2) Item stealing is frowned upon, though as it is vanilla, and nothing is stopping you... you will simply end up with no friends! People should lock or hide things they consider valuable until such time as a land / item protection system is implemented. (3) Killing offline players is frowned upon, though again, nothing is stopping you but the lack of friends that will result. (4) Exploiting a bug can be helpful, so long as you report the exploit to myself, or here on the forums, and stop exploiting it once you have narrowed down the cause of it. (5) Be friendly and polite to other players! If you do not agree with the above rules, please do not log in to our server! If this is not an effective deterrent to the malicious, I may be forced to only pass out the password via Private Messages. If this happens and you can not log in with the current password, please PM me and I will send you the updated password. Any support to this regard from the development team, giving admins the tools to administrate their servers, will be highly appreciated!
  11. Hello! I've been working on setting up a server for public and friends. Which works fine (port forwarded and all).. But the problem is that when I launch the Server Monitor I can no longer launch the game on the same computer. I also tried nosingleinstance as a target parameter, but that changed nothing. Is there any known work-around? -EDIT; I assume it has something to do of the fact that the sever monitor is also called ylands.exe (?) DePemy