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  1. I think the older Radeon graphics cards (<7000'ish) won't work properly with this game... I previously had a Radeon 6600 but I found a 7750 somewhere in my house, and swapped them out. After the swap I haven't had any issues with the crafting system, but now I can't launch my game somehow
  2. I grinden for 20 hours to gear up the last week in EU30. Got a fucking disconnect inside my base and a new player just straight up ran in and killed med with a stone axe. I lost 50 ylandium dust, full gear and weapons and everything I've spend a whole week on getting!!! Get your multiplayer straight please! And NO, my ping is not the problem - got 20 ms in every other MP game. Please fix this asap
  3. Feel you man... Got disconnected inside of my barrier, and when I returned to the game 2 min later, I had been killed bu a new player with a stone axe. He somehow glitched his way inside my base and killed me. Lost a week of progress right there, and that was the last straw for me. Not gonna return to this game in the near future due to one hell of a lot of gamebreakinig bugs in both single- and multiplayer.
  4. Is there no way to make the craftmans potion in multiplayer? Everytime I try to make it, it says that an ingredient is missing... So far I've tried - Having all my ingredients in the pouches (din't work) - Having the in my inventory/not in any pouches (didn't work) - Making the potion with "the red flower" (didn't work) - Making it with the other white flower (didn't work) - Relogging onto the server several times (didn't work) - Reloading the game (didn't work) I haven't been able to find any grain yet (after 5-6 hours of searching on all islands on the server). Can someone tell me how to craft it, and if it's even possible to? Please Help Come visit on EU30 if you want!!
  5. Sir_Duck

    No craftmans potion in MP?

    Nice to meet someone on the same server! Saw your house yesterday, while I was sailing around the ylands looking for grain! Be aware of your ship - some kids are running around and destroying them for fun.... Wasted 5 hrs. building a ship just to see it get destroyed in 5 min
  6. My game does the same, and it's making the game almost unplayable... I think it has something to do with serveroptimization or something like that
  7. How can it still not have been fixed
  8. It would be nice to have a small notice whenever you unlock a new recipe. It doesn't need to be a big one, but just a small indicator to see which new recipes I've unlocked.
  9. The crafting crash is still not fixed in the new update. If anyone has some info, please let the devs know.
  10. Sir_Duck

    KNOWN ISSUE Crash during craft browse

    Seems to mainly happen after you've unlocked some ship-items. It should not happen as often, if you never have cloth in your inventory (never ever loot/make it)
  11. Sir_Duck

    KNOWN ISSUE is this gonna be fixed?

    Killing your horse and/or kill yourself should sometimes fix the issue
  12. Sir_Duck

    Next Update?

    Anyone have any information on when the next update will come out, and what they'll focus on? (the reason I sak is, I can't play the game because of some bugs - the inventory crash and the black screen upon launch)
  13. Sir_Duck

    Next Update?

    Great! I do not know if it's possible, but it would be nice if there could be an update which fixed the crafting glitch soon, because I can't wait to play the game again.
  14. Sir_Duck

    Where to find sand?

    I go in the water with a spade and dig the sand there. Seems to be the place where the "yellow terrain" most likely is sand.
  15. Sir_Duck

    Extremely low framerate

    There are a lot of bugs with this game at the moment... I think they're a small dev team, and that's why they're quite slow with fixing gamebreakinig bugs. It also seems like they would rather fix minor spawn bugs than a lot of gamebreakinig ones which they have known for weeks.
  16. Sorry, this "workaround" does not seem to work
  17. I have the exact same problem, and crafting any ship seems to run my gamesave for good. I am currently trying to progress in a save without crafting the ship, even though the game is a bit boring that way but it seems to reduce the amount of crashes.
  18. Sir_Duck

    Map shortcut

    That would be a great idea! Personally, I've put my map in the 9th slot, and changed the hotkey in that slot to "M"
  19. Sir_Duck

    Moving Big Ticket Items

    Sorry. You have to build the again. After constructing and placing items (except "free place"), you'll have 2 min to replace them, and after that they're locked to that specific point.
  20. Sir_Duck

    Where can I find command?

    I think there only is the chat-one.. But here are the commands: /cmdlist - print this list /ban - kick and ban player account from game /demote - demotes a player from admin status /freecamera - toggles free camera /kick - kick player account from game /killme - kills the player /promote - promotes a player to admin status /unstuck - unstuck character or vehicle /w - only those near you will be able to read what you type
  21. Sir_Duck

    Forum username

    Is there anyway to change to change my forum username? I have somehow gotten my brothers username.
  22. Sir_Duck

    Forum username

  23. You're def. not the only one experiencing it. Some other layers and I have the same problem, sadly. It seems to have something to do with the ship-recipes and some building blocks, but we're not sure yet. Here's a link to the other topic.
  24. Sir_Duck

    Next Update?

    Thanks, I just hope that a hot fix will come within the next days