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Found 332 results

  1. So, I got back to Ylands from a long break, and I started building a ship. When I was building the bow i noticed while placing wedges, that the wedges i was trying to place didnt "lock on" to the already placed wedges, and instead went through to the outside of the ship. I just brushed it off as me being a bit rusty, and thought nothing more of it. Then it was time for painting the damn thing, and unexpectedly, i cant paint the wedges or slopes. It was very annoying to build the ship in the first place because the transparency thing, and now i can't even finish it. Really sucked the motivation out of me. I have been thinking of ways to solve this like updating back to the previous version, but I'm scared it would break the game even more. Hope I explained it well enough, sorry if I didn't. Also the screenshot is probably quite useless since its only a half painted ship, but those wedges and slopes I am unable to paint.
  2. Hi, When you have just selected a flag from the entity menu, then you cant see the preview rotate when you press the C and F key. Apart from that my rhinos and me are very happy 🦏
  3. Blueprints do not align with grid when putting them in a server so you cant add to them or connect them with server-made builds.
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/d236f650ea60ab97a83e6943561be07d.mp4 Unable to walk at all on server - fresh save #Id324 See logs in feedback with the same ID.
  5. Workshop - Unable to verify It seems to be a poor error message as its hard to know what it means.
  6. Ive accepted all these people already but they keep showing. Some devs should join the p1gaming.net guild as we have a lot of issues there too. Seems to break at scale.
  7. Mobile: incompatible servers show on mobile server list.
  8. Car-enter zone too small for mobile players
  9. Mobile Feedback #2 -- I am able to be in the same account on PC and mobile at once. So I can be in two games at once as the same person
  10. Mobile: Sound settings reset each login
  11. Whenever those of us from P1 host 8 player games the host freezes, cant craft or use UI after 30 min.
  12. In all cases on all server types, when playing the stock explore game type servers grow in lag as more and more people play. The more people do things, the more it lags and it needs to be wiped to fix.
  13. Many things might have gone wrong here.. The server monitor runs but only with the briefest flash of a CMD window, never to be seen again So becauseI don't have a server monitor, I can't shut the server down and create a savegame. All the other savegames I've seen are named after the server, but mine is called SessionSave.ylandsgame I've set up the server and made a world using builtin and that worked fine. But then the serverbox restarted because of Windows updates so I changed the jsonto make it load the ylands file, but the log_clean says, amongst other things [EX] [22/08 18:16:24.92] System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: Ylandfile I'm sure the path is correct but the game server doesn't start. json { "SessionDataType" : "Ylandfile", "SessionData" : "C:\Ylands DS\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "SavePath : "C:\Ylands DS\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "nMaxPlayers" : 4, "Name" : "Yland of Eden", "Password" : "***", "OfflineImmunity" : 1 } Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am merging this bug into a separate topic.
  15. Nitrado Server. We have two, one for North America, one for Europe. They are both behaving the same. The server will run for approximately 5-6 hours and then either stop or become unresponsive. The memory usage will steadily climb until it peaks and then shut down. The game is playable until then, with only the usual suspects of inventory glitches or placement features. I am attaching a screen shot of both servers behavior while they were empty, as in no one was in game, along with the save file, .ygt, and hopefully the log files, as they are over 2 gb each. P1_EU_Nitrado_Server_Behavior.rar
  16. Sleeping mat cannot be picked up (all people)
  17. My weld gets a bit over excited whenever I hit it: output_log.txt, output_log_clean.txt
  18. Screen goes black and white randomly during thunderstorm.
  19. When starting the game all custom action keys are enabled. However setting the Custom Key Enabled to "False" will make the hints on the right side of the screen disappear but not actually disable them from being used.
  20. Unable to connect to games running on our local network since installing update 0.14. Getting error "Session not found" - Game can no longer be found online. It has most likely been terminated by its host. We now unable to use any of our worlds that we have created and been playing over the years. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. #ID2 -- Lags causes input to trail what I see by 3-5 seconds.
  22. Started a new custom explore map from in editor. Used Goto island 2, no problem. Used Goto island 3, no island. Waited for the island to render, but never did. I used Goto island 1, but now no island rendered. I saved the file and Quit to Menu.... Now I am stuck on the closing color wheel. Will have to Force quit. I chose the PC only box, so I have no green box around Spawn and should be rendering all islands output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  23. Me and my friend were on a multiplayer server, when he took his flint lighter out and lit a campfire that someone else had built prior. Upon lighting the campfire, our entire screen was covered in bright light. Our frame rate dipped to 1 Frame Per Second, my friend's computer crashed, and mine was glitched out. I couldnt get screenshots of the bright light when i was next to the campfire. I got screenshots of the campfire from far away though. It also crashed the entire server lol
  24. It's probably intention, but it would be something nice if they could fix. Having a fixed camera angle and player orientation while sitting would be immensely useful for animations... such as Spaceships, Giant Robots, etc. Additionally, having support to weld non-block entities such as chairs would also be appreciated. @Houp
  25. There seems to be a bug where you cannot hear both background noise from rain and music at the same time. I've tried many experiments but the simplest example is If you could fix this issue it would be immensely appreciated!