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Found 403 results

  1. When i use remove code to remove player's skill, i found it not work, player still could use the skill. I log all the skill belong player. console says the skill still here. So can you guys know this code is work good? Tomorrow I will send a video here for this problem.
  2. Since I start using windows 10 I got this problem, the game doesn't start and show me a game client error, I find the error log and I want to know what to do, please help I attach the error log files, thank you so much error.log output_log.txt
  3. Sometimes we like to work on maps over a of a few months and there can come a lot of issues if changes made impact those maps. In this case we have a older map that we generated a long time ago in which we have been building a city roleplay. Sadly when I opened it today I noticed that all of the trees were displaced from the newly-formed terrain which seems to have appeared differently altogether. Basically I'm thinking that the same seed produces a different terrain and now the trees no longer fit on that terrain. I would really like to see a fix to this as otherwise this map is dead. It seems to me all older maps generate like this. So if you have a map you generated in editor a while back now its terrain/trees dont fit.
  4. In my game i try make attack pets only by command, but command does not work corretly. If i go into trigger zone, pets only stay, on second enter pets run away, on thirt enter pets stops again and on fourth enter, pets attacks me. I delete all zones, trigers, script and entities and upload this (bugged?) world PS: In new (empty) world command work correctly on first entering world test.rar
  5. when the suit shoes are equipped to an npc or player, they are normal, however, when they are spawned as an item, The black on the shoes is replaced with the cyan coloring of the shoe laces.
  6. Tea leaves are showing the incorrect name. They say "larch seed"
  7. I was trying to use a blueprint that included straw blocks. In the past I have been able to make hay by drying grass near a heat source. I tried today and it did not work. I tried both the brazier and the kiln, both I have used successfully prior to update 10.
  8. Hello, I have a little problem since the game update 1.2 the bug starts when I start the game loading goes much faster than normal then after it tells me "FATAL LOGIN ERROR" you could look at the error with the image below, the game this leaves I also put under my output_log and output_log_clean files thank you in advance for your answer output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. log_2020-05-16_161540clean.txt log_2020-05-16_180632clean.txt log_2020-05-16_182614clean.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Pretty serious game breaking bug here. In my new game there are 2 teams. When you hit a player on the same team as you, you don't deal damage to them but still see the hit connecting with particle effects showing up. So whether they are on your team or not, you should be able to hit them. And that's how it happens correctly most of the time In multiplayer, some players just become not collidable with hits. Arrows go through, bullets go through, and melee swings go right through them as if they are ghosts. If you ask the player to rejoin the game, they become normal and get hit. Even if the player is indestructible, they do get the hits collide and GFX shows up. In this case, players just completely become like a ghost and nothing connects. If you would like to get the scenario of my new game, you can contact me on Discord.
  11. I put a discussion in through Steam months ago, at which point a dev said they'd get back to me when they found the issue and never did so here I am. Launch game through Steam, game window loads up and sits on a white screen and my pointer becomes a loading icon. It'll stay white screened with an inifite loading wheel pointer until I click something, at which point it says the game is not responding. I've tried verifying game files through Steam, reinstalling, etc. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. I can rename the new pets in game, but when I leave the Ylands program it always resets the name to the default name called 'Pets Screen'. All of my older pets that I had named are still ok, with their original names.
  13. While waiting for Guton Forest to be fixed, I went and created a new Capture the Flag game. And this time whenever I try to launch the game in Elementary server, a lot of the times I get the following error screen. Please take a look at this as frustrated users are messaging me that they can't play the game. One thing I am doing differently in this particular mini game is that I am creating exactly 4900 tiles of trigger zones during run time, at the start of the game launch. I do this because I do not want to waste time laying 4900 tiles one by one manually in Editor. Once the tiles are created, game runs smoothly even with that many tiles (SO GOOD JOB YLANDS TEAM! your triggers are efficient. I'm impressed) This makes it impossible to run the test run game in the Editor, I had to work around it by creating much smaller grids and test it that way. Because of this long running tile generation at server launch, I am wondering if this launch error is simply a "Time Out" on server join attempt. But sometimes even after 20 mins, server doesn't get made. Anyways, once the server is launched properly and 1st person is able to join, all the rest of the players can join properly. I hope above observation helps. If you need source code (scenario) please DM me on Discord (Kurdiez#6222) and I will send you there.
  14. How's it going. I have a private Multiplayer server I rented that we have had a long term Custom Exploration game hosted on. Today when we tried to join the server loaded up an entirely different map that was spammed with P1 everywhere and was saying "public servers don't last long blah blah blah" and some other crap. To me, this is basically saying : 1. We just lost our world to some backend server glitch that deleted our world and made the world convert to some crappy P1 Multiplayer Tutorial begging others to join their Discord. 2. I just lost the $30 I have now spent on this games currency, and once again, it was all for nothing. This is entirely unacceptable. Between the failed server payments that never go through, the terrible performance and now my game getting corrupted to nothingness I am beyond peeved. This is hours that we have spent making our perfect little word just gone down the drain. I have always supported Ylands since the very beginning but this is supposed to be a real release and I am nothing but disappointed. I don't mean to sound rude but at this point I don't know what to do. I would either like a full refund back of all the useless currency I have now purchased for MY SERVER that was corrupted into this piece of crap Multiplayer Discord Begging tutorial, or I want to see some form of backup from THE SERVERS END with my world on it. Thank you.
  15. запускаю значит "исследование" и через мин 5-10 игра зависает и не отвечает, миниигры работают стабильно, на острове 1-го уровня еще как-то можно было играть и зависала игра не так часто, а когда приплыл на 2, то игра начала очень часто зависать и не отвечать, я все перепробовал: менял графику, переустанавливал игру и.т.д помогите пж
  16. When playing on my server on the same network and my friend dies and respawns back on the first island in exploration, she is in the prone position the entire time afterwards. Also seemed to happen when I temporarily lost internet to my PC as she tried to leave and come back but it showed me as offline even though we had been playing long after the internet drop and reconnect. Attached file contains both our logs and information as well as a screenshot of the issue. Ylands-Death-and-Load-Issue.zip
  17. Hi there, I have a game that was created long ago. I have not touched it for a while but it was my latest play-through. When I now try to load it I'll just see the loading screen. The same thing happens both when I try to load it in editor mode and explore mode. I have an even older play-through that opens fine. gamesave.rar
  18. Hi after the latest update 1.2 I can't load my old save that I've put a lot of time into. The game was created long before update 1.0 but worked fine after it. The last time I did some work on it was in December last year but when I now try to load it I'll just see the spinning thingy in the middle and nothing happens. The same thing happens both when I try to load it in editor mode and explore mode. What to do?
  19. I was told to report bugs here with the output log files. Basically the common problem we are getting is invisible items not showing up while harvesting. Mainly occurs for other players and not usually the host. It's fixed if the players relog into the server but after a brief while it happens again. Also we would sometimes encounter our own avatars being invisible as well. Sometimes with the items being invisible, they actually are in the inventory but then gets overlapped by another item and replaces / glitches the item and causing an item to disappear. This started when we started to explore more islands and it's gotten a bit unplayable for us. I've attached both my logs and my boyfriend's (b) logs so you can see both of ours. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log_clean_b.txt output_log_b.txt
  20. Hello everybody !!! This is my first message here so I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful game first. I've been expecting 1.2 so much, and I'm very glad to play it. But there's this tiny but very annoying bug now. I'll try to explain (sorry if it's not very clear, also cause english is not my mother tongue). Ok. So before 1.2, when I crafted something, I opened the workstation window, clicked "pending" to display what is currently crafting at the right, plus the "feed" and "ignite" buttons. So it was smooth : open, go to pending section, feed, ignite, craft craft craft craft ; a few clicks and the station was full. Now : I open the workstation window, click the "pending" section. Click "feed" and it takes me back to the "recepies" section ; so I have to click AGAIN on "pending" to ignite, and it takes me back to the "recepies" section again. Each click, each action, takes me back to the recepies section, where before it just stayed on pending the whole time (i know its just a few clicks but it's very annoying). If i missclick and want to cancel the stuff I put to craft by mistake, between each cancelation I have to click "pending" again to see the list. It was so smoother before. I don't know what has caused this. Could you guys look into it? Thanks And so sorry if it's not clear, I could give precisions if needed. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. Its getting quite unbearable. I will include output logs here. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  22. Crafting fur pants using Hyena Hide will consume the Sewing Kit.