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Found 93 results

  1. KennyClan01

    More tech tree

    So got bigger islands which is awesome and able to build cars modern day stuff sort of, even buildings like skyscrapers, how about some modern ships even as big as a cruse ship, planes, hot air balloons, and as you get into the modern day buildings car, how about some tractors for better farming, construction vehicles to dig and flatten areas a lot faster and easier, kind of upgrades from shovels, pick axes, and planting by hand. with bigger islands, i'm sure this would be very useful and windmills, for wind power, or waterwheels to use the ocean currents as a power source, and more creative building blocks, like a rotery block so you can use it as a light house with the light spinning around on coast lines in bad storms.
  2. Hey there! First, I just wanted to say that I'm very proud of how Ylands has grown. It inspires me to see Aleš and his team still hard at work chiseling Ylands to the best it can be. Second, I apologize if this seems intuitive, or obsolete by the Ylands Editor. I was wondering, in terms of the editor and coding, would there be a chance for users to put out certain modifications for Ylands? What I mean by this is packaged modifications that change how you would play your exploration game. Take for instance Bethesda's Skyrim and Fallout. Both games have a huge community of modders that provides functionality to the game such as custom armors, or lock-on targetting. What I wish for is some sort of marketplace/explorer where users can insert self-contained modifications into their Ylands functionality. One modification could be a change of the UI Design, another could be smarter AI or animals with behaviors akin to their real counterpart. Another more complex example, changes to the rendering pipeline / URP. Even better, a modification that changes animations. The best, a modification that completely revamps the combat. With respect to the developers, of course! I do not mean to patronize or belittle the great work they've put into Ylands! A nutshell version of this would be a functionality where users can share code and changes to their Ylands for easy integration. Other users could then view available modifications through an explorer tab, see one they like, and add it to their Yland with the click of a button. Next time they open up their Yland, the functionality is there! I understand these are ludicrous changes that would require taking Ylands apart, but seeing as Ylands is built in Unity and supports coding in C#, I would assume some sort of address library to hook into Ylands functionality would do wonders. I also understand that adding these modifications to your exploration game would kill any kind of compatibility for the multiplayer aspect of exploration... But on the flip-side, it would let creators be able to curate functionalities to be added through the Ylands Editor, and might later be included as an official feature in Ylands if their reception is great. This brings me to my ludicrous question. GIVE ME THE SOURCE CODE. I'll sign any NDA. Please. Wait, that's not a question. What I meant to ask is, are there any ways for users to help with the development of Ylands which does not border on legal terms? 😅 Sincerely, Me, I guess.
  3. When I generate a beautiful model in the code, but it can't be used by others, I need to manually place and color it a little bit. I need a method to turn the code generated entity into a component
  4. NICO14973

    Animals on Ships

    I know Ales said something on a live stream about in the future being able to summon/unsummon animals as a solution for not being able to properly transport animals on ships. So i came up with an idea for making this a more interesting mechanic (in my opinion). Instead of just taming an animal and then being able to summon/unsummon it anywhere, what about some kind of cages that you can craft, so whenever you want to take an animal on your ship you have to put it in that cage and then put the cage on the ship. This way making them take some physical space and also making it more interesting. Also could allow for things like trading those animals between regions. I hope what im saying does makes any sense to you lol, tried to explain it as best as i could.
  5. NICO14973

    Row boats

    Here i am with another suggestion to improve (from my point of view) the game. I would love to see rowboats in game, and more importantly, to be able to attach them to a ship with some sort of structure, i think it would be amazing to carry around a little rowboat with my ship, for example, you maybe anchor your ship in a safe distance from shore, an then row to the island. I dont really know how hard would it be to make, but it would be amazing to see it ingame
  6. NICO14973


    So, i know its not a top priority thing, but it would be amazing to have some instruments on the game, i think it would fit the style of the game perfectly. Maybe not instruments playable note per note (even tho it would be amazing lol), but perhaps with a list of songs to play (like sea of thieves does). Just imagine being able to sit down and play some guitar songs, or play a masterpiece on the piano :o.
  7. We were talking about this during Adam's stream today. Currently, you have to be the person that published the map to host it on a server. One of my friends found a map and I wanted to make it into a server, but I was unable to do so. Even when she gave me Admin status for the map and removed the password, it belonged to her, so I couldn't change the multiplayer settings or find it in the list of options for my server. I understand we don't want people to be able to "steal" a map but once the map owner (the person that published it) gives someone Admin status, doesn't that imply a level of trust, and shouldn't it give control of the map? In the future, I was hoping anyone with Admin status could be able to host the map, even if someone else published it as a multiplayer map. Thanks!
  8. NoNoNumGum

    Suggestion and bug

    Suggestion: Its really annoying to have to click abunch of times to smelt large quantities of items/ores. So could you add a craft more option for stations too. To make our lives easier. Bug: Also I have just made an entrance to my home but for some reason I get stuck on air when trying to enter it. I kind of have to jump a few times and strafe to get in. Its pretty annoying. Heres the entrance. Theres nothing blocking it but you get stuck on it. Thank you for reading this
  9. Krzysztof Boniecki

    Submarines and torpedoes

    Hello. So as you may know Ylands have very nice looking underwater, unfortunately scuba diving are kinda slow so why not add a submarine to the game? Well in my opinion it would fit nicely to the game, also we could dive and explore underwater more quickly and without worries that we would run out of oxygen. Besides, submarines would be a great combat addition, there are servers where players like to perform ship combat, and ability to torpedo someone with submarine would be very cool. Please, at least consider adding it.
  10. Laiiix

    UI Overhaul

    I’m falling in love with this game again but the user interfaces are really clunky and oversized. i feel that going back to a small inventory window like what we had in alpha would be great. the main menu could use an overhaul as well because finding things is sort of an issue. great work ylands team stay classy.
  11. Hunter-Over-Fire

    New Weapons

    I someday would love to see some new broad swords, long swords,and huge mythical looking ones. I also would like to see more new ranged weaponry such as a new handgun type or two. One thing that does not exist in Ylands yet is some sort of automatic ranged weapon.
  12. senaheho

    Ladder Teleporter

    In Ylands, the ladder is just like a short teleporter. I think for a better gaming experience for the next update Exploration, adding climbing animation when players climb it up/down would make the game better. Even it's just a little feature. Also, you can climb it down when you are still in the middle of the ladder. I'm trying to describe it, but it's hard, I hope you guys know what I mean.
  13. ocnoglittle

    Complex Custom Window Buttons

    This one is something @Mello1223 was talking about: For Custom Controls, we can use all of the following: Tap, Down, Double Tap, Up, Combo, Multipress. Can we get similar options for the buttons in the Custom Windows? And/or can we allow the Custom Controls to still work when Custom Windows are open (especially using ESC to exit Custom Windows)?
  14. Instead of just the game name, can you also put the server name under the player name in the social tab (So I can see if lots of my friends are playing in the same server or who is in which server)? Also, for the recently played games, it would be super helpful to know which recently played game is which server. Some of the games I play have 4+ servers and I get confused easily 😅 Thank you! PS I know I already complained about the "recently played games" section not working well with Nitrado, so maybe both can be changed? 🤔
  15. ocnoglittle

    Search for icons/images

    I know adding new images/icons isn't a priority, but can we get a way to search through the ones we already have? They already have names (you can see them after selecting one) but there are enough of them, that I sometimes have trouble finding the one I want. Thank you! -Ocnog
  16. There seems to be no immediate plans to give us the first person back, so please give us the latest multiplayer version before the removal of the first person as a beta branch option! Unsupported as it is, it is a low-effort effective way of getting more people interested in the game and in getting the old people who left the game back into the game. The game is already free, but you could even launch it as a paid DLC, to have the people who already paid for it pay for it again.
  17. Can we have access to the message/social windows while loading servers? I would love to be able to update my friends that I am trying to login. This would especially be nice when it takes 5+ minutes to load, and we are just staring at the twirly colors with nothing to do. Thanks! -Ocnog
  18. ocnoglittle


    Instead of following birds to get to the next island, can we follow dolphins? -Ocnog
  19. Ok so ik this is like probably a bad idea... because you’ll probably have people pay to do this... but why not let people make custom biomes??? Like I don’t mean like multiple islands like the thing in explorer... I mean something every device can do. Because I know mobile can’t do explorer.,, or at least if they can it’s not showing up in all games... it will get boring in just 1 biome besides what if they want to take the creator cube off??? They will only get access to the stuff that is in that biome. Even animals. Also when in universal both pc and mobile should be able to use what pc and mobile can use. Or let them both use it? Also there is a bug the stone pickaxe tells people that terraforming isn’t allowed in this game or server or map or whatever... even if the player owns that server or map... also can you please add the option to spawn npcs??? Please?? They count as creatures technically... also can you add the option to terraform water? Please??? That would be so cool!!! Also can u add a submarine??? I wanna be able to explore under water! Also why add scuba gear and not a submarine? They go together. You don’t have to use my suggestions. But I think they are cool. Also can u use them for both mobile and pc? If you do use them?
  20. I had a few suggestions: 1. Rake: I know it has been mentioned before, but an exploration tool that could smooth the terrain would be super beneficial. I was trying to fill in a hole from mined clay and then farm over it, but I couldn't get it to look smooth. I had been trying and trying to fill in with dirt and then use a pick to decrease the height a bit, but it just looked like a jagged mess. A shovel (flatten) ended up creating a terraced farm look, which was as good as I could make it (see image). 2. Bulldozer front for cars: this might be a bit too overpowered, but I am sick of having to jump out and chop down sumac because my car gets stuck on it. Plus it would be a super fun way to clear a forest. Maybe make it so more (ylandium only?) engines are needed to knock over large trees, but 1 engine can be used to knock down sumac and plants? 3. Baby animals: now that we have goats that produce milk, I really want baby goats. Thanks! -Ocnog
  21. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I would some day like to see more back accessories, especially backpacks! Backpacks could provide the player with a cool new look and increased inventory. There could be different types and styles of backpacks. I am always looking forward to dressing my NPCs in better clothing.
  22. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I would some day like to see more masks for characters in Ylands for vanity sake. There could be things like a balaclava, hockey masks, gas masks, etc. I love doing NPC designs for my games and am happy when i have things to dress them in.
  23. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I recommend adding gloves to ylands for vanity. Gloves could provide armor points too so there could be armored gloves. I am an editor creator and i love designing my NPCs and i would always like more things to add to them.
  24. Aggressive Wildlife - Hostile Animals are harder and do not warn of Attack. Passive Animals attack back if attacked. Extreme Weather - More Storms, Blizzards, Heatwaves and Fog. Colder nights. Aggressive Natives - NPC's are harder and do not warn of attack. Moon Phases - Moon has Phases, Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 with varied levels of Lightness/Darkness. No Moon - Seed - Carried over from Open Play Length of Day - Integer in Minutes(10-100) Sixe of Islands - Carried over from Open Play. Player Health - Integer no. Hearts (2-5)
  25. Hello, I created a new local multiplayer world and playing it for few hours. But I killed my teammate by fighting with a wolf beacuse I forgot to disable PvP and customize world button is no longer avaible. Adding a /pvp disable/enable command would be great. Thank you! THANKS! IT'S NOW IN THE GAME!