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Found 98 results

  1. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I would some day like to see more back accessories, especially backpacks! Backpacks could provide the player with a cool new look and increased inventory. There could be different types and styles of backpacks. I am always looking forward to dressing my NPCs in better clothing.
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I would some day like to see more masks for characters in Ylands for vanity sake. There could be things like a balaclava, hockey masks, gas masks, etc. I love doing NPC designs for my games and am happy when i have things to dress them in.
  3. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I recommend adding gloves to ylands for vanity. Gloves could provide armor points too so there could be armored gloves. I am an editor creator and i love designing my NPCs and i would always like more things to add to them.
  4. Aggressive Wildlife - Hostile Animals are harder and do not warn of Attack. Passive Animals attack back if attacked. Extreme Weather - More Storms, Blizzards, Heatwaves and Fog. Colder nights. Aggressive Natives - NPC's are harder and do not warn of attack. Moon Phases - Moon has Phases, Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 with varied levels of Lightness/Darkness. No Moon - Seed - Carried over from Open Play Length of Day - Integer in Minutes(10-100) Sixe of Islands - Carried over from Open Play. Player Health - Integer no. Hearts (2-5)
  5. Hello, I created a new local multiplayer world and playing it for few hours. But I killed my teammate by fighting with a wolf beacuse I forgot to disable PvP and customize world button is no longer avaible. Adding a /pvp disable/enable command would be great. Thank you! THANKS! IT'S NOW IN THE GAME!
  6. Hi, I have question about Direct Code for dedicated server games. My game is Explore type, so people can join by clicking on save in game menu for Exploration games. I need to shut down server, remove it from cloud, save game locally and open it with editor, when I want to do some changes on game. After re-uploading game to server, game have different Direct Code. Save is for all, who played here as inactive. They need to search game again. It loos like server was shut forever, even when I keep the same game name. Already lost several players, cause they don't know to search game again a they are awaiting their save to be active. Any way to avoid this? Like to "fix" Direct Code for purchased server? Thx.
  7. Hi I am using boxes, sacks and different containers for the decoration of the game, but I do not want them to have interaction and I need to be applying the logic of deactivating interactions in each one, either with labels, or in the object itself. I would like it if it is possible to have the option to disable interaction in the properties of the object, to be able to disable everything at the same time without having to add a lot of logic.
  8. almond017

    suggetion and bug.

    I'm not good at English. maybe sometimes not make sense or weird. so.. sorry for that. so What's my suggestion! Is the add reading, or eating while sitting. that's my suggestion. if It's already been added, than good to know and thanks a lot. or if not, than I wish there is eating food while sitting on chair or reading book, papers. And Bug! It's a little bug with little bit annoying. i was get the first paper that written about puzzle hint. and when i get second paper, the second paper stacked with first one. and the first paper's note it just gone, the paper just changed to a blank paper. actually i should've reported this, that when i was found this bug. but i diddn't because i was lazy and forgeted. and more sad thing is that i deleted my save game already. so why i said this bug now is because i just wanted you guys to know. I know it's too late. but, late better than say nothing. right? ... I love you Bohemia interactive! lol! and the Finally! thanks to read, and sorry for my bad english, i was try though. have good day or good night!
  9. Cloakist

    In Game Sound

    Right now the sounds the player hears are based off the camera position and not the character position, I feel as though the game would be a lot more immersive if the sounds were based off the character position or between the camera and character. Also, the braziers don't seem to have any sound after the initial lighting sound.
  10. Hey there, been long time since my last suggestion. Since I don't have much time playing Ylands game recently, I spend my spare time only on Ylands forum. I've noticed something is missing, when you look at your own profile you see "About Me" tab, and when you look at others, it doesn't show up.. or I can't find it anywhere on their profile. As if I understand correctly, the "About Me" tab is used to introduce yourself to "stranger" who look at your profile and want to know more about you without the needs to ask/post about it but since it doesn't show up, it doesn't have meaning. For example: As you can see, there is "About Me" tab beside Activity when you look at your own profile (in this case it's mine). And here for example, you can't see it. Am I blind or it's on the setting somewhere? or the web designer forgot to put it there? I know it's small thing, maybe just maybe when you guys have spare time to add it, that would be wonderful. *Edit* Sorry I have used your profile as an example @YadNiMonde
  11. I understand why the items in your inventory are dropped when you die, adding an extra challenge and incentive to not die. But for more 'casual' players like myself, I'd prefer an option to turn this off. For me, it kinda prevents me from exploring the game because I'm always worried about dying to the bear that's lurking right there, and then [potentially] losing my progress I've made.
  12. Marco Oliveira

    Light with Flint so snapshot =/

    Hello, I had already commenting on this in the topic "0.10 Clever Coding" about leaving the flint stone loading bar to light things up, and more advanced items to do it instinctively. I thought that was a charm of the game, I felt immersed when I was putting wood and lighting the stove to prepare food
  13. ---Crow---

    Better mining?

    Back in the day, I used to play minecraft, this is primarily the reason for me purchasing ylands as I wanted another sandbox survival game to spend hours enjoying. I was thinking, currently the mining in ylands is ok, but I want that underground dusty feel as you mine for your precious iron or copper deep in a series of poly tunnels digging through stone and dirt trying to snag some rare earth metals (you can implement later for machines ect) as you scramble to get some source of light
  14. I am playing around with the editor and it seems a fair bit difficult to create a map without using the worldgen tool. If players want to create a specific place, it would be so much more streamlined if we could head into the game with a predesigned map that we could then tweak and fill in the editor.
  15. Raccoon-d673154438c9b428

    [SUGGESTION] Placementsystem [QoL]

    Hello there! I would suggest to add a function to the current placement system. We already can define the Z-Axis on the placement via Q & Z and i want to get Keybindings for the X-Axis Since a bunch of players want to build realistically you need to build in the Voxel-World which do not have a pattern and the placement cant go into the dirt, because you will always hit the surface, in the Height you can choose the Z Position via Keybinds. My Suggestion Add the function with the Z-Axis for the X-Axis too, so we can easily place blocks, even when they are hidden behind the surface. Makes life easier. best wishes. PS: Should i make a Thread for every suggestion?
  16. Raccoon-d673154438c9b428

    [Feedback] 20 Hour Playtime

    Hello there! I'm Samuel and i just want to share my game experience with you. I have a very small playtime (20 Hours) and finally reached the "endgame". The Game is impressiv, its fun and not as buggy as i expected. I'm gonna list my Pro & Contra in very short terms. My english is very bad so, already sorry for that. CONTRA 1. Terraforming is very buggy and not fun. 1.1 Flattening does not work that good atm, tried to make a cellar with Clay Blocks but the Dirt glitches into the cellar and trough the wall and so on. Sure its not that easy to make it work like we would wish to. 1.2 Miningbehavior feels strange, sometimes you "mine" a very big space and afterwards not a single voxel. Maybe a result of desync. 2. Worldgeneration is bad. Without the option to change some generation behaviors this will break my interest very soon. 2.1 I hate "Automatically generated Structures" and the "Loot Boxes" the most. 2.2 I would like to change the Map-Size to A. Unlimited or 40+ Ylands. (Yeah thats a Performance Thingy i know why its "limited".) 2.3 I would like to have the Ore-Patches mostly in the ground and very rare but very rich. (Opinionthingy, thats why i need a custom generation). 3. (Maybe not your Issue) Desync. After 15 Hours Coop i died to "clipping" - "glitching" animals, trough walls and trough tree's. I didnt hit a single hit with the spear yet. Our Current Bandwidth is 1.8Mbits and we sit next to each other. (Sure its still Internet-delay) 4. (Not that big Issue) Useless Cosmetics (Opinionthingy since you focus on both Exploring and Custom Games its fine i think) 5. Crafting Search sucks hard. PRO 1. Very sweet graphic's and good Voxel Generation/Sprites (Example Picture) 1.1 Good Atmospheric design style -> Cave's are really spooky. The Ocean is very "Heavy" as Wooden Rift. 1.2 Animals are fancy too. 1.3 Overall all Items/Workstations are very good. 2. Craftingsystem is really good for a "click-craft" mechanic. 3. Blueprint system with the camera is a great idea. 4. Its fun! 5. Book's with real content are awesome. 6. You could basically do everything you want. 7. Researchsystem is really good. The "Key-Items" helps too. SUGGESTIONS 1. I would like to have more deepth, actually its really good for the start, even as DLC its okay. (With the kiln etc.) 2. Modding Support. Everygame benefits from it. Some games are only still alive because of it. 3. Community Discord, i've read a bunch about you talk about it but that was 2017. It feels much better to talk to a person live than with a great downtime. Sure its much more work for you or you're community manager but as customer its an awesome feature. 4. Backpacks 5. Remake or Improve some Animations, a bunch of it glitches or looks very bad for the situation. Overall its a very good game for an Alpha Stage and i hope i see more great Updates. PS: Your "Not-A-Robot" buggs. Samuel
  17. xXxDemonWolfxXx

    Ease and user friendly ideas

    ive been playing for a little while and i noticed a few things that would be nice 1. The ability to set up a number of items crafted in your inventory so you don't have to spam click craft. 2. It would be nice to be able to make makers or write on the map for people like me who have bad memory and would like to know witch of the many islands has what. 3. A way to plant seeds faster like a tool that puts it in the ground instantly or something like a seed sower. 4. A Button that will auto sort and stack your inventory. just a few things i think would make the game a bit more user friendly
  18. Denderion

    New Tool suggestion

    Picking up items can be very tedious without an auto pickup, having to spam right click takes a toll on your hand. even more so when cutting down trees. sooo many tiny things. I have an idea for a new "end game" tool. it would unlock around when you unlock the mining drill and paint tool. This tool would be called the vacuum. When used the tool would suck all items that can be picked up with right click on the ground into your inventory. It could have a cone thats somewhat big but also small so we can actually aim at what we want to pick up and dont with a little more precision, thinking of that for when you need to vacuum things near your house and dont want to accidentally pick up placed items you put there on purpose .
  19. Kristin Mca

    Food Suggestions

    Hey! I was looking through the foods and I noticed the fruit doesn't really have much of a use other than 1:1 Roasted Fruit. With how much fruit you get from bushes, this seems insane! Suggestions: Fruit Tart (3 any fruit, 1 bread dough: 1 tart) Bowl of Fruit (3:1 Fruit: bowl) Fruit Salad (5:1) Berry Smoothie (3 berries, 1 coconut: 1 drink) Coconut cake, Pineapple upside down cake, banana bread (3 Respective fruit, 1 flour, 1 egg: 1 whole cake -> 8x slices of cake) Corn Bread (corn, flour: 1 bread) Corn on the Cob (1:1) Mashed Potatoes: (1:1) Shepherd's Pie: (1 Mashed Potato, 3 Any Veg, 1 Meat: 1 Whole Pie) Spinach Salad: (1 Spinach Leaves, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn, 1 Mushroom: 1 Salad -> 4x servings of salad) Also, anybody know why Corn isn't one of the options for "any Vegetable" for Veg Stew?
  20. theonlylukon

    [SUGGESTION] Railroads

    I really love how y-lands has implemented the small steam engines, and ylandium engines into the game. When I first heard of the steam engine concept of the game, my brain shot directly to steam locomotives and railroads, along with your antique riverboat. A steam powered car didn't really come to mind. Not to say that a steam powered car was never a thing, but that's besides the point. I think a great use of the steam engine would be in the case of a steam locomotive. Perhaps make rails craftable with planks and iron. If you were to utilize the same foundation of the ships and cars, where players can craft a chassis, or a basic ship that can be built onto, players could create extensive railroad systems to transport items around while building onto a basic rail car. Not sure if anyone would be interested in this, because the islands are somewhat small for a railroad, but I think the idea would be pretty cool.
  21. in the editor the shortcut ctrl + D makes a duplicate of the selected objects, something very useful many times, but being the same movement key, it is very easy to duplicate objects without realizing it. It has happened several times to have Ctrl pressed to select more objects. It is very easy to press that combination by mistake it would be better to use another key in my opinion. this could be one of the causes of the duplicates in the compositions
  22. It would be great if some objects such as tables, boxes, seeds and some more materials floated on the water. I understand that this in MP may be unfeasible for the amount of data that the server would have to process, but it would be interesting to see it in SP For MP you can put, for example, a single object with that function The bottle would have to be affected somewhat by the wind so that it does not stop in the middle of the ocean.
  23. Spyler.X

    magnetite or neodymium

    I think that it is not necessary to say anything. It would be simply wonderful to be able to build magnets and create things with them. I also know that this would not be easy to implement PS: this idea has been for trying to make a train these cars can with everything
  24. When editing the small boats even leaving the rudder completely free the maneuverability is very reduced. It would be nice to be able to put some improvements like more sails or some small engine that increase the speed and some type of improved rudder that allows us to maneuver better. Even with the boat without anything, it is sometimes difficult to maneuver in some situations.
  25. My suggestion is this. Similar to how you can construct mechanical devices in Minecraft with Redstone, it would be nice to be able to create actual mechanical devices of our own. For example, waterwheels could be a craftable object but the mechanism for driving it etc is up to the player. Certain machines could be gear driven but how the mechanical power is gotten to the device is up to the player. The player could craft gears and belts/pulleys etc and create a gear system that drives other machines. Similar to a redstone factory where you had many redstone circuits to drive a device or series of devices. So, Example: You have a waterwheel or windmill that connects to gears that connect to a pulley/belt drive that travels over a longer distance to connect to another machine like a sawmill or something for turning logs into other types of wood like planks and such in larger quantities. An alternative to the belt drive could be a drive shaft similar to the craft item "auger" and normally found in vehicles for transmitting mechanical power from the engine to the rear axle.